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Pre-registration Events Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-registration Events Agenda

Pre-registration Events Agenda

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Pre-registration Events Agenda

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  1. Session Number 18What’s New in Banner StudentPart A – Pre-registration EventsAntonio Trepesowsky: BSFC CalB SGHE Brent Johnson: Principal Consultant Banner UDC

  2. Pre-registration EventsAgenda • 8.0 Catalog & Schedule—Course, Section and Registration Restrictions and Override • 8.2 Catalog Mutually Exclusive Courses • 8.0 Registration—Error Messages • 8.0 Registration—Min/Max Registration Hours • 8.0 Reserved Seats • 8.0 Fee Assessment Rules • 8.0 Registration Mass Entry Form • Honorable Mention: Will be reviewed in Part B • 8. 0 Waitlist Automation • Mixing Waitlist and Add Auth Codes

  3. Course & Section and Registration Restrictions • Enhancement includes Concurrent Curricula into registration processing. • Changed SCARRES and SSARRES and Registration Restriction Checking rules. • Restrict registration by all curriculum elements, including field of study type and department, as well as student attribute and cohort – ultimate flexibility!

  4. Course & Section and Registration Restrictions • Changed Forms • Course Registration Restrictions (SCARRES) • Schedule Restrictions (SSARRES) • Term Control (SOATERM) • Registration permit-Overrides Control (SFAROVR) • Changed Reports/Processes • Bulletin Repot (SCRBULT) • Term Roll Report (SSRROLL) • Schedule Purge (SSPSCHD) • Registration Admin Messages Report (SFRRGAM)

  5. Mutually Exclusive Courses 8.2 • Courses that are similar to other courses in content but are not considered to be equivalent courses are “Mutually Exclusive”. • Students who have taken courses in this category can be prevented from registering for other associated courses. • Similar to repeat processing but does not use repeat hours or repeat limit error checking but new mutual exclusion error checking instead.

  6. Mutually Exclusive Courses 8.2 • New Forms • Mutual Course Exclusion Form (SCAMEXC) • Changed Forms • Course Base Maintenance Form (SCABASE) • Basic Course Information Form (SCACRSE) • Course Detail Information Form (SCADETL) • Student Course Registration Audit Form (SFASTCA) • Registration Error Message Form (SFARMSG) • Registration Mass Entry Form (SFAMREG) • Student Course Registration Form (SFAREGS) • Registration Permit Overrides Control Form (SFAROVR) • Term Control Form (SOATERM) • Changed Reports and Processes • Bulletin Report (SCRBULT) • Registration Admin Messages Report (SFRRGAM)

  7. Registration Error Messages 8.0 • Provides for clients to configure custom registration error messages. • For Internationalization purposes, error message text can be non-English. • A new method is used to identify the types of messages, based on a message codes that correspond to each message text value.

  8. Registration Error Messages 8.0 • New Forms • Registration Error Messages (SFARMSG) • Changed Forms • Student Course Registration Audit Form (SFASTCA) • Student Course Registration Form (SFAREGS) • Student Course/Fee Assessment Query Form (SFAREGF) • Changed Reports and Processes • Course Request Update (SFPFREQ) • Course Request Edict Report (SFPCREQ) • Registration Admin Messages Report (SFRRGAM)

  9. Custom Message Creation

  10. Minimum & Maximum Registration Hours 8.0 • Greatly improves flexibility in creating registration hours rules. • Minimum hours can now be assigned to a student. Registration hours processing now references Min hour values as well. • Minimum and maximum registration hours can now be restricted by: campus, college, degree, program, field of study type, field of study code, department, curricula, admission type, student type, cohort, student attribute, residence, sport, visa, and class.

  11. Minimum & Maximum Registration Hours 8.0 • Changed Forms • Academic Standing Code Validation Form (STVASTD) • Combined Academic Standing Code Validation Form (STVCAST) • Sports Status Code Validation Form (STVSPST) • Registration Minimum/Maximum hours Form (SFAMHRS) • Student Course Registration Form (SFAREGS) • Term Control Form (SOATERM) • Changed Reports/Processes • Course Request Scheduling Process (SFPFREQ) • Calculate Academic Standing Report (SHRASTD)

  12. Reserved Seats 8.0 • Seat Reservation can now be made on all Curriculum values as well as Class, Attribute, Cohort, Matric Term, Admit Term, and Graduation Term • Overflow capability added allowing student that qualify for the seat reservation to take an open available seat if all reserved seats are full

