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Using Biography Resource Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Biography Resource Center

Using Biography Resource Center

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Using Biography Resource Center

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  1. Using Biography Resource Center Biography Resource Center (BioRC) is a comprehensive database of biographical information on over 335,000 people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas. It combines more than 422,000 biographies as well as more than 24,700 images, in-depth coverage of key events, and up-to-date reporting that can be found in magazines.

  2. Using Biography Resource Center Click on this link. Begin your research in BioRC on the JCC Library home page. Click here.

  3. Using Biography Resource Center BioRC is provided by JCC Library’s partner institution, the Jackson District Library (JDL) Click on the link to log on.

  4. Using Biography Resource Center You will need an active JCC/JDL library card to use this resource. If you are using a computer that is not part of the JCC network, you will not be able to link directly to Biography Resource Center. If this is the case, log onto the Jackson District Library web site to begin your research:

  5. Using Biography Resource Center From the JDL web site, begin using BioRC in this link.

  6. Using Biography Resource Center The Databases page will display. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the resources available on this page.

  7. Using Biography Resource Center Click to begin your research.

  8. Using Biography Resource Center Use the barcode number from your JCC/JDL library card, and the PIN you selected when you got your card.

  9. Using Biography Resource Center Get familiar with the features on the home page. It is also often useful to any new searcher to explore the topics available in the Help files.

  10. Using Biography Resource Center Take some time to browse the Help topics.

  11. Searching Biography Resource Center There are several ways of searching. With a dataset as vast as BioRC, search paths geared toward specific interests are essential to locating desired information. The following search paths offer the user various approaches to discovering biographical information:

  12. Searching Biography Resource Center Name Search Biographical Facts Search Advanced Search

  13. Searching Biography Resource Center Name Search looks for an individual whose name corresponds to what is entered into the search field, whether you type a full surname, the first name and last name in any order, or just the beginning portion of a surname.

  14. Searching Biography Resource Center Biographical Facts Search looks for people based on one or more personal facts such as birth and death years and places, nationality, ethnicity, occupation, or gender.

  15. Searching Biography Resource Center Advanced Search enables you to perform searches using name, keyword, source, full text, date of magazine publication, and document number as a search criteria.

  16. Searching Biography Resource Center Let’s conduct a sample Name Search using a name recently in the news. Enter the name and click on Search.

  17. Searching Biography Resource Center A user has two options when doing a Name Search. Searching by Name contains allows you to type a full name or any word or combination of words known to be part of the person's name.

  18. Searching Biography Resource Center Searching by the Start of last name will yield less precise results than searching by a first and last name.

  19. Searching Biography Resource Center For example, searching on bon will return a results list that contains Bono, as well as Bonaventure, Surya Bonaly, Bobby Bonilla, and many others. If only one name is found to match your search, BioRC will take you directly to the main tabbed results page for that name.

  20. Searching Biography Resource Center A page of results will display. A set of tabs is shown, depending on the amount of content available on a specific person. If your search does not find any results for a specific data type, the tab will be "grayed out" and will not work.

  21. Searching Biography Resource Center Click on the blue article titles to open an item. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see additional pages of results.

  22. Searching Biography Resource Center If you are using Magazine Articles results, you will see the bibliographical information about the article, followed by the full text. Skim the article to see if it suits your need.

  23. Searching Biography Resource Center If the article is useful to you, you can print it out, mark it for later handling, or email it. Choosing Print will reformat the item for printing. Use the Back button to return to your search results.

  24. Searching Biography Resource Center Some searches will provide more information than just magazine articles.

  25. Searching Biography Resource Center In this sample search, notice that the Narrative Biographies tab is on top. These lengthy items are shown as links. Mousing over the other tabs will show in green which are active and ready for use.

  26. Searching Biography Resource Center Sometimes the name you enter is not the “official” name. The system will find both your entry and the name that it’s indexed under.

  27. Searching Biography Resource Center The Biographical Facts Search feature allows you to perform highly targeted searches to identify individuals who match certain search criteria.

  28. Searching Biography Resource Center The search interface is flexible, allowing you to select one, multiple, or all terms on the page for searching.

  29. Searching Biography Resource Center Select the name that matches your need.

  30. Searching Biography Resource Center An Advanced Search enables you to perform searches using the following criteria: name, keyword, source, full text, date of publication, and document number. It will return thumbnail biographies, narrative biographies, magazine articles, and websites that match the search limiters you specify.

  31. Searching Biography Resource Center Here is a sample Advanced Search. You have options for each term you select, and additional ways to clarify your search.

  32. Searching Biography Resource Center Your Advanced Search results will display. Work with them as you did for a Name Search.

  33. Using Biography Resource Center A useful link for researchers is provided at both the top and the bottom of the home page.

  34. Using Biography Resource Center Consider using this guide before you search. The Research Guide walks you through the biographical research process, helping you to achieve a better result.

  35. Using Biography Resource Center Please contact a Reference Librarian for help or guidance while using BioRC: Phone 517-796-8622 Email Fax 517-796-8623 Visit the Library in Walker Hall

  36. Using Biography Resource Center Atkinson Library