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OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass” PowerPoint Presentation
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OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”

OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”

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OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”

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  1. OJSC“Caspian Flat Glass” OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”

  2. Project description OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass” Private investment project of formation and development of business on production and realization of float glass implemented on the territory of NCFD in the Republic of Dagestan; Date of the plant’s start-up – the second half of 2013. Production capacity of the future enterprise is 600 tons of glass/day. The plant has advantageous location for orientation to the Caspian region; The project has a status ofa Priority Investment Project of the Republic of Dagestan; Production of float glass by modern float technology and glass with nano-coating (Low-e and sun glass); The project is implemented within OJSC “CFG” by international team of managers,; The project’s partners areVEB (Russia), HORN Glass Industries AG (Germany), Bottero (Italy), VanBetra Projekt GmbH(Germany), Stewart Engineers Inc (USA), Quorum (Russia), Italcarrelli (Italy), Palmira Group (Turkey)

  3. Location The Republic of Dagestan (NCFD) has an advantageous location for cooperation with the territory of the Caucasus, the countries of the Caspian region and the south of Russia. The republic has direct access to sea communications, borders with five states – Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran. The construction of the float glass plant takes place on the territory of Tube, Kumtorkalinskiy region of the Republic of Dagestan. The plant is located at a distance of 16 km from Makhachkala in close proximity to the federal highway M29 “Kavkaz”and has its private tracks from “Shamkhal” railway station. OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”

  4. Production OJSC“Caspian Flat Glass “ The production plant has the abilityto produce the following types of glass: - transparent float glass М1; - tinted glass М1: bronze, grey, green, blue; - Low-e glass with hard coating (Low-e); - reflective glass (sun glass with reflective coating). • Transparent float glass is produced by float method. Currently it is the most technological production method. As a result constant quality of glass M1 is guaranteed.There is an ability to produce glass 2 - 12 mm thick at the plant. • Tinted glass (colored in mass) is float glass, which is produced by adding different metal oxides to produce required color. There will be produced tinted glass М1, with possible thickness of 2 - 12 mm. • Low emissivity glass with hard coating – this glass is produced by method of pyrolytic sputtering of silver ions to hot ribbon of glass, which makes the surface resistant to mechanical damage. Due to silver ions the glass acquires low-e qualities. International classification of this glass is Low-e glass. • Reflective glassis glass with pyrolytic metal oxide coating. This glass has hard reflective coating, which reflects solar energy. Coefficient of reflection is 25 - 35 %. These types of glass will be producedin the following formats: 2550mm*1605mm, 3210mm*2250mmand 6000mm*3210mm (Jumbo).

  5. Market OJSC“Caspian Flat Glass” • The plant is located in close proximity to key markets of structural glass such as the south of Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkmenistan. Close location of the production to final customers will give the possibility to deliver the products to the clients on line, which will ensure supplementary service for the clients and reduce their logistics and storage costs. • Pleasant transport infrastructure gives possibility to deliver glass to our customers by three means of transport: automobile, railroad and water transport. For automobile production supply a specialized car fleet will be purchased, including inloaders (auto for jumbo delivery). • Unique location of the plant orients commercial activity of the future enterprise equally to domestic and foreign markets. Ratio: Russian sales / exportin 10 years perspective can reach the ratio of 60% / 40%. • Production capacity has the ability to cover demands of the nearby Caucasus and Caspian region glass marketin full. • Produced glass assortment can meet the requirements of the modern structural market, regarding Low-e technology, as well as leading tendencies of esthetic image of the modern buildings.

  6. Gallery Start up. Investment forum in Sochi 2008 President of Dagestan with official visit VEB visit to the site OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”

  7. Gallery Main Plant Batch Plant OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”

  8. Gallery Ignition of the Furnaces Extractor of the first glass OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”

  9. Gallery Cutting line Finished goods warehouse OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”

  10. Gallery The first shipment OJSC “Caspian Flat Glass”