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FRESHMEN Pre-Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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FRESHMEN Pre-Registration

FRESHMEN Pre-Registration

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FRESHMEN Pre-Registration

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  1. FRESHMENPre-Registration Paloma Valley High School Class of 2016 Presented by: The Counseling Staff

  2. Wildcat Counseling Team • Ms. Ketelsleger A-D, 9th & 10th AVID • Ms. Rathbun E-L • Ms. Montiel M-O, Special Programs • Mr. Lopez P-W • Mrs. Roberts X-Z, Spanish Speakers

  3. Paloma Valley High School Graduation Requirements • 4 years English • 3 ½ years Social Science • 3 years Math (Must pass Algebra 1) • 3 years Science (1 Physical/1 Life) • 2 years Physical Education • 1 year of Fine Art – OR – World Language • 1 semester Health 55 Elective Credits = 225 Credits In order to receive a diploma you must also… PASS the CAHSEE

  4. A-G Requirements • 2 Years of History/Social Science • 4 Years of English • 3 Years of Math (Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2/Trig) • 2 Years of a Lab Science • 2 Years of the same World Language • 1 Year of a Visual and Performing Art • 1 Year of a College Prep Elective You must also… Earn a minimum of: - a 2.0 GPA for CSU - a 3.0 GPA for a UC - Take the SAT I orACT plus Writing for CSU & UC CollegeBoard ACT

  5. How do I apply to college?? Application Dates: • Fall of Senior year College Testing: Paloma Valley School Code 051907 • SAT Spring of Junior year/Fall of Senior year • ACT plus Writing Spring of Junior year/Fall of Senior year NCAA: NCAA Organization Code 9999 • Athletes make sure you register for NCAA Spring of Junior year or Fall of Senior year. See your counselor for more information. • Some schools (i.e. community colleges) will be affiliated with NAIA. • Make sure you are taking 4 core classes to qualify for eligibility here at PVHS. • Teacher Aide and a second P.E. class will not count towards high school eligibility.

  6. Credit Recovery If you fail a class that is necessary for graduation, you must RE-TAKE the class to earn credit! CREDIT RECOVERY OPTIONS ARE: • A+ PROGRAM • COMMUNITY SERVICE FOR ELECTIVE CREDIT

  7. Community ServiceCommunity Service is NOT required for graduation • A minimum of 60hoursof community service hours are required to earn 5 elective credits. Students may earn a maximum of 20 elective credits, or 240 hours, through community service • Students MUSTreceive approval from their counselor for the community service activity PRIORto beginning service • Students must submit their hours before the end of the school year in which the community service takes place. Community service hours from previous school years will not be accepted • Community service may not be provided to family members or relatives. • The service organization must be affiliated with a NON-PROFIT organization. Volunteers may not receive pay or tips • Salvation Army • Red Cross • Interact • Hospitals • Schools • Libraries • Churches • Nursing Homes • Animal Shelters • Habitat for Humanity

  8. Attendance is crucial!Be in School Every Day! If you are absent from school, please remember that you are responsible for finding out what you missed and for getting all of the work made up.

  9. Testing STAR (CST) • Testing held in April • Do your best • Every answer counts • English and Math placement are determined by these tests • ALL scores must be basic or above

  10. Available ServicesUse Them!! In order to get the most out of your high school experience, take advantage of the many people, services, and resources that are available to you. Resources include: • Work Experience Work Permits-Dr. Rosenstein • PVHS Learning Center • PVHS Tutoring

  11. Use Your Resources… PVHS Counseling Office • SAT Information • ACT Information • Scholarships • Military • Academic advising • Scheduling • Post-Secondary Planning • Personal/Social Counseling

  12. Pre-Registration Meetings Use this time to ask questions

  13. Pre-Registration The counselors will meet with each student individually to collect the course selection sheets. The meetings will take place during your English class the week of February 26th – March 1st. The PVHS Course catalog is available on the PVHS website. At a future time, you will need the following paperwork to complete your registration: • Emergency Card • Signature Page • Social Security Page • Proof of Residence • Entire Gas or Electric Bill ONLY

  14. English English II Advanced English II

  15. Math Algebra 1 Algebra 1B Integrated Math 1 Geometry Integrated Math 2 Algebra 2/Trig Math Analysis Math Analysis Honors

  16. Social Science World History AP European History History

  17. Science Life Science Biology Chemistry Environmental Science (s) Physical Science (s)

  18. Physical Education P.E. 10 - Team Sports Weights Aerobics Dance I, II NJROTC Athletic P.E. All classes except for PE 10 and NJROTC require a C or better in previous PE course

  19. World Languages or Fine Art World Languages Fine Arts ASL French Spanish Spanish for Spanish Speakers Drama/Play Production General Music Concert Choir Band/Jazz/Winds Color Guard Art Ceramics Photo Video/Studio Production AP Studio Art 3D

  20. Electives ASB/Student Gov. (Election) AVID Cinema Studies Computer Game Design (s) Criminology (s) CTE Fashion Merchandising CTE First Responder CTE Medical Terminology CTE Sports Therapy CTE Retail Sales/Student Store Intro. to Psychology (s) AP Psychology Marriage & Family (s) PLUS Leadership Speech Sociology Work Experience Yearbook Youth/Law (s)

  21. Question and Answer Time!