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T h e J o y s o f C h i l d h o o d PowerPoint Presentation
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T h e J o y s o f C h i l d h o o d

T h e J o y s o f C h i l d h o o d

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T h e J o y s o f C h i l d h o o d

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  1. TheJoysof Childhood Prepared by : Kelvin Chan

  2. Objectives • To trace(追溯) the social/economic development (社會及經濟發展) of H.K. through identifying and recognizing the popular toys of various decades (年代) (40s to present)*(戰後至現在) • To compare/evaluate (比較/評價) the characteristics of toys of different decades *You are NOT required to include “snack”(零食) in this research.

  3. Objectives • To gain a hand-on experience of childhood reflecting of different decades through making toys 4) To identify the criteria for choosing valuable toys *You are NOT required to include “snack”(零食) in this research.

  4. Expected Outputs of this Research • PowerPoint files (Introduction on popular toys of different decades) • Self-made toys of various decades/ self-designed toys 3. Self reflection (反思) on doing this project (in written form)

  5. Before you start, let’s do some warm-up exercises 1. Guess Who?

  6. Who is she?

  7. Hint: She is one of the most important women in your school. Answer will be given at the end of this slide show.

  8. Questions on the Photo • Can you identify the time period of the photo taken? • Have you ever seen the toys before? • How can you know more about the characteristics of toys of that period of time?

  9. 2. Think about them

  10. Do you think the following things can be toys? String (繩子) Joss-stick (香燭)

  11. Rice (米) Cloth (布料) Toothsticks (牙籤)

  12. Howto play the above things? You may find the answer by asking your parents or the elderly. (年長者)

  13. Brainstorming (腦震盪) • What is the definition of toys? • Where can you go to obtain information of toys history in Hong Kong? • When will you collect the data? • Who are familiar with the popular toys of 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s…? • How will you record the information given by the above person(s)? Please discuss with your groupmates on the above questions.

  14. Places recommended to visit To obtain more information about toys in Hong Kong of different decades, you are HIGHLY recommended to visit the following places with your groupmates during Lunar New Year:

  15. Hong Kong Museum of History (香港歷史博物館) • Permanent exhibition(常設展) : Hong Kong Story Hint: Grocery Store (士多)and toy displays in Gallery 8 For more information, such as opening hours & address, please browse the following website:

  16. 2. Hong Kong Heritage Museum (香港文化博物館) • Children’s Discovery Gallery (兒童探知館): Hong Kong Toys Story (香江童玩) For more information, please browse the following website:

  17. 3. Hong Kong Central Library (香港中央圖書館) • Children’s Library (兒童圖書館): Reference section (參考部) : Newspaper cutting about toys in Hong Kong For more information, please browse the following website:

  18. Lastbut not least…. After viewing this PowerPoint, do you have much more questions or doubts (疑惑)than before? Don’t worry! Just think about them with your groupmates. We will discuss together in the near future.

  19. To Do List(For Reminder) • Brainstorming • Museum & library visit • Planning on what you are going to do

  20. Good Luck! For any enquiries, please contact me by email or ICQ. Email ICQ no : 126010573 (please add me!)

  21. Answer for “Guess Who” She is your honorable principal, Miss Siu!