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Log Book Research and Section B Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Log Book Research and Section B Practice

Log Book Research and Section B Practice

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Log Book Research and Section B Practice

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  1. Log Book Research and Section B Practice Wednesday 15th May 2013 Unit G325: Section B – Critical Perspectives in Media

  2. or… Fakebook and Twibber: why we lie on social media - Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor -13th May 2013 Dominic Strinati(1992) "Postmodernism tries to come to terms with and understand a media-saturated society. The mass media, for example, were once thought of as holding up a mirror to, and thereby reflecting, a wider social reality. Now that reality is only definable in terms of surface reflection of the mirror”.

  3. Aims & Objectives Why? • Re-cap Prior learning of theory/key terms we have covered so far. • Look at some of the developments that are taken place in the Global media market RIGHT NOW! • Apply this research and new found knowledge to answering a Exam Question… with a twist! • Review the learning. • AO1 • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of media concepts, contexts and critical debates, using terminology appropriately and (AO1)Apply knowledge and understanding to show how meanings are created when analyzing media products.

  4. WHAT DO YOU ALREADY KNOW? • YOU MUST write down the theory and theorist. • YOU COULD support your understanding with a case study example. IMPORTANT! Referencing in the Exam in the appropriate manner is going to be CRUCIAL!

  5. Jenkins – (200_) defined convergenceas… 6 the “co-operation between multiple m____ industries” in providing media c_________swith the “kinds of entertainment experiences they want”. edia onsumer Examples?

  6. Criticism towards this media giant: News Corporation “d_________the p_____” (W_____– 199__) and is thus an “a________ g_____ t________” (B____– 200_ ) 5 ominates lanet aters lau ggressive railblazer 5 lobal Any other examples of “Global Trailblazers”?

  7. Globalisationhas the power to unite - and divide us.

  8. Key Case Study examples – why? and and Production – Consumption – HOW has it changed?

  9. “As people individually and collectively program the web, they’re increasingly in command” (Tapscott & Williams – 2006) Key term: Prosumerand HOW we are now considered the “former audience” – according to who and when?

  10. Task – 15 minutes YOU MUST go onto the the web link above and research some new developments that have taken place this week/today to prepare for a question that is asking you to consider the “impact” this has on a Production and, ultimately, Consumers. YOU SHOULD record your findings into your exercise book/Blog and then compare them to a case study example you have been taught previously OR your own – for example Disney’ssynergyand cross media convergence habits in order to stay competitive as a multi-media conglomerate. YOU COULD establish which key terms/theory apply to this example of a recent development in your notes. Key term: Inter-relationship

  11. FEEDBACK What is 'Google Glass'?

  12. Task – 15 minutes • Research Task – YOU MUST find an example of a product/service that has become globally popular and conforms to the views of Robertson (1994) and how new media accessibility is as a result of “the compression of the World”. • YOU NEED to find the following: • Statistics/facts that prove this product/service is globally popular. • A secondary source (News Online for example) that highlights the benefits this product now offers it’s target audience/institution –e.g Mini iPad • How (through what means) does the product/service target a global market?

  13. iPad article - How to ensure the elderly remain tech sufficient! “These days if you’re not receiving emails or texts, you’re left behind.” Steve Lee – Co-Founder of ‘Connect my folks’

  14. 5 minutes – Plan which Case Study examples you would use in pairs. YOU MUST now use your examples and what you have learnt today to complete the following (in 15 minutes) Lucy and Dan – You are going to write a Introduction to answer this question and an opening case study. Eulalia and Deanne – You are going to write a follow on case study and a conclusion

  15. What have you learnt today?

  16. Homework! Globalisation – Prepare for a 2 hour Exam Practice based on a Past Paper. Revise! Due: Next Week – Wednesday 22nd May