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Travel Expense Reimbursement

Travel Expense Reimbursement. For Non-Travel Business Related Expenses. Simplified Instructions Version 1.1. Last update January 2, 2007 10 a.m. Travel Reimbursement Simplified . URL to access the Johns Hopkins SAP login screen. http://hopkinsone.johnshopkins.edu. Enter your JHED ID.

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Travel Expense Reimbursement

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  1. Travel Expense Reimbursement For Non-Travel Business Related Expenses Simplified Instructions Version 1.1 Last update January 2, 2007 10 a.m.

  2. Travel Reimbursement Simplified URL to access the Johns Hopkins SAP login screen http://hopkinsone.johnshopkins.edu Enter your JHED ID Enter your JHED Password

  3. Travel Reimbursement Simplified This is the Johns Hopkins SAP portal page. These blue tabs represent your roles. What you see will vary depending on your roles. Click “Travel Reimbursement Requestor” to access Travel Reimbursement

  4. Travel Reimbursement Simplified These instructions will show you how to do non-travel business Expense reimbursement. Click “Create Travel Expense Report”

  5. Travel Reimbursement Simplified Click on the drop down menu Select “Non-Travel Related Exp” Hit “Enter” or: Click on the green arrow

  6. Travel Reimbursement Simplified Click on check box in “Start of Trip” field and enter the date of your non-travel business expenses. NOTE: All expenses being submitted must have been incurred on this date. If you have expense receipts for multiple dates, you must submit a separate travel expense report for each date in question or report them as part of a “domestic travel” expense report.

  7. Travel Reimbursement Simplified Click on the checked box and enter a reason for the non-travel business expense.

  8. Travel Reimbursement Simplified Once you’ve entered the Start of Trip date and the Reason for the expense and hit “enter” the “Alt. Cost Assignment” screen will open up.Click on “Cost Distribution”

  9. Travel Reimbursement Simplified On this screen, a valid Cost Center, Internal Order number or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS Element) number must be entered so the system knows where to charge for the expenses. Do not assume the default Cost Center is correct. You must see your admin approver to obtain the appropriate cost number. Users default Cost Center Internal Order number goes here; Internal orders are used for sponsored research WBS element numbers apply only to projects.

  10. Travel Reimbursement Simplified Cost Centers, Internal Order numbers and WBS element numbers are different ways to charge something. Once you’ve entered the correct number the proper field, click on the green arrow button to continue. NOTE: Other data fields (such as Company Code and Business Area) should derive once the correct cost number is entered. 1 Enter percent, normally 100 percent in a new line 2 Enter either Cost Center, Internal Order or WBS element 3 Once the right cost assignment has been made, click on the green arrow to continue.

  11. Travel Reimbursement Simplified If you do not know the correct cost assignment number, you can save your expense report and return to it later. Click “Save” to save your report.

  12. Travel Reimbursement Simplified To access a saved report, click on “Change Travel Expense” field.

  13. Travel Reimbursement Simplified Now it’s time to fill in your Expense Receipt information. Click here to view a drop down of Expense Codes. Select the right Expense Category.

  14. Travel Reimbursement Simplified 1 Enter the dollar amount here. 2 Enter Expense Description here. Example, “Headset for system demos” 3 Enter text giving the reason for the expense. 4 Click “Transfer” button or hit enter to add receipt.

  15. Travel Reimbursement Simplified The entered amount now appears in the register. Now you’re ready to save and submit for workflow approval

  16. Travel Reimbursement Simplified 1 Click “Save” once Your SAP Trip transaction number. 2 Click “Yes” to submit for workflow approval.

  17. Travel Reimbursement Simplified Click here to access a printable copy of your submitted non-travel business related expense report. See sample on next page. Trip transaction number used for tracking.

  18. Travel Reimbursement Simplified Printable report

  19. Travel Reimbursement Simplified Your non-travel business expense report is out for approval.Key Points: 1. For the expense report to be approved, both administrative and financial approvers must approve before the approved expense report makes it way to the Accounts Payable Shared Service Center.2. Before the AP Shared Service Center can approve the reimbursement to be made, the original receipts must be faxed to the AP Shared Service Center. Departmental policy guides who does this step, but in most cases it should be an admin or financial approver who verifies the hard copy receipts.3. The proper cover sheet for Point 2 above can be found at:http://www.jhu.edu/hopkinsone/Secure_Private/deployment/documents/Travel%20Fax%20Cover%20Sheet.doc

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