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  2. What is “Future Perfect”? Instead of just traditional textbooks, boys are permitted to carry tablet computers with e-textbooks and other resources loaded on them. The programme is VOLUNTARY in all grades.

  3. Why change anything? Northwood is committed to a leading-edge approach to education. Technology forms an integral part of the business and work environment. Teenagers are increasingly exposed to electronic media and content.

  4. Why change anything?

  5. What benefits will Future Perfect bring? Positive direction of relevant learning Increased access to a variety of content Up-to-date resources

  6. What benefits will Future Perfect bring? Vast functionality in e-book format Environmental benefits Synergy of POA, Calendar, Exam and Testing programme integration

  7. What benefits will Future Perfect bring? Cost savings to parents

  8. How will Future Perfect be rolled out? PREPARATORY PHASE Conceptualisation and research Approval from Board of Governors Identification of Staff Working Group, including “IT Champions”. Development of Protocols and Policies. Device specifications determined.

  9. How will Future Perfect be rolled out? PREPARATORY PHASE (cont.) Staff involvement around workbooks prescribed books for 2014. Acknowledge that not all subjects can use tablets all the time. Regular and on-going meetings with stakeholders around network preparation, school bags, etc. Proof of concept for network expansion.

  10. How will Future Perfect be rolled out? PHASE ONE Tablet computers are permitted for use at school Training sessions held for staff and learners Learners and Parents sign acceptance of the “Digital Citizenship” policy Textbooks and workbooks are made available in digital format, initially via the internet.

  11. How will Future Perfect be rolled out? PHASE ONE (cont.) IT Champions assist with in-class and in-service training. Regular newsletters for staff, learners and parents Grade 8 & 9 learners have a “Digital Citizenship & Media Studies” lesson Boys use devices for notes and diary

  12. How will Future Perfect be rolled out? PHASE TWO School infrastructure and bandwidth capability enhancements completed. WiFi hot-spots, campus-wide coverage. Calendar, POA and Assessment schedule integration through shared access. Learners are authenticated on to the Northwood network with restricted access. Resources such as worksheets and assignments are uploaded to a locally hosted area.

  13. How will Future Perfect be rolled out? PHASE TWO (cont.) Identification of “iPad Pros”, learners tasked to help other learners and teachers. On-going visible student awareness and education. Daily synching of links from shared folders such as “Dropbox”.

  14. How will Future Perfect be rolled out? PHASE THREE Implementation of “Moodle” resource platform. Submission of electronic assignments and homework where appropriate. Re-development of current “Lab 2” Podcasts and video uploads of extra lessons. Compulsory introduction of tablets for all learners?

  15. Device Specifications Minimum 7” Device Colour Screen Minimum “800 x 480” Screen Resolution (Recommended “1024 X 768”) 8 hour battery life – to allow for schoolwork and homework

  16. Device Specifications (cont.) Must be able to read .pdf files Can be either Android or iOSbased (or other) Must have access to a web browser Built in Camera Built in sound/speakers Minimum 8 gb on board storage (recommended 16 gb or higher)

  17. Concerns “Haves versus Have-nots” By allowing a variety of tablet specification, this problem will be greatly reduced. All materials will be made available in hard copy format to those without access. Boys without personal devices will benefit from those around them.

  18. Concerns Security and Theft Firm and clear protocols for safe-keeping (eg) Smaller devices fit in blazers. With regular use, it is unlikely that the device will be left unattended or in a vulnerable place. A safe-bag area is available during all school activities (Extra-curricular, Phys Ed.).

  19. Concerns Inappropriate use of the tablet School, Subject and Class protocols and rules in place. Serious sanctions for transgressions. Device “fatigue” will reduce time spent on games outside of class. Productive use of the tablet in lesson time will limit temptation.

  20. Concerns Sample protocols No learner should be using any other student’s tablet at any time. Tablets should be on silent and “Flight Mode” during class time to ensure only educational apps and programmes are utilized. (Phase 1 only) All devices should be code-locked and have a picture of the owner as the lock screen background.

  21. Concerns Sample Protocols (2) All devices should be within reach and/or sight of the owner at all times. “Safe” Rooms where equipment and tablets may be stored during extra-mural activities are available. Students will have access to tablet tracking software (via 3G or Phase 2 WiFi)

  22. What will it cost? Text books are available on a variety of platforms, depending on the publisher. Books may be either in e-book or e-pdf format. Licences vary. Workbooks, previously charged for by the school, will be FREE in PDF format.

  23. What will I save? All textbooks prescribed by the school for 2014 are available in electronic format. Savings will vary per Grade and Subject Choice in Grades 10-12. Certain Grade 10 & 11 subjects have optional State-provided textbooks.

  24. What will I save? 43 %

  25. How does it work? Apple Android

  26. iPad • Tablet pioneers • Wide variety of models • SA support by Core Group • ZA Books • All textbooks available • Costly • Frequently upgraded

  27. Android • Wide variety of manufacturers • Cheaper • World market leader • Majority, but not all textbooks currently available • Stylus for ease of use

  28. Workbooks – Dropbox or similar ONE FOLDER PER GRADE CONTAINING ALL WORKBOOKS

  29. Workbooks – Dropbox or similar EACH FOLDER CONTAINS PDF WORKBOOKS

  30. Recommendations Consider a variety of sources for your device. Direct purchase from retailers Cell phone & data deals Interest free offers from banks Second-hand sources such as family and friends

  31. Recommendations Investigate device specifications carefully, particularly Operating system Device model Memory Screen size and quality

  32. Recommendations Think carefully before deciding on 3G and data Consider insuring the device Invest in a proper cover and screen protector Back up the device weekly to a PC or Cloud-based server.

  33. Northwood School

  34. How can you help? • Embrace change • Become involved in the fund-raising drive • Trust your school

  35. Northwood School Q & A