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Settlement. Settlement. A settlement is a place where people live Most people live in permanent settlements Some people are unfortunate to live in temporary settlements. Permanent or Temporary Settlement?. Types of settlement. Which type of settlement?. Bridging Point. Route Centre.

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  1. Settlement

  2. Settlement • A settlement is a place where people live • Most people live in permanent settlements • Some people are unfortunate to live in temporary settlements

  3. Permanent or Temporary Settlement?

  4. Types of settlement

  5. Which type of settlement? Bridging Point Route Centre Defensive Wet Point Hill-foot Dry Point Gap site

  6. Which type of settlement? • Settlement 1 is a Gap site because it is a lower and more sheltered site between two hills. • Settlement 2 is a wet-point because it is close to water in a dry area. • Settlement 3 is a dry-point because it is a higher, drier site above wetland. • Settlement 4 is a Route Centre because it is a focus of routes (roads and river) in this area. • Settlement 5 is a Hill-foot site because it is is sheltered and flat for building and farming.

  7. Importance of Individual Sites • The importance of individual sites changed over time. • Which features do you think were more important in early times and which do you think were more important more recently?

  8. Importance of Individual Sites Years Ago

  9. Importance of Individual Sites Now

  10. Food and water supplies Communications Building houses Warkworth Trade Defence Sea can be used for fishing for food Sea can be used for trade Flat land is great for farming, as shown by the pattern of fields River and roads can be used for communication River stops housing being built to east and west Trees are good for hunting animals River and roads can be used for trade N River means enemies can only attack from 1 side Wet land not ideal for building houses Castle defends the south side Flat land good for building housing

  11. Settlement shapes • The spacing of places is very different all across the country • In the countryside houses can be scattered randomly with space between each house - this is called dispersed • Some settlements have grown along a road – this is called linear • Towns or villages may be compact, with shops, offices, and houses all very close together – this is called nucleated

  12. Settlement Shapes There are 3 basic shapes of rural settlements Dispersed Linear Nucleated Dispersed settlements have buildings scattered about with undeveloped land in-between Linear settlements have buildings which are stretched out along a road, in a line Nucleated settlements have a defined centre like a market square or crossroads

  13. Settlement sizes Village Town Hamlet • An isolated settlement consisting of one house • A settlement of only a few houses and without a church • A settlement with a few services, such as a church, public house and a small shop • A larger settlement with several shops, churches, a senior school, supermarkets, a doctor, dentist, banks and a small hospital • A very large settlement with a large railway station, shopping complex, cathedral, large hospital, museum, university and office blocks City Farm Farm Hamlet Village Town City

  14. What type of settlement is this? Village City Farm Hamlet Town

  15. Middlesbrough and Hartlepool Map Pick 4 settlements (a town, village, hamlet and farm) on the map and fill out the table below for each one:

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