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My product/service PowerPoint Presentation
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My product/service

My product/service

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My product/service

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  1. My product/service

    Tagline [your elevator pitch gets said here]
  2. The problem we solve(better than anyone else) Very simple picture or diagram – 3-5 elements Almost no text
  3. Distinct value we deliver Get to the point Be specific Must be different People must want to pay for it
  4. How much $ potential is there – really? {NOTE: for purposes of this class DO NOT spend much time on this slide} Don’t be conservative Don’t be crazy Have some rationale that makes sense – bottom up based on demand is more credible Should be based on market validation – talking directly to people, finding out how much they’d value this – what difference would it make – would they use it? Buy it? Recommend it? How many people are already using it? Paid?
  5. How do you make money? This is your business model – how does the money flow into your business? Good to think of 3 revenue streams What are the target market segments it comes from? {specifically for this class}
  6. Secret Sauce {NOTE: for purposes of this class DO NOT spend much time on this slide} What is your secret sauce? Your proprietary algorithm? Architecture? Device? Market approach?
  7. How do you stack up to competition There is ALWAYS competition – people live without your product now – what are they doing instead? That’s your competition Keep it VERY simple
  8. Go To Market Strategy Make this 3-5 slides including tactics you learned from the class – this is critical to your grade How will you let the market know about the amazing value your product/service delivers? How will that produce market share? What will it take to do that? {NOTE: for purposes of this class be more complete in this section than for an investor pitch} What are your top 3 tactics to get your target segments’ attention: Email? Online or offline ads? PR? Social Media? Viral video? LinkedIn? Webinars? Organic SEO?
  9. Your team is the perfect one – why? {NOTE: for purposes of this class focus on this slide as a description of your brand experience and business culture – why is YOUR business the best to buy this from?} Why you and your team? What’s special about you all? Why now? Why are you better than just taking the idea and finding another team to do it?
  10. Your timeline and ask (maybe) {NOTE: for purposes of this class DO NOT spend much time on this slide} How long will it take you to reach significant revenues? What will it take to do that? Will more money invested make a difference? How and when?
  11. One of your resources for this pitch
  12. Additional documentation If your marketing strategy is complex or unusual, include additional documentation You can also include product or service details as backup materials if you feel the need to do that