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Bambi The Deer

Bambi The Deer

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Bambi The Deer

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  1. Bambi The Deer By: Jensen, Tennaille, and Nick.G Date: March. 14th 2008

  2. Name Of Stars • Thumper- the lightest star on Bambi the deer • Flower- the brightest star in the sky, the tip of bambi’s lifted ear. • Flyer-flyer is Bambi’s front hoof. • Acer- Acer’s is the nose off Bambi • Tennaille- Tennaille is bambi’s left eye • Jensen- Jensen is Bambi’s tail • NICK- right ear • Donkey-left ear

  3. Name Of stars • Shriek- the largest star on Bambi • Blackly- Blackly is bambi’s right hoof • Gunner- gunner is Bambi back left hoof • Calibre- Calibre is Bambi’s front left hoof • Olive- olive is Bambi’s cafe • Chip- Chip is Bambi’s hair • Oreo- Oreo is bambi’s front leg • Cocoa- Cocoa is bambi’s right eye

  4. This is the myth of Bambi • The Myth of Bambi the legend deer all started when Bambi meet o a nice • young white tailed deer and flower. In the spring 1200 bambi and flower got married. Later that year Flower saw Bambi kissing her younger sister blossom. • Flower was mad. Flower was so mad that she bites Bambi. Bambi said that she was a cry baby and then left. Later that day Flower went to Blossoms house to • beat her up to death. When Flower got to her sister’s house there was a note on the door that said. “You will never find us.” Three months later flower was out in the woods.  Then deeper in the Woods there was deer. Flower ran as fast as she could to see how it could possible be. It was Blossom and Bambi. Flower said to Bambi “Take me or I’ll kill her.” Flower kicked her sister as hard as she could to knock her down. Then Bambi ran and hit her. The god’s were watching .The god’s lefted flower and Bambi off the ground and put them in different parts of the sky. That is the tail of bambi.           

  5. These are some pictures of Bambi that we got off the internet!!!!

  6. Pictures Off The Internet Of Bambi

  7. Pictures Of Bambi

  8. Bambi Pictures Off The Internet

  9. Bambi

  10. These are the stars that we made up and labelled

  11. Here Are all the web sites!

  12. Even more web sites •