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Humans vs Zombies PowerPoint Presentation
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Humans vs Zombies

Humans vs Zombies

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Humans vs Zombies

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  1. Humans vs Zombies Ughhhhh time for the boring sign up presentation 

  2. This meeting registration thing • 6 steps: • Show you this powerpoint • Have you sign a liability waiver • Sign up on our website • Squads? • Buy a bandana? • Pick up hvz card on Monday

  3. CHICOHVZ.COM • Our website. The entire game is organized on there. If you play this game, 99% chance you will use the website. • View the game rules • View the mission times, locations, and rewards • Communicate and coordinate with other players • View the list of players, their team, and number of tags • Report tags

  4. Intro – What is HvZ? • Week long game of tag. • Most players start as a human. A select few are zombies. If a zombie tags a player, that player also becomes a zombie. • Humans who survive the end of the week are considered the winners. Otherwise the zombies infect everyone, and the zombies are considered the winners. • Anyone can play this game, including non-students

  5. Theme – What kind of zombies are we dealing with? • Due to somewhat popular demand, went with the walking dead storyline. • On Sunday, March 2nd, a virus will be release into the air. • The following Monday, the game will begin. Players should be wary of zombies around campus. • We base our missions somewhat vaguely around a storyline; it is the player’s objective to survive the week, and create a cure during the final mission. • Are there any special zombies, like a “boomer”? • There is the “Super Zombie” which has a variety of abilities

  6. Requirements • All players must be over the age of 18 • Due to liability reasons, we cannot accept players under the age of 18 without parent consent • We require all players to have a green bandana • This bandana can be purchased from us by $2 • Bandanas can be reused between different games and players. • We cannot sell you the bandanas during the game week. This is a legal issue and our hands are tied on the matter. • Priorities: The game comes second to school and work • You may not skip school or work to play this game

  7. Golden Rule:(don’t be a douchebag) • Why is this our golden rule? Do you really have to ask? Not being a complete and total ass-hat is a life skill (kind of, but pretty much). This is a fun and friendly game. This game has a few hundred players each gameand we just want them all to have a good time. • Now for the most part people attempt not to be a “douchebag.” So what makes a person a douche? What specific actions? We have a couple questions that you can ask yourself before you act. • If you wouldn’t do it to a 5 year old, should you do it to another player. Tackling a person 50lbs lighter than you isn’t good for their safety or health. Tackling a person at all is probably dangerous. Should you tackle anyone? Lets go with “no.” Of course this has to be taken with a grain of salt, because you shouldn’t be chasing a 5 year old around a college campus. • Is what I am about to do maybe considered to be a dick move? If you didn’t answer with an out right “no,” then the answer is it probably is a dick move, and you should not do it.

  8. Boundaries • Boundaries: • Railroad • West 2nd St • Esplanade • West Sac. • Out of Bounds: • High School • Kendall Hall • Trinity Hall • Rose Garden • Parking Garages • WREC • Baseball Stadium

  9. Boundaries • Once you exit the boundaries, you can take off your headband and stop playing the game. • Caveat #1: If you take off your bandana, you cannot put it back on for the next hour. This means if you are going off campus for less than an hour, do not take off your bandana. • Caveat #2: If you take off your bandana during a mission, you may not re-join that mission.

  10. Rules Disclaimer • All the rules are posted here: • There’s like 8 freaking pagesof rules. You’re expected tofollow all of them. For themost part, follow the goldenrule and you’ll be fine. If youhave any specific questionsduring the game, consult thefat rule list.

  11. Rundown (Part 1 of 2) • You're a human. There are some zombies. Don't let the zombies eat your brain tag you. Arm bandanas = human. Head bandana = zombie. • Game begins Monday morning, as soon as you arrive on campus and check in. You are not actually playing the game till you come to our table and pick up the card with your player code on it. (More on this topic on the last slide) • The people playing the game are the people wearing bandanas. Do not put your bandana on if you do not have your hvz card on you. No bandana = not playing. • Patient Zero, the original zombie, the source. This zombie WEARS NO BANDANA. It is every humans job to identify the original zombie(s). No bandana = OZ?

