using rise in lieu of a textbook n.
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Using Rise in Lieu of a Textbook PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Rise in Lieu of a Textbook

Using Rise in Lieu of a Textbook

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Using Rise in Lieu of a Textbook

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  1. UsingRisein Lieu of a Textbook Christina Agostinelli-Fucile, PhD WorldLanguges Center, CSSH

  2. WhatisRise? Easy to use online platformwhereyou can createyourowncontentorembedmaterialsfromother online sources. Risedoesalltheformattingworkforyou.

  3. BackgroundonLanguageTeaching • Teach intermediate, advanced and upper-level special topics courses in Spanish • Many (many!) beginner & intermediate textbooks available • Far fewer advanced-level texts available • Not all books are appropriate for our student population at Northeastern • Many do not align with our teaching philosophy nor our curriculum • Teach language through culture  use authentic materials throughout, embed language (vocabulary and grammar) into cultural exploration

  4. TraditionalBeginnerSpanishTextbook

  5. SPNS 3800: ExploringSpokenSpanish This course is designed to help students improve their pronunciation and listening comprehension, increase their awareness of the variation that exists in Spanish, as well as to build their confidence to interact with native speakers throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Students will learn about the sounds of the Spanish language, how they are pronounced and how pronunciation varies throughout the Spanish-speaking world. They will apply this knowledge to real examples of Spanish spoken throughout the Spanish-speaking world allowing them to identify the differences studied in class, as well as to gain valuable listening comprehension practice. Students will also explore other types of variation in spoken language, such as the wide variety of vocabulary that exists for food, clothing, etc., the use of the subject pronoun vos (common in Central and South America), and the influence of other languages (indigenous languages and English) on Spanish.

  6. Why I ChoseRiseforExploringSpokenSpanish • Originally online, currently hybrid – digital materials are preferable • Traditional phonetics, phonology and sociolinguistics books require the use of imagination for how the language sounds • Visually appealing • EASY to use • Interactive components – more engaging for students as they work through materials on their own • Ability to embed authentic materials, in this case videos of real spoken Spanish, in addition to maps, pictures, tables, links to articles online, embedded documents, etc.

  7. How I StructuredMyLessons • Learningobjectives • Explanationwithembedded videos, tables, links to readingsonotherwebsitesorembedded as files, interactivecomponents, sampleanalyses, etc. • Embeddedcomprehensionchecks • Quizzeswithimmediatefeedback • Face-to-facereview and applicationactivities once per weekcorrespondingwitheachlesson

  8. Examples in Rise

  9. Examples in Rise

  10. Examples in Rise

  11. Examples in Rise

  12. Examples in Rise

  13. Examples in Rise

  14. Examples in Rise

  15. StudentReactions Studentshavehad no complaintsaboutthe use of Rise (in SPNS 3800 or in othercoursesthathaveusedit). Theymuchpreferhavingtheirmaterialshoused in Risethan in Blackboard • easier to use • better organized • looks better! • like the use of authentic materials