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Humans Vs. Zombies Spring 2012 Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Humans Vs. Zombies Spring 2012 Orientation

Humans Vs. Zombies Spring 2012 Orientation

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Humans Vs. Zombies Spring 2012 Orientation

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  1. Humans Vs. ZombiesSpring 2012 Orientation Director : Alex Daise

  2. Meet your Administrators! • Alex Daise – Director • Phone: 610-909-4254 • Forum Alias: Murphy McManus • Jeremy Marks – Admin • Phone: 484-333-5349 • Forum Alias: Skid • Steve Hite – Admin • Phone: 610-914-6368 • He gets lonely • Forum Alias: NotRealButter Lee Moore – Admin Phone: 610-761-3673 Forum Alias: Bob McAwesome Nathaniel Peters – Admin Phone: 814-321-6338 Forum Alias: PGG

  3. What is Humans Vs. Zombies? • A game simulating the Zombie Apocalypse • Played 24/7, all over the world, 2 weeks long • 3 win conditions : • The Zombies infect all of the Humans • All of the Zombies starve • The game time runs out, it becomes a stalemate • 3 Factions play a part in this game • Humans • Zombies • Dead Players

  4. Factions : In Depth (Humans) • Objective: To outlast the Zombie horde, and complete missions. • Arsenal: • Socks (with only other socks attached if anything) • Approved Blasters • Marshmallows (not minis) • Can be identified by : • A green bandanna on the left arm • Probably the people sporting/shooting blasters, throwing socks, etc.

  5. No headband Green armband on Left This person must be a human!

  6. Factions : In Depth (Zombies) • Objective: To infect all Humans so that only Zombies remain. • Arsenal: • Their body • Any contact will cause a tag, infecting a human • Can be identified by : • A green bandanna on the left arm • An orange bandanna on their head • Visible from ALL angles! You can’t cover it up • Not sporting/shooting blasters, throwing socks, etc.

  7. Orange Headband on head Green armband on left arm This must be a zombie!

  8. Factions : In Depth (Dead) • Objective: Assist the Administrators by playing HvZ during missions as a Non-Player Character, or NPC. (Admins will request you) • Arsenal: • Varies, admins will let you know • Can be identified by : • If a Zombie NPC • Green Headband [Reverse of normal zombies] • If a Human NPC • Orange Armband [Reverse of normal humans]

  9. When we say you can be tagged anywhere… • We mean anywhere • Famous tag locations include New York City, NY • As well as Baltimore, Maryland • This game has no boundaries, except for during certain missions • If this is the case, the admins will inform you

  10. Yeah yeah, but what constitutes a tag? • A tag is any physical contact made by a Zombie on a Human. • It can be a kick in the leg (note: Breakfast is Dangerous), anything that isn’t the Neck or Head. • Backpacks count as extensions of the Human body, as do coat-tails, anything you are “wearing” • This includes holstered blasters and weaponry • Tags may NOT use excessive force • Be gentle, kids, it’s a game.

  11. Stunning (not good looks) • When a Human player hits a Zombie player with any of the approved weapons, that player becomes Stunned. (Not in head or neck) • A Stunned Zombie may not : • Get tags • Continue to wear a headband (it must be put around the neck once stunned) • Pursue humans (Exception in two slides from now) • A Stunned Zombie will remain stunned for 15 minutes, then return their headband to the correct position • Unless otherwise changed by an admin (In a mission, or the like)

  12. Steve was shot. Bummer. He then lowers his headband to indicate to other players that he has been stunned.

  13. Stunning (Continued) • Stun timers (as we like to call them) will be shorter in Missions, and will be announced by the admins. • A stunned zombie may : • Remain stationary (used to block darts) • Leave the scene (not following Humans) • Call other Zombies (shouting, or cell phone, whatever) • EXCEPTION! • A Stunned Zombie MAY follow and get assist on an Incubating Human. More on these topics right now!

  14. Incubation! • Once tagged, a Human is considered Incubating, and becomes a Zombie in 15 Minutes! • An Incubating Human may : • Help the Zombies • Help the Humans • Run in circles flailing their arms • When the timer is up, the player puts on his/her Orange Headband, and is now a Zombie. • During missions, Incubation timers will be much smaller, and announced by administrators

  15. A Unique Situation Appeared! • When a Human stuns a Zombie at the same instant that the Zombie tags the Human, the Zombie gets the tag, but IS STUNNED.

  16. Feeds / Starvation • When a Zombie tags a Human, they get a “Feed” • The Human, when tagged, will rip off the large portion of their ID, and hand it to the Zombie IMMEDIATELY • This “Feed Card”, when entered in on the website will provide said Zombie with 50 hours added onto their Starvation Timer! • Starvation Timer: • If a Zombie does not receive a “Feed” within 50 hours, they will starve, and become a Dead Player.

  17. Feeds / Starvation (Continued) • Assists : • The 2nd and 3rd tags to be made on a Human/Incubating Human are the assists. • The Zombies who did the assisting will receive the smaller cards on the Human’s ID. • Assists will also provide 50 hours to the Zombie. • They can no longer be attained once an Incubating Human has become a full Zombie. • 50 Hours is the CAP for your starvation timers. If you have 24 hours, and get a feed, you will be at 50 hours.

