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Battery Life

Battery Life

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Battery Life

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  1. Battery Life Sydney Roberts BAHS

  2. Problem Which brand of battery will last the longest?

  3. Consumer Reports • According to CONSUMER REPORTS in 2007, Energizer came in first as the longest lasting alkaline battery brand above all other battery brands, including Duracell, Ever Ready, and Heavy Duty.

  4. How does a battery work? Accepts electron Work cited:

  5. Hypothesis Energizer will last longer than other leading brands.

  6. Experimental Group Experimental Variable Different battery brands • Energizer • Duracell • Ever Ready • Heavy Duty

  7. Control Variable • Flashlight • Computer Program (Logger Pro) • Same light bulb in flashlight • Computer • New batteries • Age of batteries

  8. The Control Group • To be certain that there were no factors influencing my experiment, I put the batteries in the flashlight without it being turned on. This is my control group.

  9. Control group data

  10. Experimental Procedure Step One: Gather materials: • Flashlight. • NEW Batteries- Energizer, Duracell, Ever Ready, Heavy Duty (all AA) • LabPro • Computer

  11. Step Two: Allow batteries to sit in room temperature for one hour before the start of the experiment. Step Three: Put two new energizer batteries (AA) in one flashlight. Make sure the batteries are fresh. *Attach voltage sensor

  12. Step Four: Connect sensor to the LabPro. Step Five: set-up computer program Logger Pro to measure the voltage of the batteries for 20 hours for 120 measurements/hour. Step Six: Turn on flashlight Step Seven: Start the computer to record the voltage.

  13. Step Eight: Repeat the procedure four more times, with a new battery of the same brand, a total of 5 trials.

  14. This is an example of the graphs that I used to collect the data. This graph is collecting the data for energizer, trial one.

  15. Data Ever Ready

  16. Averages

  17. Conclusion In this case, my hypothesis does not support my data. I concluded this because Energizer was not the longest lasting battery brand. Therefore, I reject my hypothesis that Energizer Brand of batteries will last longer than other leading brands.

  18. If I repeated this experiment again, there would be several things I would do differently. • New flashlight • Test same time of day • I would use more battery brands • I would do more trials • Some problems I had: • It was difficult to connect the cable to the copper part of the battery to collect the data. • Not all of my data was accurate because of flaws in my experiment such as temperature. This may have produced different averages.

  19. Thank you for your time and attention. I will be happy to answer any questions you have for me at this time. THANKYOU!