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Relationships and Responsibilities John 15:1-17 PowerPoint Presentation
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Relationships and Responsibilities John 15:1-17

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Relationships and Responsibilities John 15:1-17
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Relationships and Responsibilities John 15:1-17

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  1. Relationships and ResponsibilitiesJohn 15:1-17 Be Transformed By Warren W. Wiersbe Chapter 3

  2. Two pictures of the believers Branches – privilege of sharing His life and the responsibility of abiding Friends – privilege of sharing of knowing His will and the responsibility of obeying Branches – We Must Abide (15:1-11) The vine The seventh and last of the “I am” statements

  3. Three different vines Past vine: the nation of Israel (Ps. 80:8-19, Is. 5:1-7, Jer. 2:21, Ez. 19:10-14, Hos. 10:1) God “transplanted” Israel into Canaan but vine produced wild grapes: oppression & unrighteousness Future vine: the vine of the earth (Rev. 14:14-20) Gentiles world system ripening for God’s judgment. The present vine: our Lord Jesus Christ the vine includes the branches similar to that of the Head and the body. We have a living relationship to Christ and belongs to Him.

  4. Union living loving lasting The branches: weak and useless; good for bearing or burning, but not for building Cannot produce its own life and it must draw life from the vine Communion with Jesus through the Spirit who makes the bearing of the fruit (Gal. 5:22-23)

  5. Images of union & communion The bride and the Bridegroom Marriage creates union, but it takes daily love & devotion The sheep and the Shepherd To maintain the communion, the shepherd brings the sheep in the flock, but the sheep must follow the Shepherd to get protection & provision Key word: abide 11 times in John 15:1-11

  6. Abide? To keep in fellowship with Jesus so that His life can work in and through us to produce fruit What requires to abide? The Word of God The confession of sin (John 15:3) Obeying Him (15:9-10) How can we tell? Fruit (15:2) Pruning so we can bear more fruit (15:2) His prayer answered (15:7) Experience a deepening love for Christ & other believers (15:9, 12-13) & joy (15:11)

  7. Abiding relationship is natural to the branch & vine but it must be cultivated in Christian life It is not automatic Abiding demands worship, mediation on God’s word, prayer, sacrifice & service Vinedresser: in charge of caring for the vines The work of the Father Purge or prune so they will produce more fruit Progression: no fruit (15:2), fruit, more fruit, much fruit (15:5,8)

  8. Two ways in pruning cutting away dead wood that can breed disease & insects cutting away living tissues higher quality God wants both quantity & quality For Christians pruning process hurts, but they will produce more & better fruit. Father is near to you when He prunes you. He cuts away dead wood which may cause trouble and often He cuts away living tissue

  9. How the Father prune us? God’s Word to convict & cleanse us (15:2, 13:10, Eph. 5:26-27) Chasten us (Heb. 12:1-11) More abiding, more fruit; more fruit, more pruning Fruit Result is not a Bible concept Take time & cultivation to produce fruit Produce fruit to serve others, not to please ourselves Feed others by our words & works (Prov. 10:21)

  10. Kinds of spiritual fruit We bear fruit when we win others to Christ (Rom. 1:13) As we grow in holiness & obedience, we bear fruit (Rom. 6:22) Christian giving to be fruit from a dedicated life (Rom. 15:28) Christian Character that glorifies God & make Jesus real to others (Gal. 5:22-23) Good works growing out of our abiding life (Col. 1:10) Praise coming from lips & hearts (Heb. 13:15) Part of the harvest (John 4:35-38) Real spiritual life has in seed for more fruit, not deception Fruit – more fruit – much fruit

  11. When there is life, there is fruit If no fruit, branches are worthless, useless, unfruitful as believer Main truth – fruitful life of the believer John 15:6 divine discipline I John 5:16 Love, Joy, Peace – first set in Gal. 5:22-23

  12. Friends – We Must Obey (15:12-17) Most of us have many acquaintances, but very few friends Our friendship to each other & to Jesus is not perfect but His friendship is perfect for us Friend in Greek word mean “friend at court” Inner circle around king or emperor Friends of the king would be close to him, know his secrets but subject to him & obey his commands; No conflict between being a friend & servant Example: Abraham, a friend of God and yet a servant (Gen. 18)

  13. Relationship of love for Jesus & each other No competition in inner circle for attention, promotion, but to serve the King Christian love is not a feeling, but an act of will (I John 3:16) Treating others the way God treats us Our friendship with Jesus involves love, obedience & knowledge He treats us as friend if we obey His commands like Abraham did (Gen. 18:19) Friendship with the world means enmity with God (James 4:1-4) like Lot

  14. Servants know what’s going on like the servants at the wedding (John 2:9) & nobleman’s servant when the son was healed (John 4:51-53) Privileges as His friends learning to know God better Getting in on (knowing) God’s secrets Why as friend? GRACE As branches we share His love & bear fruit As branches we are pruned by the Father; as friends we are instructed by the Son and His Word controls our lives Ordained means appointed. It’s an act of setting someone apart fro special service

  15. Purpose: to go into the world & bear fruit The evidence of the sonship, discipleship (John 15:8) & friendship (15:15) is fruit. “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matt. 7:20) Privilege of prayer Friends share their burdens & needs Friends of Jesus can speak to Him at any time John 15:15-16, Jesus chose us, not we choose Him

  16. “The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will show them his covenant” Ps. 25:14 We must be attentive and alert The purpose of His friendship: we obey Him and get His work done “Love one another” given to Eleven in John 13:34-35 & again twice in John 15:12, 17 Friends of the King must love Him and one another The study began in the vineyard and ended in the throne room “Without me you can do nothing” (15:5)