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Dokdo belongs to Korea 독도는 우리땅

Dokdo belongs to Korea 독도는 우리땅. Territorial Dispute between Korea and Japan Mikaella Hahn Sep 7 2011. -Dokdo: 독도 in Korean, means “rock island” a sister land of Ulleungdo 215 km from mainland Korea -Liancourt Rocks: (the name of

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Dokdo belongs to Korea 독도는 우리땅

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  1. Dokdo belongs to Korea 독도는 우리땅

  2. Territorial Disputebetween Korea and JapanMikaella HahnSep 7 2011

  3. -Dokdo: 독도 in Korean, means “rock island” a sister land of Ulleungdo 215 km from mainland Korea -Liancourt Rocks: (the name of French whaling ship) -Takeshima: by Japan “bamboo island” 250 km from Japan proper

  4. -Dokdo is composed mainly of 2 islets (150 m apart) and 100 small rocks total area: 187,450 m2 Western islet (seodo): 88,640 m2 Eastern islet (dongdo): 73,300 m2

  5. The nearest Korea land mass: Korea’s Ulleung-do Island 87 km visible from Ulleung-do The nearest Japan land: Oki island 157 km never visible

  6. A dispute that has been going on for the past 6 decades • started in 1950s when Korea laid claim • to the island • intensified in June 2011 when KAL • flight over the disputed territory • 3 Japanese lawmaker announced • decision to visit Ullengdo • South Korea refused to allow them • A diplomatic issues between the two • countries

  7. Today, South Korea classfied Dokdo • Ulleung county, North • Gyeonsan Province • Japan classified • Okinshima, Oki district, • Shimane Prefecture

  8. Under the control of South Korea since August 15, 1948 • Korea-based U.S corporation • transferred Dokdo to Republic • of Korea

  9. - Regular ferry service from Ulleungdo - Over 900 Korean list as residence 0ver 2000 Japanese In fact, only 2 permanent resident 40 South Korean police guard the islet

  10. Climate and Ecology - extremely small size - harsh weather - barely habitable -rich fishing grounds -possible reserves of natural gases (methane hydrate)

  11. Proof of Korean ownership of Dokdo • * Korean have inhabited Ulleungdo from prehistoric times • 3 Korean style dolmens in • Ulleung-do

  12. * Accoring to Samguk Sagi (삼국사기) in1145 A.D. Isabu (a general of Shilla) conquered and annexed “Usan-guk” which referred to Ulleundo and dokdo, collectively.

  13. * Old Korean map prove that • Dokdo belongs to Korea • Carte de la Coree of 1846 by Dae-Geun Kim • Dadeong Yeojido of • 1862 by Jeong-ho Kim

  14. *Even old Japanese map (17th century) admit that Dokdo originally belonged to Korea before annexation.

  15. In 1836, the Japanese government declares that Dokdo is a forbidden foreign territory In 1877, the Japanese government disowns Dokdo

  16. Dokdo was administered by the Korean government until Japan stripped sovereignty of Korea in 1905

  17. Japan’s inalterable position on the sovereignty of Takeshima (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

  18. Dokdo or Takeshima ? • Japan increased efforts to call • attentions to the disputes itself. • Declared “Takeshima Day”

  19. Korea have staged numerous protests against Japan with extreme demonstrations

  20. A sister island of Ulleungdo • Can see Dokdo from Ulleungdo • Property right by possesion • 1. seeing it (possesion based on discovery) • 2. going there (on occupancy) • 3. catching fish (on use)

  21. The Dokdo Island dispute continues to this day • - Japan: “inalterable position” • Korea: currently administering • Dokdo • North Korea support South • Korea’s claim

  22. Although claimed by both Korea and Japan, Dokdo is currently adminstered by the Republic of Korea

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