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plants vs zombies 2 for computer

plants vs zombies 2 for computer

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plants vs zombies 2 for computer

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  1. Travel Apps on Android Devices By:

  2. Travelling around the world is each and everyone’s wish. In early days we used to carry around a tour guide while travelling.

  3. As the emergence of the smartphones the temcam guide has been replaced by the smartphones applications.

  4. Take a look at the some of the most used travel applications which is used in android OS.

  5. Google maps

  6. The Google maps is one of the most downloaded application in the play store. Where ever you are in the world, Google maps is here to help for finding places.

  7. The only thing you have to do is that just enter the name of the place you have to locate.

  8. If you are travelling in car there is also a navigation guide in the application along with the voice guidance.

  9. You can even find the nearby attractions around your surroundings. The all the above features works with the help of GPS on your Smartphone.

  10. Google translate

  11. If you are in a middle of somewhere without knowing the language, don’t worry you can use the Google translate application. Whatever be the language Google translate can convert the language into yours and for more information refer this guide.

  12. Google translate supports almost all the languages and it is really fast. It even pronounce the correct way to speak the word.

  13. Google Goggles

  14. If you find anything interesting while travelling want to know what is it? Just open the Google goggles and snap the picture, goggles will do the rest.

  15. It is one of the most recommended app. What the goggles do is that after capturing the picture it will start to search the whole Google’s database and display the results.

  16. Couchsurfing

  17. Couchsurfing is one of the social travel applications. You can search for a particular place in the application and ask the travelers opinion about the particular place.

  18. Couchsurf has lots of travel destinations around the world stored on their databases.

  19. It also displays the recommended places according to your previous search results.

  20. After searching a particular destination you can check the visitors review so you can decide whether you want to visit the place or not.

  21. Foursquare

  22. This is one of the perfect explore application you can get in the play store. With the help of foursquare you can simply explore the surrounding places.

  23. Suppose if you are looking for a restaurant with variety of cuisines then just simply search in the application by turning on your GPS.

  24. You can check in that place and write a review so that your friends can see your status on the Foursquare application.

  25. You can read the reviews about the place posted by other users around the world. Also get all the exclusive deals and offers with in the app.