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Chlorine. Elizabeth Stockton 1 st Period Science. Properties of Chlorine. Group: Halogen Reactivity: When MNO 2 and HC 1 combine Density: 3.214 g/cm 3. More Properties of Chlorine. Boiling Point: -34.04 ° C Melting Point: - 101.5 ° C

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  1. Chlorine Elizabeth Stockton 1st Period Science

  2. Properties of Chlorine • Group: Halogen • Reactivity: When • MNO2 and HC1 combine • Density: 3.214 g/cm3

  3. More Properties of Chlorine • Boiling Point: -34.04 °C • Melting Point: -101.5 °C • State of Matter: Gas • Crystalline structure-Orthorhombic

  4. History Discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele Discovered in: 1774 Combined the mineral pyrosuite and hydrochloric acid Comes from the Greek word Chloros- mean greenish yellow

  5. How is it used? • During WW1 as a poisonous gas • Disinfectants • Calcium Chloride ice melter • Bleach Clothes and paper and pulp projects

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