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  1. Voice… the writer’s personality

  2. Objective for the day Today we will listen for “voice” in writing

  3. Listening Game“Hi, it’s me!”

  4. Writing can have a voice, too! Sometimes you can tell who wrote something because their writing has a special voice.

  5. When you listen to writing that… That’s voice!

  6. Listening to writing with a strong voice…

  7. Chores! Chores! Chores! Chores! Chores are boring! Scrubbing toilets, cleaning sinks, and washing bathtubs take up a lot of my time and are not fun at all. Toilets! When you’re scrubbing toilets make sure they are not stinky. I’ve scrubbed one before and I was lucky it didn’t stink. I think toilets are one of the hardest things to scrub in the bathroom because it is hard to get up around the rim. Sinks are one of the easiest things to clean in the bathroom because they have no rims and they are small. I have cleaned one before and it was pretty easy. Bathtubs, ever washed one? The are big, they are deep, and it is hard to get up around the sides. The bathtub is the hardest, I think, to wash in the bathroom. All chores are boring, especially making my bed. Cleaning my room is OK because I have to organize, and I like organizing. Dusting is the worst: dust, set down, pick up, dust, set down. There are so many things to dust, and it’s no fun. Chores aren’t the worst things you can do, but they’re definitely not the best!

  8. “Voice” Activity – sort samples for strong and weak voice Listening for Voice StrongWeak *Feelings *Just the facts *Enthusiasm *boring *Sparkle *dull *Emotion *a list of events *Personality *no energy *Want to read more *Different or unusual

  9. Activity Directions 1. Read the writing samples aloud taking turns. After reading each sample, write an “S” for strong voice or a “W” for weak voice beside the sample. 2. Cut the samples apart and place them on the T-chart under “strong voice” or “weak voice.” 3. Glue down one sample at a time. Under each sample, write reasons why the writing is an example of strong voice or weak voice. 4. Work together quietly and let everyone in the group help with the activity.

  10. What have you learned today?

  11. Tomorrow you will write a short piece using your own special voice. Be thinking about something you feel very strongly about or a time when something really funny happened to you.

  12. Day 2 Writing with Voice Today we will write a short piece using our own special voice.

  13. More examples of real voice in writing: Basketball is my thing. I can hoop. Case closed. I’m six four and I got the moves, the eye, and the heart. You can take my game to the bank and wait around for the interest. With me it’s not like playing a game, it’s like the only time I’m being real. Bringing the ball down the court makes me feel like a bird that just learned to fly. I see guys moving down in front of me and everything feels and looks right. Patterns come up and a small buzz comes into my head that starts to build up and I know it won’t end until the ball swishes through the net. If somebody starts messing with my game it’s like they’re getting into my head. But if I’ve got the ball it’s okay, because I can take care of the situation. That’s the word and I know it the same way I know my tag, Slam. Yeah, that’s it. Slam. But without the ball, without the floorboards under my feet, without the mid-court line that takes me halfway home, you can get to me.

  14. One more example… First Thoughts I love my mom. This morning she dropped me off at the bus stop and said, “Aren’t you going to give me a kiss?” I said, “No, I don’t have time!” and shut the car door. I knew the minute I said “NO!” I would regret it. The whole day I have been thinking about me not giving my mom a kiss. Why are kids at this age like this? Is it because we want our independence? When you are young your parents are the best thing in the world. Then they become stupid and don’t know anything when you are a teen. Then when you get to be an adult they are brilliant. I don’t know why we are like this. I know deep down inside of me that my mom is one of my best friends. She will sit and talk with me about things that are important to me. Sometimes we will just sit and laugh.

  15. Now it’s time for you to write using your own special voice… • Here are some ideas: • Something you are an expert on • Something you feel very strongly about • Something funny that happened to you • You may use your writer’s notebook for an idea, too!

  16. A few reminders about writing with voice… • Write like you are having a conversation with your best friend • Be very honest • Use humor • Show you really care about the subject • Think about who you are writing to… • Try writing a letter to someone • Your writing should have a lot of energy • Show your personality

  17. Grading Rubric for Voice