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  2. THE UGLY • Chilperic II of Burgandy (died 493; 48TH GGF of AE King Sr) Killed by his brother Gundobad, who then drowned his wife for good measure • Chilperic I of the Franks (died 584; 42nd GGF of AE King Sr) Strangled his wife, then remarried a few days later • Clotair II of the Franks (died 629; 41st GGF of AE King Sr) Subjected his aunt, Brunhilda, to the rack for three days, then chained her to four horses which tore her apart • Walfreyd'Aquitaine (died 768; 41st GGF of AE King Sr) Murdered by his own army after multiple defeats by the Franks • Drahomira the Arrogant (died 937; 34TH GGM of AE King Sr) Hired assassins to kill her mother-in-law, St Ludmila

  3. THE UGLY • Boleslav I the Cruel (died 967; 33rd GGF of AE King Sr) Murdered his brother, King Wenceslaus, on his way to church so he could become king of Czechoslovakia • Fulk III (the Black Count d'Anjou) (died 1040; 31st GGF of AE King Sr) Boiled his wife to death in her wedding dress for being unfaithful, then murdered his brother-in-law • William Talvas, Seigneur of Alençon (died 1048; 29th GGF of AE King Sr) Had his wife murdered on her way to church; mutilated one of his neighbors; strangled in his sleep in revenge • Henry I of England (died 1135; 24th GGF) Allowed his two granddaughters to be blinded and mutilated

  4. THE UGLY • Geoffrey de Mandeville (died 1144; 24th GGF of AE King Sr) Seized Ramsey Abbey, expelled the monks, and used the abbey as a base for robbing forays during the Great Anarchy • William de Braose (died 1211; 23rd GGF of AE King Sr) Invited three Welsh princes to Christmas dinner, then murdered them (the Abergavenney Massacre) • William de Braose (died 1230; 21st GGF of AE King Sr) While visiting Llywelen The Great apIorwerth for Easter, he was found in bed with Llywelen's wife, daughter of the king of England, and subsequently hanged in public

  5. THE UGLY • Peter the Cruel (died 1338; 18th GGF of AE King Sr) Murdered his wife with a crossbow; murdered the Archbishop of Santiago • Gilbert Kennedy (died 1576; 9th GGF of AE King Sr) In order to regain lands he had lost, he imprisoned Alan Stewart and roasted him alive in the Black Vault of Dunure Castle • Ramiro II of Aragon (died 1147; 29th GGF of AE King Sr) Summoned 12 of his nobles to help him build a bell at Huesca. When they arrived he cut off their heads, placed them in a circle, and placed a clapper in the middle (The Bell of Huesca)