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Research powerpoint

Research powerpoint. Unit 28. Video.

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Research powerpoint

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  1. Research powerpoint Unit 28

  2. Video • Video is the the recording, reproducing or broadcasting of moving visual images. It also has a great use for people to talk over the net. It works by reconstructing still images and putting them in motion. Many companies use video in advertisement as it isn’t the same image all the way through grabbing the attention of the audience. TV channels such as Sky and ITV use advertisement in breaks from programme to programme. Also big internet companies such as YouTube and social networking sites. Videos can also be used for entertainment, for example music videos, you could just listen to the song but the video tells its own story and can keep an audience tuned in with the song. Also internet sites like YouTube are kept going due to videos, without them it would be nothing. The main thing is through films/TV. Using videos in education can be a much more effective way than just using slideshows or pictures. It’s more entertaining for the kids. Also you can get more detail form a video than a photo. Videos are also good for family occasions, for example you’ve got all the family over and you can watch videos from a long time ago when you were young. It’s a simply and effective way to remember memories and other key events.

  3. Audio • Audio is an electrical or any other sort of sound, with music being the obvious one. But for people that have difficulties like blind people they have Audio Description. Audio is a key part in the leisure industry. Almost every day you’ll listen to music on your laptop, mp3, phone or in the car! Artists are able to record and sell CD’s to make them a lot of money! In marketing Audio enables to sort all sorts of effects on the audience and without advertising would be a lot more difficult. For example if your company comes up with a catchy/annoying theme tune the listener is more likely to remember this and could consider coming to this company in the future. Everyone prefers a nice theme tune to boring business cards and leaflets. Audio is also very useful for teachers, as they may have a song which is packed with information to show the students or simply a podcast, which can then be transferred over to the students phones or IPod's if they wish.

  4. Still images • An 2 dimensional image of something or someone is very similar to someone’s appearance. Everyday we’ll see an image or use one for something. Images are used in leisure as you can use them to keep hold of memories of your childhood or if you went on holiday, or maybe that special someone! In education pictures can be useful because in a time where we didn’t have video students can see what areas were like 100’s of years ago and get more of an understanding of the matter. Also still images are very useful for businesses and making money. For example you can hire out a photographer for a wedding or to take a family photo professionally. Or for magazines getting a picture of a famous celebrity.

  5. Animation • Animation is a sequence of images that are shown quickly creating a illusion so you think it’s moving. The most common way of using animation is through motion picture or a video programme, which will normally be presented through a projector, camera or computer. They can also be made by hand with those flick books (renderer art). Animation is a big part in entertainment, many children's programmes use animation as it’s a simple way of entertaining that age group. Disney Pixar awe well known for using animation, they’ve come up with some great films like Toy Story and Shrek using animation. It’s also useful for education for example, showing the rate of growth from a plant to a business, or maybe even how parts of the body function and work.

  6. Simulations • Simulation is used in many different ways such as testing new things, for training, safety engineering, also for education and video games. Training simulators like flight simulators are useful as they give the trainee pilots a life like experience in the air before actually flying. Also the more advanced computer programmes can simulate weather conditions for the next week and even scientific experiments. Simulation is important in entertainment, especially in the gaming industry. There is 3 main things to include when doing this, Body tracking, voice/sound recognition and physical controller. Simulation is very important for the weather, it can pick up all conditions and send out early warnings to those areas that are threatened by bad conditions. Also for pilots as I’ve said already for the training, but also if there’s really misty/foggy air flying in that can be hard and unnerving, so the flight can be delayed with this knowledge.

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