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BHS Pre-Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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BHS Pre-Registration

BHS Pre-Registration

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BHS Pre-Registration

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  1. BHS Pre-Registration 2013-2014

  2. Pre-Registration • Today begins the registration process for BHS. • With the help of your teachers and parents, complete both sides of the form . Please choose enough courses to cover 8 periods each semester. • After you and your parent/guardian have reviewed and signed it, return it to your teacher, counselor, lead teacher, or Ms. Faulkenberry in the main guidance area as soon as possible. • If you do not return the form by next Wednesday, February 6, courses will be chosen for you.

  3. Time -Line • January 30, 2013 – February 6, 2013: Choose Courses • February 19 – March 28: Meet with Counselors • You will receive your appointment date and time from your counselor in PAWS Feb. 6. A copy will also be mailed home. • Parents are encouraged to attend but are not required to attend. • Counselors will meet with rising seniors first, rising juniors second, and rising sophomores third. • Counselors will go to the middle schools in April to meet with the rising freshmen. • April, 2013: Build Master Schedulebased on student requests. • May – July: Schedule Students • August: Distribute SchedulesDuring Orientation

  4. Choosing Courses • Students at all grade levels will register for a math, English, science, and social studies based on teacher recommendations. • If the student or parent does not agree with the recommendation, the parent may contact the student’s lead teacher to set up a conference to sign a waiver. • If a waiver is signed, the student may not withdraw from the class without penalty.

  5. Choosing Courses • Students should choose electives carefully considering their IGP • Students should choose alternates in case there are conflicts or the course is not offered. • The course guide, with a description of the courses, is posted on the school’s If you do not have access to the internet, you may see your counselor for a copy of the guide.

  6. Choosing Courses • Students are only allowed to double up in courses if they are behind or needing to take pre-requisites for AP Courses. This privilege is only allowed once prior to the student’s senior year. Students must make the request in writing to the schools AP for Curriculum and Instruction, Mrs. Cunningham. • All seniors must be enrolled in a math class, English Class, science class, and Gov. & Econ. • Only seniors are allowed to sign up for Early Release, Late Arrival, and Senior Prep. Note: Parental permission is required. See your counselor for the appropriate form that must be on file before scheduling these courses. • All seniors must be enrolled in the equivalent of at least 2 block classes each semester to be considered a student at BHS. This does not include virtual classes, non-credited classes, or work-based learning classes.

  7. Meeting with Counselor • During your appointment with your counselor, the counselor will review your requests to make sure that you have included the necessary requirements to keep you on track for graduation as well as help you get into the college of your choice. • You will also review your IGP at that time

  8. Building the Master Schedule • The Master Schedule is built based on the student requests. Therefore, it is extremely important that you request the classes that you intend to take. • A course may not be offered if enough students do not request it. • You are not guaranteed a course because you requested it. Counselors will make sure that you have what you need. Upper classmen will have first priority for courses needed for graduation.

  9. Scheduling Students • In scheduling students, the computer will give us the conflicts that may occur based on your requests. • The courses are placed based on the least number of conflicts. Conflicts for some students are inevitable based on courses requested. • Students/parents may not choose teachers. We do not change schedules based on requests for specific teachers. • If a student has failed a previous course with the teacher, the student or teacher may request that the student have another teacher.

  10. Distributing Schedules • Schedules will be distributed during orientation in August. Dates and times will be mailed during the summer. • Schedules will not be available before orientation. • Please do not call your counselor for a schedule. If there are conflicts or issues with your schedule, your counselor will contact you and/or your parents.

  11. Questions? • If you have questions, you may contact your student’s counselor: House 1(FV): Nanette Hollis ext. 28032 House 2 (BBD): Carol McGregor ext. 28012 House 3 (GS): Felicia Daniels ext. 28030 House 4 (ET): Xyreese Trapp ext. 28008 Director of Guidance: SharleneDrakeford ext. 28018