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Day 1

Day 1. Ice breaker games. Day 2. Chuck Majors from Josten’s. Yearbook Notes. Day 3 – Make posters for picture day Picture day is Wednesday, Sept. 2 nd . Students will be called to the library by class: 8 th grade – 1 st hour 6 th grade – 2 nd hour 7 th grade – 4 th hour

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Day 1

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  1. Day 1 • Ice breaker games

  2. Day 2 • Chuck Majors from Josten’s

  3. Yearbook Notes Day 3 – Make posters for picture day Picture day is Wednesday, Sept. 2nd. Students will be called to the library by class: 8th grade – 1st hour 6th grade – 2nd hour 7th grade – 4th hour Students who do not get their picture made today or on retake day will NOT be pictured in the yearbook! Please contribute to the production of at least one poster with these details on it. Make them NICE, but not so nice that one poster takes you two hours. 

  4. Yearbook • If there’s a red textbook on your desk please put it in the rack beneath your seat.

  5. Yearbook Notes Day 4 Today we will look at sample yearbooks and start deciding on a theme. You can also begin deciding which DPS you want to work on. Please note: Band kids Yearbook M/W/F, Band T/R Noise level must be LOW. Good attitudes only, please!

  6. Terms we use • Theme = the unifying topic of the whole book. The last five years we’ve used Survivor, movies/film, and comics/superheroes, newspaper, and magazine. • DPS = double page spread

  7. Look through the sample yearbooks. Think about what you like and don’t like. Take out a sheet of paper. Put your name at the top. Write down your top five DPS topics you would want. Keep in mind, you will need to figure out a way to use the theme on your page. For example: • Cheer • 8th grade dance • Football • Explos • Student/staff interview

  8. Last 15-20 minutes • Go to library • Be sure you can log on to the computer AND log on to the Josten’s website

  9. Yearbook Notes Day 5 If you didn’t give me your list of five DPSs you want to work on, please do so today. If you did not have trouble getting on the Josten’s gallery yesterday, please help me prepare yearbook flyers. If you did have trouble, I want you to get on a computer so we can start figuring out what to do for you.

  10. Yearbook Notes Day 6 Band kids: Make sure you give me your list of five DPS topics you want. We’ve got the computer problem figured out. For now you may have to install Flash every time you work on your page. Eventually, you won’t have to. Very quickly, I need your userIDs that you use when you sign on in the computer lab.

  11. Yearbook Notes Yearbook Page layout pictures words headline – positive and creative positive captions

  12. Yearbook Notes CAPTIONS – Basically, within reason, we want a caption with each picture. 5Ws + H who what where when why how

  13. Shelby Northcutt and Katie Davis are eagerly awaiting their first day of school by the 8th grade doors.

  14. Who what where when why how

  15. Yearbook Notes As a yearbook staff member, you have to be comfortable with people. You will be working with people to take their picture and find out their name and interests. Please take turns with the cameras. Take two or three pictures of one or more people in the room. *TALK* to them. Tell them what you want the picture to look like. This is HARD for some of us, so practice. “Hi, I’m Ms. Eliason with the yearbook staff. Can I take a picture of you pretending to fly?”

  16. Yearbook Notes Day 7 – Working with photos Go through pictures Organize pictures Watch picture upload tutorial Practice uploading? GET T-SHIRTS! You can wear them tomorrow if you want. WEDNESDAY is picture day. You will be in the library computer lab.

  17. Yearbook Notes Day 8 – Tutorials Today please view the tutorial. Ask me if you have questions. Lesson #4 – Basic introduction to the page designer. (10 min.) Remaining time – play with your page. Tomorrow (Day 9): Lesson #5 – Intermediate details about the page designer. Lesson #6 – Format tab in page designer. Lesson #7 – Other features of page designer. Lesson #8 – Using the image library

  18. Yearbook Notes Day 10 Theme (IT’S A SECRET!!) Cover (Has to be done by Oct. 1) Laptop Rules Other issues? On laptops, you must use Internet Explorer for YearbookAvenue.

  19. Yearbook Notes Day 11 – begin working on pages Pictures – get names when you take the pictures! Put in the names when you upload. Begin working on pages

  20. Yearbook Notes Day 12 Pictures – get names when you take the pictures! Put in the names when you upload. Example of uploading and indexing a picture… Discuss Cover – we have three weeks.

  21. When you think you’re finished • Make sure every picture is indexed. We need to know exactly who is pictured in every picture. • Ms. E locks the page down • Print a copy • Have someone else check the page for boo-boos

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