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South America PowerPoint Presentation
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South America

South America

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South America

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  1. South America By: Fashion Student

  2. Population As of 2007 the estimated population of South America was 360,985,492. Here are some of the population estimates for some of the more prominent countries in the area. • Colombia:44,379,598 • Brazil: 190,010,647 • Peru: 28,674,757 • Venezuela: 26,023,528

  3. Currency in South America Examples of currency in different regions of south America. • Brazil-Centavo • Venezuela- Bolivar • Colombia-Peso Currently the Venezuelan Bolivar and Brazilian Centavo are worth less than half of one US dollar.

  4. Magazines • One of the most popular magazines out of south America for fashion and women’s living is called Latina. It does quite well in the United States as well.

  5. Fashion Exports -The main fashion exports of South America are primarily lingerie and swimwear -South America also exports a lot of raw materials for fabric like cotton. -Countries like Colombia supply the industry with lots of denim.

  6. Influences • A lot of the history behind South America and ancient civilizazations is sometimes reflected through the patterns in the fabric. A Lot of what you see in woven fabric as far as color and shape goes, derives from the ancient ceremonial dress.

  7. South American Textiles • Here are some good examples of traditional patterns.

  8. Current South American Fashion Designers • South America has been a birthplace of many designers There are a few in the following slides. Though South America does not have a fashion week, many of their best designers show at Miami fashion week in Florida. The following have all showed their collections there in 2007. The following designers who were the highlight of Miami fashion week all happen to be mainly working out of Colombia.

  9. John Estrada

  10. DMG

  11. Cecilia Perez

  12. Retail Stores in South America There are some Large American retail companies in south America that we would commonly see here in the U.S. -Wal-Mart -JC Penny -Gap In the U.S. a South American might be quick to go into one of these stores because they look familiar to them.

  13. Food! • South American cuisine has primarily stayed the same since they Incans, Mayans and Aztecs perfected the use of beans and vegetables in recipes using poultry and beef about 1800 years ago.

  14. Opportunities • Most of these countries still have severe poverty issues. I think they should use the textile and fashion industry to supply more jobs. The sewing and manufacturing could provide tons of jobs. It would help get the poor back on their feet. Though the current working conditions are not entirely pleasant, the employment would do much good for the countries. Colombia's minimum wage currently is 236,460 pesos ($125.51) a month. Colombia negotiates its minimum wage each year. Last year the government also set it by decree.

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