  12. Rundown (Part 2 of 2) Each day, each hour, humans will fall to the zombies. The goal is to survive till the end of Friday. To survive, humans can shoot the zombies. Not with guns (this is a game). We use clean balled up socks. Hitting a zombie with a sock stuns them. Know how effective hitting someone with a bullet is? Not at all. Throw your socks (make them leave your hand). A stunned zombie cannot play the game for 15 minutes. They can still go about their day. Bandana around the neck = stunned zombie. If a zombie tags a human, the human player should hand the zombie their hvz card. Then the human move the bandana from the arm to the head, and becomes a zombie.

  13. Rundown (We lied, here’s part 3) Gameplay safety and balance: Inside of all buildings are safe zones. DO NOT PLAY INSIDE BUILDINGS If ever there is insufficient room to play, both teams should pause the game and relocate. 15 ft safe zone around all doors you can enter (increased from 10ft) 10 ft safe zone around all stairs All elevated grounds (eg: market place, Sutter & Holt entrances) Building Time: Humans may only be in a building for 15 minutes w/o an academic reason Absolutely no accepting or using outside help (non-players)

  14. Missions • Missions are optional activities that can be done during the game week. Missions are 2-3 hour “quests” that each team can participate in. There is a goal to complete, and a reward to claim, if the mission is successful. • There are 2 missions each day. In addition, there is a final mission on Saturday. • There are 3 mission types. • Extended/Passive – The mission requires immense work from each member of the team, and has a very long time limit (like the whole day) • Normal/Human – There is a 2 to 3 hour mission with a set goal for the humans. The zombies will know the time of the mission and nothing else. • Rivalry – There is a 2 to 3 hour mission where both teams will have an objective. The objective may be shared (only 1 team can win) or they may have separate objectives (both teams can win). • Mission times are posted on the website. Their start locations are automatically posted 30 minutes prior to the mission’s start.

  15. Rewards (brief) • Zombies: • Infecting socks (for a ranged tag) • Reduced stun time (potentially down to 2 minutes) • Infected building (humans banned from building w/o academic reason) • Super Zombie (very short stun time/immunity to stuns) • Humans: • Cures! (1 per player max) • Snipers (Safe zone around entire building) • Zombie hunter (Immunity to normal stuns) • Auto turret (un-killable turret throws socks for you)

  16. Squads • We are testing out a new feature called “squads.” The idea is exactly 5 people group together and try to survive the week. Squads are totally optional. • Squads are not required to play the game together. Rather it is a way to compare your squad to other squads. Your group of friends to the other players in the game. • The winning squad will be the squad with the most human points. You earn points my completing human missions. Point values are dependent on the difficulty of the mission, and is assigned at the end of the day. If the zombies win the final mission, the squad with the most tags will be the winning squad. It is possible for there to be a tie. • The squad should strive to keep at least one member alive. When a member of a squad is turned to a zombie, it is that player’s choice to hunt members of their own squad. This is similar to having members of a single household play this game. • Squads will cost a total of $25 to form. The winning squad gets all money gathered. • Zombies may not assist human players. Zombies may choose to ignore human players, but they may not out right help them. • Cure caveat: In terms of squad victory, a human must be a player who has not been tagged or was cured within 48 hours of being tagged.

  17. Safety • This game comes after all School, City, State, and Federal laws • This includes jaywalking • This includes vehicles on campus • Zellmer’s Rule: You may not climb trees, fences, buildings or anything • You may not go into the river/under bridges or step on plants (grass excluded) • No tackling players. Limit your physical contact so that other players will not be hurt. • Vehicles are out of play (Automobiles, bikes, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades) • You are “on” your bike as long as your butt is on the bike seat • You must bring your vehicle to a full stop and park it before joining the game

  18. Notecard pickups (checking in) • You will have a player code that will be written on a notecard. This notecard is called your “hvz card.” • Zombies who receive a cure will receive a new card. • If a zombie tags you, hand the zombie your hvz card • If you are a zombie and have tagged a human, take the card. Report the tag online asap. • You can pick up your notecard on: • Monday, March 3rd • from 8:00am -11:00am • and 12:00pm - 3:00pm. • We will be north of the library at our table. Simply come up, show us your student id and bandana and we’ll give you your card.

  19. Opt Out Opt out is a feature on our website. A player at anytime may opt out of human status and become a zombie. This is particularly useful when a player is tagged, but the tagger does not report it on the website. We encourage players to try to survive as a human, as human victors are so rare.