  18. A Few Reminders • A Stunned Zombie CAN chase after Incubating Humans and get Assists. • There is vagueness surrounding the “Do not follow while stunned” rule • If you are stunned, but want to head in the same general direction as a human/group of humans, try turning down a street, and go the direction on a parallel street, out of sight. • Zombies ignoring this rule will have hours removed. • It is PROHIBITED to show your ID card to anyone but the Zombie(s) who tagged you

  19. Soldier Class • Soldiers are individuals who will be identified by: • A green armband on BOTH arms (if Human) • A green armband on BOTH arms, plus an orange headband (if Zombie) • If in mission, both armbands go on the right arm • They stun Zombies for an extra 5 minutes • They are stunned for 5 less minutes • These amounts will change during missions • Soldier will be awarded to certain players by the administrators • When a Human Soldier is tagged, they turn into a Zombie Soldier. • Pretty straightforward.

  20. Jeremy got tagged! He was a human soldier: Now he is a zombie soldier.

  21. Left : A Human Soldier in Mission Right : A Zombie Soldier in Mission

  22. Game Structure • 2 weeks long • First two days are “Pregame” • Next 11-12 days will be Normal Gameplay • Before the game begins • The Administrators will choose One lucky individual to become the Original Zombie. • This Zombie is responsible for providing the giant horde of Zombies necessary for a Zombie victory later in the game. Many players view the OZ as a leader-figure.

  23. Pregame • The scariest two days of the game. • Pregame lasts from 8:00am, Monday, March 19th until 6:00pm (or First Mission) on Tuesday, March 20th • ALL players wear their green armbands on their left arms (CAN NOT BE COVERED UP) • Zombie DO NOT wear headbands. • Everyone looks human. • The OZ is released, and Zombies can NOT starve yet. • Human Weaponry is limited to : • Socks • Marshmallows

  24. Pregame (Continued) • Zombies can lie about being Human during Pregame • They can not, however, use weapons • Pregame transitions into the Normal Game when the First Mission begins. • Once you arrive at the Mission starting point, you will now be out of Pregame. The admins will inform you when blasters can be used at the mission. If you are a zombie, you don your headband. • If you cannot attend the first Mission, Pregame will end for you at 6:00pm. (That is when the Starvation Timers begin ticking on the website)

  25. Normal Game • Zombies can no longer claim to be Human, no matter over what medium. • You can avoid answering, but you cannot lie. • Humans must attend a predetermined amount of Missions every week (More on that next) • Zombies Starvation Timers have begun. When they reach 0 seconds, you will be set to Dead. • Once Dead, that’s a great time to post your availability if we’re looking for NPCs!

  26. Missions • Every day during the “Normal” portion of the game, Evening Missions will be held. • On some days, Day Missions will be held. • Humans and Zombies will meet up at certain locations, and will be given objectives to complete within a time limit. • For example, Rescue a Scientist from a locked car, and escort him around campus. • It will be required for Humans to attend a minimum of 2 missions per week. • If you cannot attend the minimum, please contact me or one of my Administrators. • Day Missions count for ½ of a Mission credit. (system fractions) • Sign-in sheets will be available at the end of each Mission.

  27. Missions (Continued) • Day Missions will vary in length, and will consist of objectives posted on the forums, that the factions will have the majority of the day to complete. • Make sure to Check the Forums regularly for updates and Mission information. • Missions will have shortened Stun Timers, Incubation Timers, and other fun parameters! • Humans are encouraged to attend every mission! • They’re a lot of fun • You get to act out the storyline, and take an active role in your faction’s destiny! • You’re only hurting your own faction if you don’t attend

  28. Missions (Continued 2) • Players participating in a Mission will switch their green armbands to the opposite arm • This will take place when the Admin instructs you to switch them. • Humans are NOT SAFE at the beginning of a mission until an Admin says otherwise • When in a Mission, players will be in a separate “plane of existence” • Mission players can not affect outside-of-Mission players, and Vice-Versa • If a Safe Zone is used by an In-Mission player, they are removed from the mission. • IE: Running into a classroom building

  29. No Headband Green armband on Right arm This must be an In-Mission Human!

  30. Faction Loyalty Clause • A player must play to benefit his/her faction. • Human players must work to better the game for a Human victory. • Zombie players must work to better the game for a Zombie victory. • The only exception is that an Incubating Human may play for either side. Your choice!

  31. Non-Players / Dead Players • May not : • Interfere with the game • Shield players (also don’t hide behind pedestrians) • Reveal locations of players • May : • Escort players into and throughout Residence Halls • Give static information about players (class schedules, work schedules, daily routines, housing) • Non-Players and Dead may still be involved in missions • The Administrators will contact you, but you may post your want and availability in the forums.

  32. Escort Policy • You must be escorted into a dorm building if you do not live there. • An Escort may have up to 6 followers. • Escorts must have visual contact with each follower every 5 minutes or explicit permission from the RA on duty to leave them be.

