zombies by niek n.
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‘ZOMBIES!’ By Niek PowerPoint Presentation
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‘ZOMBIES!’ By Niek

‘ZOMBIES!’ By Niek

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‘ZOMBIES!’ By Niek

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  1. ‘ZOMBIES!’By Niek

  2. I was biking to school in the middle of the night because I had forgotten my homework at school. When I got there, I realized all the doors were locked, so I got a rock to smash a window and snuck in. Then I heard another window get smashed next to me. I looked to my side and saw my friend Mees. He told me, ‘I forgot my homework.’ I replied, ‘So did I.’ After that we both decided to walk to the class room together. When we were looking for our homework we heard a thump thump. I whispered to my friend “what was that ?” Mees whispered back “I don’t know?”. That’s when we heard someone groan “brains.” We fast went to hide because we knew what liked brains Zombies! That’s when we heard the thump thump coming closer. That’s when we fast made a plan to run . So we stood up and stormed out the classroom. During the run mees pushed the zombie and screamed “Yuck!”. Then we ran to the janitors closet. If you want me and Mees to fight the zombies choose ending A. If you want them to run away choose ending B

  3. Ending A. As soon as we got in the janitor closet I started looking for a weapon to protect ourselves with. That’s when my eyes glided over some sharp sticks. I yelled to Mees “Get those sticks!” That’s when we stormed out and started poking the zombies with our sticks soon the zombies started lumping away in defeat while me and Mees cheered out of relief. Then we walked outside got on our bikes and rid home.

  4. As soon as we got in the janitors closet we looked for a way to escape. That’s when I noticed that the wall between the janitors closet and a classroom where very thin. So I got a broomstick and started hitting the wall. Soon I had made a small hole. I screamed to my friend-how had been guarding the door- “help me!” So he started helping me. Soon we had made a big enough hole to go through. As soon as we got out I threw a broomstick at the window so the window broke. Me and mees then jumped through. Got on our bikes and started biking like heck and we didn’t slow down until the school was out of site.