the project structure wbs n.
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The project structure (WBS) PowerPoint Presentation
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The project structure (WBS)

The project structure (WBS)

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The project structure (WBS)

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  1. The project structure (WBS) 25-March-2014

  2. Recap Software Development Planning

  3. Recap – What IS or ISN’T a Project Plan A project plan IS a collection of different views of the project A project plan IS a model of the project’s future A project plan IS a living artifact A project plan is NOT a GANTT chart A project plan is NOT a schedule

  4. Recap - PMBOK Definition The process necessary for defining, preparing, integrating and coordinating all subsidiary plans into a project management plan. The project management plan becomes the primary source of information for how the project will be planned, executed, monitored and controlled, and closed.

  5. Recap - Planning timeline

  6. Project Planning Process Areas Developing the Project Plan Interacting with Stakeholders Getting Commitment to Plan Maintaining the Plan

  7. Specific Goals Establish Estimates Develop a Project Plan Obtain Commitment to the Plan

  8. Role: Project Manager (RUP)

  9. Project Planning Roles and Responsibilities

  10. Activities for developing the SDP Develop the SDP project management content Develop enclosed project management plans Coordinate the development of supporting plans

  11. Topic – Scope Management and WBS • Planning the Development • The project structure (WBS) • References • Software Project Management: A Unified Framework, Walker Royce, Addison Wesley • Fundamentals of Project Management, James P. Lewis, AMACOM Books • Software Project Management, Bob Huges, Mike Cotterrel • PMBOK

  12. Going further into Planning • Planning is about answering some questions like: • “What must be done?” • “When will it be done?” • “Who will build it?” • “How much will it cost?”

  13. Planning the “WHAT” Planning the “what” is crucial One frequent reason projects fail is that a significant part of the work is forgotten!

  14. Project Scope Management Scope Planning Scope Definition Create WBS Scope Verification Scope Control

  15. Scope Planning Defining and managing the scope is key to project success Detailed project scope statement process Process for creating the WBS from the detailed statement Formal verification specification Change control process

  16. Scope Definition Detailed project scope statement Change Requests Project Scope Management Plan update

  17. Scope Definition [1] • Detailed project scope statement • Project Objectives (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-limited) • Requirements • Boundaries • Deliverables • Acceptance Criteria • Constraints • Assumptions

  18. Scope Definition [2] • Detailed project scope statement • Initial Organization • Initial Risk • Milestones • Fund limitations • Cost estimate • Configuration Management Requirements • Specifications • Approval Requirements

  19. Create WBS Project Scope Statement Updates Work Breakdown Structure WBS Dictionary Scope Baseline Project Scope Management Plan Updates Change Requests

  20. Scope Verification Assures that the detailed scope definition, WBS and WBS dictionary are formally reviewed and approved by the project stakeholders

  21. Scope Verification Accepted deliverables Change Requests Recommend corrective actions

  22. Scope Control Assures that all Requested Changes and Corrective Actions are processed by the Integrated Change Control Management process

  23. Scope Control Project Scope Statement (Updates) Work Breakdown Structure (Updates) WBS Dictionary (Updates) Scope Baseline (Updates) Requested Changes Recommended Corrective Action Organizational Process Assets (Updates) Project Management Plan (Updates)

  24. What is the WBS? WBS is a hierarchical decomposition of work Can be action driven or deliverable driven (verbs or nouns) Organizes and defines the total scope of the project Each level of the WBS represents an increased level of detail

  25. WBS Introduction

  26. WBS Dictionary

  27. WBS Goals Improve estimates Keep the team focused Assign work to resources Keep the project on track

  28. WBS

  29. WBS Example

  30. WBS Example

  31. Conventional WBS Issues • Prematurely structured around the product design • Prematurely decomposed, planned and budgeted into either too much detail or too little detail • They are project specific, and cross project comparison is impossible

  32. Evolutionary WBS • An evolutionary WBS should organize around the PROCESS framework than around the product framework • Example (what the book says) • First-level WBS elements are Disciplines • Second-level elements are lifecycle phases • Third-level should focus on the activities that produce the artefacts of every phase/iteration

  33. WBS tailoring criteria • Project scale • Organizational structure • Custom development • Business context • Precedent experience

  34. WBS Creation Activities • Identifying the deliverables and related work • Structuring and organizing the WBS • Top-down approach • Chronological approach • Bottom-up approach • Developing and assigning identification codes to the WBS components • Verifying that the degree of decomposition of the work is necessary and sufficient.

  35. WBS development guidelines When to stop? What is the best level of detail? Whom should be involved?

  36. WBS RACI

  37. Project Plan Architecture • WBS is the project’s plan “architecture” • It must encapsulate change • It must evolve with the appropriate level of detail through the project lifecycle • It must cover ALL project tasks, and NO MORE

  38. WBS Structure by Phase

  39. WBS By Discipline

  40. Level of detail • Projects can under-plan as they can over-plan • Balance is crucial in finding the right level of detail • Must be detailed enough to buy in stakeholders and still remain manageable • Normally 3-7 levels

  41. Is it a work package? If you can estimate the work If it takes between 8 and 80 hours If you can complete it without interruption If you can outsource it

  42. WBS in MS Project

  43. Project organization • Closely linked to WBS • Two organizations • Matrix • Project • Plan for evolution and accommodate change

  44. Project organization key points • Organizational structures form the architecture of the teams • Organizations involved in software line of business need to have an organization that supports a common process • Project organizations need to allocate artefacts and responsibilities clearly and balanced across project team(s) • The project organization must evolve with the WBS and the project lifecycle

  45. GANTT (Visio)

  46. GANTT (MS Project)

  47. Network Diagrams

  48. Network Diagram Details