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Weather!. By M ylee and B ianca. Water Cycle.

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  1. Weather! By Mylee and Bianca

  2. Water Cycle The water cycle starts when clouds get heavy with thousands of tiny water droplets. Then the clouds soon get to heavy and it begins to rain. Once the rain stops, the evaporation begins. That means the heat from the sun soaks up all of the rain that fell. Soon, after that evaporation turns into condensation. That means the water droplets turn into water vapor. Precipitation occurs when it rains, snows, sleet or hails. Next it is collected from lake, rivers, streams and oceans. Then starts all over again!

  3. Weather Tools Thermometer: Thermometer measures how hot or cold the outside is. Wind Vane: wind vane measures the way the wind is blowing direction Rain Gauge: measures how much rain falls Snow Gauge: Measures how much snow falls Barometer: measures the wind pressure Anemometer : measures the wind speed

  4. How to make a ThermometerBy Mylee Martinez In this paragraph I will teach youhow to make a thermometer. First you will need a eleven oz. Clear plastic water bottle. Then, you will need red food coloring. Next you want to have hot tap water in to your plastic water bottle. Not only it is time to add in five to six drops of red food coloring . Also in you want to but in ¼ of a cup of rubbing alcohol. In addition you want to twist your lid on and poke ONE hole in the top of your lid so you can put your straw in the top. Not only put modeling clay around the cracksso that no oxygen will get in the cracks. Hopefully you learned how to make a thermometer.

  5. How to make a Thermometer by Bianca Ely Making a thermometer is easy if you use these simple steps you need tap water ,rubbing alcohol (DO NOT DRINK THIS) clear drinking straw ,food coloring clear bottle and modeling clay step 1 pour equal parts of tap water and rubbing alcohol into the bottle but only pour 1/8 of it in to the bottle . Step two put the food coloring into the mixture . Step three put the cap on the bottle. Then get your modeling clay around the cracks so no oxygen will get in.

  6. Clouds • A cirrus cloud is that is long and wispy. It is considered a high cloud • A stratus cloud is a cloud that is a cloud that has many layers of fog. It is considered a high cloud • A Altostratus cloud is one that is formed by ice crystals-H2O droplets

  7. Blizzards A blizzard is a severe weather storm that mostly happens in places where strong winds occur and polar like tempters. Blizzards form when warm air and moisture rises over the cold air and onto the surface. The storm can affect people by not knowing what will happen . A blizzard affects people by severe weather conditions and can cause death or severe injures. How people out there can prepare for a big storm like this is by watching checking Facebook , Instagram and or the radio. Click here for video http://www.history.com/videos/science-of-a-blizzard#science-of-a-blizzard

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