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  1. E-Readers “This is the future of reading. It will be everywhere.” Michael Lewis Chelsea Escher November 22, 2010

  2. History of E-Readers • subject matter of E-Books, books available online, initially included technical manuals for hardware and manufacturing techniques • U.S. Libraries began providing free E-Books to the public in 1988 through their websites, but could not be downloaded until 2003 when libraries made popular fiction and non-fiction E-Books available to download for free • first E-Readers manufactured were the Rocket e-book and SoftBook • E Ink Co. introduced the display technology, called e-ink, which mimics the look of paper on the E-Reader devices • Oprah announced that Amazon’s Kindle was her favorite e-book reader, allowing Sony to create their portable reader, the Sony PRS505, because Amazon could not produce enough Kindles to meet the high demand

  3. Using an E-Reader… • meant to read e-books, or digital books and periodicals • can store many books and articles on one device • able to take notes, highlight passages, and bookmark quotations • designed to make the reading experience more enjoyable and less of a hassle • convenient, portable, good for the environment

  4. #1 E-Reader: Amazon Kindle No backlight so the text is easy to read, even in sunlight Previous page button, push this to return to the previous page There’s a next page button on this side too, so you can use both hands Next page button, push this to turn to the next page Use the select wheel to choose an item on the page or menu (choose a new book)

  5. Top 5 E-Readers • Amazon Kindle • Sony Reader Pocket Edition • Amazon Kindle Dx (Graphite Edition) • Barnes and Noble Nook • Spring Design Alex E-Reader Access Info Even if you don’t own an E-reader, most devices allow you to purchase e-books to give as gifts through their websites. Most devices also allow you to download books right off of the portable device, no computer required. There are also websites available which enable you to download e-books for free!

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