  13. Reserved Seats 8.0 • Changed Forms • Schedule Form (SSASECT) • Changed Reports and Processes • Schedule Purge (SSPSCHD) • Term Roll Report (SSRROLL)

  14. Fee Assessment 8.0 • Fee Assessment Rules have been enhanced to add new elements • All curricular components • Cohorts • Attributes • Admit Term • Classification • Visa Type

  15. Fee Assessment 8.0 • Changed Forms • Course Detail Information Form (SCADETL) • Schedule Detail Form (SSADETL) • Section Fee Assessment Control Form (SSADFEE) • Registration Fee Assessment Rules Form (SFARGFE) • Changed Reports/Processes • Fee Assessment Report (SFRFEES) • Section Fee Population Process (SSPMFEE) • Term Roll Report (SSRROLL)

  16. Waitlists 8.0 • Manages student course waitlist eligibility and status based on configurable rules • Provides registration error checking before adding to waitlist • Enables configurable rules for waitlist position priority • Enables configurable time limit for status change • Manages the movement of students from the waitlist to registered status as seats become available in previously closed course sections • Automates notification(s) when seat opens • Enables detailed wait listing controls • Enables Student self-service waitlist status and position look-up • Does NOT automatically enroll the student in the course

  17. Waitlists 8.0 • New Forms • Automated Waitlist Term Control Form (SOAWLTC) • Waitlist Automation Section Control Form (SSAWLSC) • Waitlist Notification Query Form (SFIWLNT) • Waitlist Priority Management Form (SFAWLPR) • Cross List Waitlist Priority Management Form (SFAXWLP) • Reserved Seats Waitlist Priority Management Form (SFARWLP) • New Reports and Processes • Available Seats to Zero Process (SSRASTZ) • Batch Waitlist Notification Process (SFRBWLP) • Waitlist Priority Record Process (SFPWLRO)

  18. Waitlists 8.0 • Changed Forms • Schedule Form (SSASECT) • Student Course Registration Form (SFAREGS) • Changed Reports and Processes • Waitlist Enrollment Purge (SFPWAIT) • Class Roster Report (SFRSLST)

  19. Automated Waitlist Term Control Form (SOAWLTC) Waitlist Term Control Tab

  20. This example shows that students studying Marketing, Sport Management, and Economics will get priority on the waitlist over those who are non-majors in these areas.

  21. Bradley Mesa was a SPRT major and he was automatically prioritized higher than Rana Reagan as she is a MATH major. This list can be altered manually by changing the WAITLIST PRIORITY number for a student.

  22. Bradley was MANUALLY changed to priority #1 in this example. The others were prioritized by Banner. The waitlist will be used when a seat becomes available in the class – drop, increase of seats, .

  23. Merriam drops the CRN #10863 that she was registered for. This automatically triggers the waitlist notification for this available seat.

  24. Bradley is sent a notification that the seat is now available and this is logged on his record.

  25. Bradley receives the email from Banner and then can change his waitlisted status to “Web Registered”!

  26. Bradley’s registration status is immediately reflected on the waitlist notification query page in Banner.

  27. Waitlists 8.0 • Mixing in Add Auth Code Functionality • Add Authorization Start Date • Based on SOATERM: Registration Processing Controls: Days Required Relative to CRN Start Date • Without using Automatic Notification, Wait-listing is available to Midnight of the Authorization Start Date • Wait-listing is not available starting on the Add Authorization Date • Waitlist Notification Period • Based on SSAWLSC if populated, otherwise SOAWLTC: Waitlist notification deadline XX hours • No Notice Period • For a given CRN, Wait-listing is available from the start of registration up to the (Add Authorization Start Date minus the Waitlist Notification period) • Students are able to add to the waitlist during the no notice period. No new notices are issued. Only students with pending notices may register

  28. Pre-registration Events Questions?

  29. Sneak peak at Agenda for Part B • 8.0 Mass Entry—Admissions, General Student, Registration, Graduation • 8.0 FLAC—Faculty Load And Compensation • 8.0 Catalog Extract and Load • 8.0 Incomplete Grade Processing • 8.0 Self Service Graduation Application • 8.1 Athletic Compliance • 8.1 3rd Party Processing • 8.0/8.2 Student Internationalization • 8.0 Manual Roll of Curricula • (IPEDS update and CAPP XML output)