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Ms. Harris’ Class Happenings Edition 4: 9 / 19/ 13 PowerPoint Presentation
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Ms. Harris’ Class Happenings Edition 4: 9 / 19/ 13

Ms. Harris’ Class Happenings Edition 4: 9 / 19/ 13

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Ms. Harris’ Class Happenings Edition 4: 9 / 19/ 13

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  1. Ms. Harris’ Class Happenings Edition 4: 9/19/13 Another great week is coming to a close in room 113! This week proved to be our most “normal and routine” of all our weeks yet this year. Students are really getting in the groove and seem to be enjoying class. We had quite a few discussions this week about working together and treating each other kindly. Please continue to reinforce this at home and encourage students to work on this in the classroom! Take a peak at our week… Literacy Students spent this week discussing the importance of visualizing while reading. We discussed what to do when we get stuck while reading and our “mental movie” stops. Students practiced lots of strategies like re-reading, reading on, using background knowledge and more. In writing we worked on choosing a small moment story and creating a timeline of our small moment stories. Students are working on adding both external details as well as the internal (in my mind) details to their stories. Science Students learned about the steps to the scientific method and began putting this into action. We did an experiment involving our fingerprints. Students were able to research fingerprints, predict what they thought they had and test their predictions! They loved it! Social Studies We are continuing with our unit on change by analyzing the changes that have occurred in our city of Charlotte. Students analyzed pictures to notice the differences. They also applied the strategy of sequencing while reading to their social studies text. Math We began our Investigations unit on addition and subtraction. Students learned lots of new strategies and began using them. Students really challenged themselves to use new strategies that seemed challenging at first! I am so impressed with how far they have come in just a few days!

  2. Happening Next Week…. Science We will finish our unit on the scientific method with one last experiment. Students will take a test on Wednesday! Social Studies We will continue discussing change as it applies to communities over time. Literacy In reading students will continue working on using strategies when they get confused or distracted while reading. I will continue assessing each individual student in an attempt to gauge their individual reading level. In writing students will begin drafting their first story. We will focus on stretching out a small moment with details. Math We will continue working on addition and subtraction with a focus on regrouping. Students will be learning a few new games to help them build on their mental math skills as well. Supplies Needed! • Dates to know… • 9/26 Cluster Forms go home • 10/2/13: Math MAP test • 10/3/13: Student top picks for clusters due • 10/10: Cluster notifications go home • 10/11: Enrichment clusters begin • 10/23: Fall pictures • 10/29/13: 1st Quarter Ends • Card Stock (all colors) • Chart Paper/Poster Board • Manilla Folders • Copy Paper • Expo Markers Important Information and Reminders Thanks so much for another great week! Also THANK YOU for extra supplies, especially tissues that have been sent in! I feel that our sniffles are slowly getting under control!  Please continue supporting your children nightly, as I know you do and as always please contact me with any questions or concerns! Ms. Harris 