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Recruitment and Membership Development

Recruitment and Membership Development. Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Overview. Recruitment stats and survey IH Journal Membership Development. Recruitment Services – facts and figures. Vacancy list the 2 nd most viewed page after the home page on IH World website.

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Recruitment and Membership Development

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  1. Recruitment and Membership Development Elizabeth Arbuthnott

  2. Overview • Recruitment stats and survey • IH Journal • Membership Development

  3. Recruitment Services – facts and figures Vacancy list the 2nd most viewed page after the home page on IH World website Summer 2012 (June - September) 38,000 unique views out of total of 90,000 on whole website. Making vacancies easier to fill Transfer 2013 – 830 unique views on day vacancy list went live, one week before 410 views

  4. Recruitment survey • Requested by Management Committee to evaluate the service provided by Recruitment Services to find out how schools use the system and how useful it is to them • Asked 5 questions to 35 schools which regularly use the service • 22 replied

  5. Survey questions • Is the calibre of candidates better than other sites? • How many candidates applied as a result of seeing job on IHWO Vacancy List? • How many candidates did you recruit via IHWO - either referred or interviewed? • Transfer system -  candidates circumventing system. Would you prefer us to facilitate a more open movement of teachers or do you still feel the current system we use for transfer works well?

  6. Survey questions Which of the components provided by Recruitment Services listed below do you find most useful? (1 least useful and 4 is the most useful)

  7. Conclusions • Calibre of candidates applying via IHWO much higher • RS should continue to provide a flexible service • Due to advances in technology most schools no longer need us to do full recruitment • Still need to screen candidates, provide advice and obviously advertise vacancies • Majority said keep present Transfer system

  8. IH Journal – facts and figures • Unique views since latest issue online in November 2012: • 20,650 unique visitors • 77,857 page views • Average 200 views per day • Most read articles – practical ideas, book reviews and special interest columns

  9. IH Journal – it’s downloadable! • Recruitment Services www.ihjournal.com

  10. IH Journal • More practical, aiming for wider audience • Special columns: • Young Learners • Developing teachers • Technology • Modern languages • 60th anniversary edition – out next month

  11. IH Journal – as a resource • A couple of ideas: • DOS includes a link to an article in weekly email to teachers so also includes TD as well as information • Reading circles – uses articles to form reading circles where discuss articles on Fridays after weekly meeting

  12. IH Journal – contribute! • Wide variety of articles - practical ideas, academic, results from research, personal teaching experiences, also articles in modern languages • Part of CPD • Book reviews • We are waiting to hear from you and your teachers!

  13. Membership Development - trips • Membership Development trips in 2012: • Germany • France • Trips for 2013: • A couple of trips planned for summer and autumn.

  14. Membership development - schools in process

  15. Membership development – workshops and conferences • Study World and ALPHE workshops • ICEF Berlin • EAQUALS conference in Dublin and Lucy also gave a talk

  16. Membership Development – incentive scheme If the following conditions are met by an IH Director: • making consistent contact with a non IH school • recommending the school for affiliation • putting the interested school in touch with IHWO • prepared to assist the member in the first year of affiliation

  17. Membership Development- incentive scheme • To receive the incentive: • the applying school affiliates and pays joining fee and affiliation fee to IHWO • member school receives 30% of the first year annualaffiliation fee paid by new school

  18. elizabeth.arbuthnott@ihworld.com

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