applying the care value base in early learning provision n.
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Applying the Care Value Base in Early Learning Provision PowerPoint Presentation
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Applying the Care Value Base in Early Learning Provision

Applying the Care Value Base in Early Learning Provision

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Applying the Care Value Base in Early Learning Provision

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  1. Applying the Care Value Base in Early Learning Provision Adding data to Task 4 – the way a Care-worker in early learning provision would apply the CVB

  2. Care • They need to ensure the child happy and secure • They are allowed to be involved in play and hands on, real life experiences • They should be allowed to socialise with other children from all cultures • They should be allowed to develop skills indoors and outdoors • They should be allowed to take risks, problem solve and make mistakes without the fear of failure • They should be given uninterrupted time to foucs on taks • They should be allowed to be involved in a balance of child-initiated and adult initiated activities • They should given a borad curriculum covering all the areas of learning • They should be offered a way of learning, taking into account the diffent learning styles • The staff should know the child well and have a good understanding of each child’s level of development and learning style

  3. Values • They should be valued for their different cultural inheritance • Celebrate or carry out fun tasks linked to festivals from different cultures • They should be encouraged to talk about themselves and how the culture is different, what they do, what they eat, how they enjoy the family interaction during these special times. • The care-worker should highlight special occasion when a child has had a new occasions at home, such as a new brother or sister has been born.

  4. Care and Values in Nursery School and Child Day centres • Ensure that you don't assume a girl with a baby toy playing a nurse , a girl can be a doctor • If a child is from a mixed race, this does not mean they do not speak English. • Support children and make them independent. • ensure that all the details of the child are kept confidential, in locked files, or on secure databases in the nursery, have locked cupboards for information details. • Use the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, read this and use it as guidance when dealing with young children. • ‘Child Voice’, is now very important, ensure that children are taken seriously and that they are not ridiculed when speaking up. Listen to them and answer their queries or any problems. • Call them by their name, do not shorten it or change the pronunciation without their permission • Have images around the room showing celebrations and images of variety of faiths not just one particular culture. • Praise all celebrations-new born baby, using toilet on their own, putting own their own coat and shoes. • Monitor the child, if you feel they are struggling in any way, report this to the parents. Observations are important, record anything if you feel you have a concern. • Safe guarding is really important, you should ensure that all safety factors are in place and ensure tht all safety clothing, regulations are in place for a child friendly environment. -staff must have up to date safe guarding training. • Positive body language- show your interested-get down to their level, eye contact • Spend time with the child playing wth them not just watching or directing them. • Make sure there is a Key person to contact if a child is not well or needs their parental assistance.