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Humans vs. Zombies PowerPoint Presentation
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Humans vs. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies

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Humans vs. Zombies

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  1. Fall 2010 Orientation Veterans sit in the back, avoid dumb questions. New players sit in the front, and ask them! Humans vs. Zombies

  2. Introductions • Lead Admin • Joe Yoder (Director): 610-844-7378 (Please don’t text) • Assistant Admins • Craig Boyd: 484-885-9493 • Adam Cochrane: 814-574-9453 • Will Crozier: 240-449-0459 • Francis Fisher: 412-334-7424 • Stephen Hite: 610-914-6368 • Ryan Misner: 215-527-9469 • Use the HvZ support forum on the website -

  3. The Three Rules • Don’t be a Dick • Respect other players and admins • Don’t Die • No jumping off ledges or getting hit by cars • Don’t get our club kicked off campus • Don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  4. “It’s basically a giant game of tag” -Matt Mols Basics • From Monday, October 11th through Sunday, October 24th • 24/7, all over the globe, even Japan (but probably not) • 2 Teams - Humans and Zombies

  5. Humans

  6. What to do • Survive at all costs • Wear your green armband on your left arm, above the elbow • Don’t get tagged! Run! Hide! • Stun zombies with approved weapons • Attend missions. • I highly encourage humans to do the last two things mentioned.

  7. What is a tag? • Any physical contact where a Zombie touches a Human is a tag • Head tags and blaster tags do not count • Clothing and backpacks are extensions of the body, they do count • Same-time tags rule in favor of zombie • Human is zombified, Zombie is stunned • There are exceptions we’ll cover later • Safe zones • Stun timers

  8. How do I stun? • Use an approved Nerf™ or other brand foam blaster . If modified, it must be approved by the game director. Don’t use these in residence halls. • Socks - can only be filled with more socks • Marshmallows - must be large sized, no minis • May not be thrown indoors • No hardened marshmallows, please! • Fresh, out of the bag is best

  9. Human Missions • Attend at least 3 missions per week. • If you don’t you’ll be assumed dead and be made into a zombie! • Usually take place in the late afternoon or early evening • If you can’t attend the minimum, make a post in the support forum to beg for forgiveness. • Humans and Zombies will switch their armband to their right arm during missions

  10. Day Objectives • Humans will be periodically given objectives to complete during the day, but before the regular missions • Humans will receive rewards for completing these optional objectives • Humans may be given mission credit once a week for completing day objectives. • Zombies should not skimp on hunting during the day.

  11. Guide to Humans Tobias is a human or it’s pregame Now he’s in a mission Now he’s on safe time

  12. Zombies

  13. Zombies • Wear your green armband on your left arm and your orange headband on your head • Headband must be clearly visible from all angles; hair, hoods, etc. shouldn’t cover it • Feed on humans, don’t let your feed timer run out • Don’t get stunned!

  14. Feed Timers • You start out with 48 hours • Each feed is worth 48 hours • Your maximum feed timer is 48 hours • If you run out of hours on your timer, you starve! • Hunt humans to stay alive.

  15. Stun Timers • If you get stunned by a human you can’t tag or follow humans for 15 minutes • You can follow and tag (for assists) recently-turned, incubating humans • When you are stunned put your headband around your neck • You can’t get feeds but you can get assists • Stun timers are reset to maximum if you are re-stunned by humans

  16. Assists • Each human gives out 1 feed and at most 2 assists when tagged • To get an assist you must physically tag the human while he/she is incubating

  17. Guide to Zombies He’s a zombie but it’s during pregame He’s stunned or stunned in a mission Uh-oh! Tobias is a zombie Now he’s in a mission

  18. Game Outline

  19. Pregame • Starts Monday, October 11nd at 8:00am • Everyone wears only a green armband • Socks and marshmallows are the only allowed weapons • Anyone may be a zombie! Zombies can lie about their status! TRUST NO ONE! • Lasts until you arrive at the first mission briefing • If unable to attend the first mission, pregame starts at 6:00 PM

  20. Normal Game • Starts Tuesday, October 12th at the first mission briefing • Feed timers for zombies begin at 48 hours at 6pm on Tuesday, check the website • Zombies don headbands when they arrive at the first mission briefing • Zombies can no longer lie about their status • Humans may use foam dart blasters • Missions begin

  21. Safe Zones - 24/7 You can’t get stunned, tagged, or use weapons in these locations at any time You must have at least 1 foot in the safe zone to be safe • All commons buildings • Bathrooms • Any library, lab, bookstore, classroom building, studio, bar, gym, hospital or airport • Religious events/ceremonies • Eisenhower Auditorium • Dorm Rooms/Residences (more info later) • Any other hazardous place (shooting range, etc.)

