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  1. ABORIGINAL PEOPLES PARTY “It’s Time we had a Party”

  2. Background on APP • The Aboriginal Peoples Party is an idea led by Bill Montour who is currently acting as the interim Leader of the APP • The Aboriginal Peoples Party has been endorsed by The Honourable Dr. Thelma Chalifoux who was the first Aboriginal woman ever appointed to the Senate of Canada

  3. Background on Interim Leader • Bill is a former Chief of the Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario, 3 consecutive terms served • He is a former Chief of Staff at the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa • He is a former Director General Atlantic Region for INAC • He is a former Associate Director General for BC Region, INAC • He is a former National Director of Housing, INAC, Ottawa

  4. Background • Today he is a registered federal lobbyist with the Malsom Group Inc. the very first all-Aboriginal lobby firm in Canada. • With his wife Pam he runs his own consulting firm specializing in community development and housing authorities.

  5. Background on APP • The idea has been discussed for years • So far there has been no progress made on the establishment of a Federal Political Party for Aboriginal People • There is a great deal of interest across the country at the present time. • There is a need to be inside Parliament and not count on other parties to bring our issues forward

  6. Background • We have decided to push the momentum forward now • We have a small amount of funds committed to develop what might be needed, such as communication tools, web site etc. • However, “word of mouth” is most important

  7. RATIONALE • We need a voice in the Canadian democracy • Current political parties do not reflect our community and national aspirations • We are a part of the Canadian Constitution (Section 25 and35)

  8. RATIONALE • We need to have a voice in the House of Commons to put forth the aboriginal perspective on the development of Canadian public policy • We can no longer afford to allow the courts to define our place in and our relationship with Canada • Our children and grandchildren deserve a forum to have a voice in their own future

  9. Existing Aboriginal Structures • It is not our intention to contact the national aboriginal representative organizations for support. This is primarily a grass roots movement. • We support the work of existing organizations.

  10. Ridings • There are a significant number of ridings in Canada that have a large aboriginal population where there is a possibility that a seat could be won • We intend to foster and develop these ridings and seek out candidates before the next federal election is called • We have made some contacts already with potential candidates

  11. Federal Electoral Districts where aboriginal electors constitute 10% or more of the electorate

  12. Federal Electoral Districts where aboriginal electors constitute 10% or more of the electorate

  13. Milestones • We require at least 250 eligible electors to sign a declaration so that the APP can be a registered Party • However we will not be an officially registered party until we run at least one candidate in a federal election • Until then we will be known as a Party eligible for registration

  14. Milestones • People who have signed a declaration will get a letter from Elections Canada asking them to confirm their membership • You will need to sign and return it otherwise your declaration becomes invalid.

  15. Milestones • Once candidates have been nominated and stood for election the APP will become a registered federal party. • We will then be in a position to fund-raise and organize a leadership/policy convention • A leader will be selected at this convention as well as party officials, officers, auditors, etc. • Party policies will be developed from the membership

  16. A New Beginning Starts • Welcome to a new and exciting adventure for Aboriginal peoples of Canada