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HPAI Activities FSM, Palau and RMI PowerPoint Presentation
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HPAI Activities FSM, Palau and RMI

HPAI Activities FSM, Palau and RMI

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HPAI Activities FSM, Palau and RMI

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  1. HPAI Activities FSM, Palau and RMI Fiji July 24-28 2006

  2. Sample Collection for AI testing • In November 2005, Mr. Engly Ioanis from COM FSM Land Grant was trained by the SPC Epidemiologist Veterinarian, Mr. Steve Angus in Fiji on how to collect samples from poultry for identification. • In December 2005,Mr Ioanis went to Palau and Yap to conduct training on the collection of blood and swab samples for identification.

  3. Sample Collection for AI testing cont. • In early January 2006 training on sample collection was conducted in RMI, Chuuk, Kosrae and Pohnpei. • In addition to the sample collection Emergency Response Planning for Avian Influenza was included in the training.

  4. Swabs sample collection from throat and cloacal. Sample collection • Blood sample collection from the brachial vein

  5. Training in Chuuk on how to collect blood samples. Participants practicing on the collection of blood samples Sample Collection

  6. Demonstration of equipment needed for sample testing and post mortem Showing the participants the different body part of a poultry Post Mortem

  7. General Emergency Response Planning (GERP) • In 2005 several workshops were organized by SPC to draft Generic Emergency Response Planes. In the North Pacific one workshop was held in Guam for Guam, Palau and Yap and one workshop was held in Pohnpei for FSM and RMI. • Specific ERP, e.g. Avian Influenza, Brown Tree Snake or others. can be build onto the Generic ERP,

  8. AI Emergency Response Planning • In March 2006 a 3 days workshop was organized in Palau. • In addition to the Palau Pandemic Influenza Response Plan for human from the Palau Health Department a additional ERP was drafted for poultry. • With the help of the SPC Vet and the SPC PPM 9 Standard Operational Procedures were drafted during the 3-days workshop.

  9. ERP workshop in Palau

  10. Working Groups • Pohnpei Avian Influenza Contingency Committee. • Field Surveillance/Sample Collection Team • Disinfection Team • Destruction Team, disposal of Animals • Sample Preservation and Packaging • Public Relations Officer

  11. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) # 1 SOP for Protection of Personal This include Safety First Which people need to use protective equipment People who work with AI suspicious or AI confirmed animals in infected areas What protective equipment is recommended e.g. N95 respirator masks, goggles, heavy duty rubber work gloves, coveralls, boots, head cover apron

  12. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) • # 2 SOP Suspected Cases Commercial farms 5% mortality rate over 24 hrs and for individual households, more than 1 chicken dead over 24 hours shall trigger immediate investigation from the response team. Investigation procedures, field visit by surveillance and sample team

  13. Symptoms of AI Infected Birds Hemorrhages Fever Respiratory distress Infested birds shed Saliva Nasal secretions Feces

  14. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) • # 3 SOP for Surveillance Passive Surveillance, e.g. Public Awareness and education (Schools, Communities radio announcement leaflets. Active Surveillance, e.g. Incident investigation, sample collection and reporting including mapping Wild birds surveillance and monitoring Data collection and mapping GIS mapping

  15. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) • SOP # 4 Sample Collection from Poultry • Live Birds Blood samples2.5 ml per bird using a 21-23 g needle and/or swab samples collected from throat and cloacal • Dead Birds Swab or tissue samples

  16. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) • SOP# 5 for Packaging, labeling and dispatch According to SPC manual • Information to be forwarded with the specimens • Contacts for Import Permit • List of 6 OIE reference experts and laboratories

  17. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) • SOP # 6 Quarantine Area In case of suspected or confirmed outbreak of AI put household, farm/village under restriction. Movement Restriction (3 km) radius ( no movement on free-ranging chicken. Heightened& Targeted Surveillance Zone (10km) active surveillance of all poultry units within the 10km radius

  18. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP • SOP # 7 for Disinfection All units which are physically of functionally connected to the establishment must be properly disinfected. All vehicle, people working with poultry and equipment going out of the infected area must be washed and disinfected. A list of disinfectants is provided

  19. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP • SOP # 8 Procedures for Humane Slaughter of Poultry Shall be done onsite as humanely and as quickly as possible. Manual dislocation of the neck is the preferred choice for humane slaughtering of small numbers of birds in suspected or infected sites

  20. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) • SOP # 9 of Carcass Disposal & Infected Material Incineration is the technique of choice

  21. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) • SOP # 10 Procedures for Biosecurity Ban all imports of poultry, poultry products from AI affected countries. These includes transiting fishing boats and vessels from AI infected countries. Increased inspections of conveyances entering from infected countries and fully enforced quarantine measures.

  22. Forms Available • Avian Influenza Submission Form • Sample Submission –Information Form

  23. Public Information • Palau produced two leaflets: • Avian Influenza or Bird flu general information, and • Food Safety in connection with Avian Influenza

  24. Palau has in place: • Pandemic Influenza Response Plan for the Republic of Palau, prepared by Health Dept. • Pandemic Influenza Response Plan for poultry • Executive Order # 236, Establishment of a National Avian Influenza (H5N1) Advisory and Coordination Team, signed by President

  25. Palau has in place cont. • Declaration of National Quarantine Emergency, signed by President • Activation of Inter-Island Quarantine • Timetable and contacts of PAIRT members on 24 hrs. duty • Avian Influenza 911 Protocol phone phone calls

  26. Testing the System • Palau has sent blood samples to the Australian Lab for AI identification. • Lesson learned was it took several weeks until results were available.

  27. Material needed • A list for material needed to have in stockpiles was made by participants.


  29. The new SPC building in Pohnpei FSM was completed in August 2005. The building has a large reception area, 7 offices, a conference room and a laboratory. Presently there are 6 staff members occupying the building. SPC Regional Office for Micronesia

  30. The Host Agreement between FSM and SPC was signed on January 19, 2006 by the SPC DG Ms. Lourdes Pangelinan and the President of the Federated States of Micronesia, H.E. Joseph J. Urusemal. Signing of Host Agreement