  22. Other Safe Zones • HUB 10am - 2pm Every Day • Athletic Fields/Arenas during an officially sanctioned game or practice • University-sanctioned Club Meeting • Player’s workplace during their work hours • Any location where a player is working on a scheduled group project

  23. Safe ZonesPlace of Residence • Safe in your Dorm room • Safe in your Apartment/House • Not safe in hallways of Dorms/Apartments • Only need to touch your doorframe to be safe • You may fire blasters out of an apartment/house • May throw socks out of your dorm room • You may declare your apartment/dorm/house as a safe zone and the game will not be played there

  24. New Rules for Safe Zones • If a player is in a location that is safe, only one Zombie per Human may follow the Human around. • This rule does not apply in buildings that are no longer safe or were never safe • Dorm Buildings/Hallways (Escort rules must be followed) • Also, does not apply for Buses

  25. Safe ZonesMobile Apparatuses • Bikes • Skateboards • Cars, etc. • Buses for 30 seconds after exiting • Safe while using up until leaving the apparatus • Can’t use one just to be safe, you need a legitimate reason (distance/time issues) “We will find you.”

  26. Bikes, Skateboards, etc. • Don’t use on campus unless on safe time. • You may ride them into campus, but once you arrive park it and walk to your destination.

  27. New Rules for Vehicles • Zombies may not pursue humans who are in cars • All local, state, and federal laws must be followed. • When players are exiting a vehicle, the vehicle must be in Park and in a parking lot or driveway. • If the driver is exiting the vehicle, it must be parked legally.

  28. Safe Time • All humans may apply for safe time for various reasons, the admin will decide whether or not to grant it • If you are handling expensive, heavy equipment • If you have little time to get to a required event (work, exam, classes) • If approved, your safe time will be posted on the website for other players to see • Humans must wear their green armband around their necks • Zombies may not follow humans during their safe time

  29. Escorts • You must be escorted in a dorm building you don’t live in • Maximum of 6 followers per escort • Escorts must have visual contact with each follower every 5 minutes or explicit permission from the RA on duty

  30. Non-players and Dead • Non-players and Zombies who have starved (Dead) may: • escort players • share static information about players • participate in certain missions • may not: • be a shield • reveal the exact location of players/ other immediate information

  31. Identification • Keep your ID card with you at all times! • It is prohibited to show it to any players except those who tagged you • When tagged, hand over the card immediately • If you lose your card, contact an admin via the support forum or make your own using the dashboard.

  32. Antidotes Now with 150% more working!™ • Earned by Humans in certain missions • Protects Human from turning when tagged • Zombies still get feeds/assists on it (same number as a tag) • Must be used during incubation

  33. Soldiers • Humans and Zombies will each have opportunities to earn this rank • Denoted by the player wearing two green armbands • One on each arm normally • Two on the right arm during missions • Human soldiers stun zombies for more time • +5 minutes out of missions • Differs in missions • Zombie soldiers get stunned for less time • -5 minutes out of missions • Differs in missions

  34. Stay Safe • If told to leave a location by a higher authority, do so and inform an administrator that you were contacted • No missions in “core campus” will be held after civil twilight • Use common sense when running and jumping (no climbing something taller than you)

  35. Don’t Bitch • It’s just a game • If you have feedback, keep it to yourself and discuss it after the game ends • If you feel you have been wronged, you haven’t. • We are nice Admins, so listen to us, and everything will be fine. • This isn’t propaganda. • Shortest. HvZ. Planning. Time. Ever.

  36. (If you are a veteran and ask stupid questions, we will ignore/kick you out)It’s 68 degrees and I’d love to not be in this room. Q&A with the Admins

  37. Tech Demo!