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The China Open Door Policy PowerPoint Presentation
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The China Open Door Policy

The China Open Door Policy

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The China Open Door Policy

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  1. The China Open Door Policy By: Carla Martin, Olivia Frasco, & Callie Ridenour

  2. What happened… • At the end of the 19th century-China was at a political and economic disorder. • After the Spanish American War-America owned the Philippines and it was a good strategic plan because this would allow easy trading. • The China Open Door Policy would allow trading including all nations through the Chinese Market. • The Secretary of State, John Hay, put this operation in writing which is known as the Open Door Notes.

  3. Motives: • Maintain an active trade • Equal access to commerce between nations • John Hay’s intentional motive was to create an open market with all nations so that other great powers cannot gain full control over China, which would prevent disputes between the powers fighting for control of China.

  4. Justifications/Mafia Don • The China Open Door Policy is beneficial to the United States because it would help American traders and the economy. It would stop Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany, and Japan to try and gain power over China because everyone would have equal commerce. This benefits the Americans so that they control the trade that takes place though China and are not forced into trading under the control of other countries. • John Hay’s decision shows that the China Open Door Policy was that of a Mafia Don rather than a Superman.

  5. How the United States involvement was beneficial/The Final Result • Yes-it was beneficial for the U.S. because they gained an active trade along with expanding their powers  • It also helped build relationships between the America and other foreign countries. • For example-the U.S.-East Asian relations. • China also greatly benefited from this.

  6. The Open Door Policy allowed China to overcome their problems... • Stimulated economic growth  • People's standard of living improved-not only on basic essential material products, but also on leisure entertainment and hobbies. • Foreign investments increased • New advanced technology emerged • New jobs were created • However, it also triggered negative effects on China... • Due to the rapid economic developments in China, serious environmental problems resulted (such as pollution) • The air pollution consequentially brought lung disease to the population, leading to many deaths

  7. The Boxer Rebellion • The Boxers are a violent, Ancient Chinese Society who were anti-foreign relations and rebelled against their government in the 1890’s. • Many lost their lives and China lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from their attacks. • In 1900, America stepped in to help gain control over the rebellious group. • This gained the U.S. tremendous support towards putting the China Open Door Policy in place.

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