  33. Antidote • A special item that can be obtained by players through missions • If used, takes the place of a Human’s feed card. (Spares the Human’s life) [Two assists are available on an antidote] • After use : • The Human is invincible for 15 minutes (can not be tagged/shot) • If used in a mission, the Human is now out of the Mission • Antidote can be used anytime during your incubation period • Meaning, if you don’t have one, you can attempt to find one during your incubation period.

  34. Safe Zones • The only technical boundaries placed upon the game • Safe Zones both exist for players safety as well as the sake of not disrupting Daily University and Town Activities • FOLLOW RULE : • Only ONE Zombie per Human may follow within a safe zone. • Here is a list of locations that will ALWAYS be safe.

  35. Safe Zones (Always Safe) • Commons Buildings • Campus Classroom Buildings • Bathrooms • Libraries, Labs, Studios, Bars, Bookstores, Firing Ranges, Gyms, Hospitals, Airports • Religious Events • Eisenhower Auditorium • Buses (and for 30 seconds after exiting) • Athletic fields/arenas during University-Sanctioned athletic events • Any University-Sanctioned Club Meeting • Workplace while at work • Any place not listed above while a player is working on a project

  36. Safe Zones (Temporary) • The HUB : • 10am – 2pm, EVERY DAY • While on a Mobile Apparatus, you are safe • Bike, Skateboard, Car, Scooter, Longboard, Roller-blades • Once dismounted from a Bike/Skateboard etc, you are taggable • All local, state, and federal laws must be followed. • When exiting a car, it must be parked. The driver may not leave the vehicle unless it is parked legally. • A Zombie may not follow a Human who is in a car. • It is PROHIBITED to use a mobile apparatus for the purpose of being safe. Please only use it if you must (time issues, etc).

  37. More Safe Zones (Temporary) • When you enter a car, you are “stunned” for 3 minutes, which means that you cannot fire and stun zombies. • If you are a zombie, you can not tag a human for 3 minutes. • When using a Mobile Apparatus, park it off campus, as close to campus as you’d like, then walk to your destination. • This is help keep campus a dangerous place, Mwahahahahahah!

  38. Establishments • If they ask you to not play the restaurant, store, etc. Stop play and let an admin know • There is a list of places we can not play that will be updated on the Urban Gaming Club HvZ Forums.

  39. Safe Zones (Residences) • A player’s place of residence is considered safe if one person (who lives there, even if they aren’t playing), declares it a safe zone • Once it is declared a safe zone, it cannot be undeclared as such • Touching the door of your residence makes you safe • Humans may shoot out of residences that are not dorm rooms. In the dorms, you may only use socks. • NEVER USE MARSHMALLOWS INSIDE BUILDINGS • Bottom floor of Brill Hall is technically an area you need to “swipe” into, so you must be escorted inside

  40. Safe Time • You may apply for safe time for various situations (Going to Exams, equipment usage, etc.) • Post in the HvZ Support forums for safe time, it is kept confidential between you and the admins. • If approved for safe time, the time will be posted on the general HvZ forums. • If approved for safe time, wear your armband around your neck, unless you’re wearing a uniform for work or ROTC or etc.

  41. Armband is around his neck Must be a human on safe time! If I doubt the credibility of the safe time, I can go check the forums!

  42. NERF AT NIGHT • Past Civil Twilight (Sunset + 30 minutes) • Blasters may not be used within these boundaries : • Park • Atherton • College • University • If you are stopped by the Police • Lay down your blasters • Give the Admins a call

  43. Misc. • Do not jump over or climb any object that is over WAIST height/3 feet. • DO NOT CLIMB out of your apartment windows. • If your residence building must be swiped into, like EastView or some Apartment buildings, the hallways are still not safe. • Blasters may also not be used here. • No Trespassing. • Stay off Frat property. • Please no Camo.

  44. Most importantly… • Have fun! • It’s a game, relax, enjoy yourself. • If you feel you have been wronged, you probably haven’t. • We would love to hear your feedback, but save it for AFTER the game is over. • We put a lot of work into this game for you, so we hope you enjoy it! • Whenever you get tagged, remember, being a zombie is also a crazy amount of fun!

  45. New additions: • Do not purposefully block darts/socks/mallows with your head • Do not climb inside dumpsters • Remote controlled robots cannot be used to stun zombies • During missions, admins may set up temporary safe zones using cones or something similar

  46. SURPRISE: You thought we were done didn’t you • NEW ZOMBIE STRAIN : • WITCH • Identified by an orange armband on BOTH arms, and a glowstick around their neck. • These zombies can not be killed. • They have a predetermined attack radius, which is unknown to the humans. If the witch is aggravated through proximity, she will : • Stand up • Point at the Human who has aggravated her • Run only after that particular human (unless the human clearly hides behind someone else) • The witch is immune to darts/socks/mallows for 5 seconds after it begins running. After this, it can be “stunned” and sent back to its spot by stunning it normally. • If a witch acquires a kill, it will die. • Yes, witches can get tags. Where can they be found? Who knows…

  47. Questions?

  48. Tech Demo!