4 th annual general meeting n.
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4 th Annual General Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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4 th Annual General Meeting

4 th Annual General Meeting

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4 th Annual General Meeting

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  1. In the name of Allah, the most beneficent the most merciful 4th Annual General Meeting OTTAWA-BANGLADESH MUSLIM FUNERAL& SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION (OBMFO) March 2nd, 2014

  2. OBMFO PROGRAM 12:00 PM MCs: Mahmuda Subarna and Iftekhar Ullah Leon 12:15 PM Quran Recitation 12:30 PM Zuhr Prayer 12:45 PM Opening Statement, Burial Plot Distribution By Br. M.A. Sayed Miah 1:10 PM OBMFO update: By Br. Ashadul Haque 1:15 PM Accounts Update: By Br. Abu Rahman 1:20 PM Preparation of Death: By Imam Mohamad Jebara 1:45 PM Closing Statement: By Br. Shah Mizanur Rahman 1.50 PM Lunch – END OBMFO Confidential 2

  3. QURAN RECITATION "It is prescribed that when death approaches any of you and he is leaving behind wealth, he shall make a will in favour of his parents and relatives equitably. This is a duty for all who fear Allah."Surah Al-Baqarah (2:180) 3

  4. Zuhr Prayer Prophet Muhammad was asked: "Which of the actions is best?" He replied: "Observing prayer early in its period." Abu Dawud 2: 426 4

  5. Opening Statement, Burial Plot Distribution Presented By By Abu Sayed Miah Chairman, OBMFO 5

  6. OBMFO UPDATE Presented By Br. Ashadul Haque General Secretary, OBMFO 6

  7. How OBMFO Finance the Events? Donation from Board of Directors From our Businesses Sponsors On site Coupon or Tickets Sales OBMFO Confidential 7

  8. OBMFO Overview We offer full funeral services including: Advice, Assistance and Guidance on burial process. Help the family of the diseased conduct the necessary work. Provide financial assistance if required. Members are helping members in their most difficult times in life We will inform the community of the death news. Our volunteers will attend the Janajah prayers and burial. Automated and affordable Monthly Membership fee ($5.00 - per month - per adult) OBMFO Confidential 8

  9. Education, Social, and Sporting Implementing Quran and Sunnah in our lives. Helping youth for becoming future leaders. Islamic education and discipline. Community Activities Awareness and Training Sessions Annual Fund Raising Dinner Annual B.B.Q Ifter during Ramadan OBMFO Confidential 9

  10. Your Role as a member Attend Janajah prayers of community members and OBMFO events. Notify us of any news of death in the community Pay your membership dues on time Tell your friends and relatives in your service area to become members and help raise awareness Always update your contacts information Distribute pledge form & brochures Provide us feedback for improvement OBMFO Confidential 10

  11. OBMFO Confidential 11

  12. OBMFO Upcoming Events • OBMFO Fundraising Dinner (Ron Kolbus Lakeside Center), 6:00 PM on Jun 01, 2014 • Annual Ifter Mahfil (St.Laurent Complex) 7:00 PM on Jul 12, 2014 • OBMFO Annual Picnic - Britannia Park 11:00 AM on Aug 17, 2014

  13. FINANCE Presented By Br. Abu Rahman Treasurer, OBMFO 13

  14. OBMFO AGM 2013 Net Income $113.62 14

  15. IFTER PARTY RAMADAN 2013 Net Income $3785.24 15

  16. OBMFO BBQ Event 2013 Net Income $1070.18 16

  17. OBMFO 2013 REVENUE Total Revenue 59,912.43 17

  18. OBMFO 2013 EXPENSE Total Expense 56,704.25 18

  19. Highlights Balance Carry Forward from 2012, - $30,788.59 Net Balance in 2013, $3,208.18 Total Balance $33,996.77 (as of December 31, 2013) 2013 NET BALANCE OBMFO Confidential 19

  20. FORECASTED BUDGET (2014) Our target is to double our membership. Membership Fees $25,000.00 Donations For Kobor $40,000.00 Other Donations/Income $15,000.00 Total Income Target for 2014, $80K 20

  21. AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS We have established a convenient method for paying membership fees and donations. Automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account. Please fill out our membership form to take advantage of this. This can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice. 21

  22. THANK YOU We need your help! At this time a significant number of members have the fees due. Please pay your membership dues and donate generously. Take advantage of our automatic payment system. 22

  23. Preparation of Death Presented By By Imam Mohamad Jebara Head Master and Resident Scholar at Cordova Academy, and Andalusia College 23

  24. Closing Statement Presented By Dr. Shah Mizanur Rahman President, OBMFO 24

  25. OBMFO Achievement for 2013 Sold 127 of 200 Funeral Plots to Members and Non-members $136K Paid to Ottawa Muslim Cemetery for 120 plots As of today 34K Cash in Bank Served four deceased family Itfer Mahfil, BBQ, Qirat and Islamic Quiz Competition for Kids, Soccer Tournament in Superdome Ramadan Calendar 25

  26. OBMFO Current Goal Pay $90K (plus HST) for remaining 80 Plots Get the Charitable Status Run Blood and organ donation drive each year Run CPR drive with Ottawa Heart foundation 26

  27. OBMFO Future Goal Retirement Center with Mosque, Islamic library, Gymnasium Autistic Kids Helping Center 27

  28. Special Thanks Food Supply: Br. Salim Reza, Mukut Restaurant And Finally ……. • - Dedicated Volunteers • OBMFO Youth, • All Business Sponsors, • Donors and community members who is always beside OBMFO OBMFO Confidential 28

  29. Feedback OBMFO 254 Northwind Street Ottawa, Ontario, K4A 5G5, Canada Phone: (613) 262-6436 For information or questions please email us at Web Admin: Web Site: OBMFO Confidential 29

  30. Lunch Please line-up Present your coupons to get the lunch !!!