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spot the golf ball a skill game with prizes n.
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golf ball tracker

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golf ball tracker
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golf ball tracker

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  1. Spot the golf ball a skill game with prizes, win golf, golf competitions SPOT'S HISTORY WELCOME FROM DAVID HUGGINS, FOUNDER AND CEO The Spot the golf ball website was created in 2017. Although this project was initially started at the end of 2015. We have had to remake the design several times. Trying to develop a new concept is never easy. But thankfully we have reached our goal. The aim of the website is to give players from all around the world, the chance to win their golfing dream prize. By playing the spot the golf ball game, the closest player each week. Whose selection/Entry is closest to the exact location (pixel) will win their selected prize. You'll find the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions below. If you can’t find the answer you're looking for, please call us on +123 456 7890 or email and we'll be delighted to help you. HOW DO I PLAY THE GAME? Please visit our WEEKLY COMPETITIONS PAGE... how to find golf balls from here you can select your tickets, and play the game. WHAT IS A SKILL GAME WITH PRIZES? In order for you to win one of our prizes. IT WILL TAKE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF SKILL TO WORK OUT WHERE EXACTLY - THE GOLFBALL MIGHT HAVE BEEN. The chances of just RANDOMLY GUESSING ARE MILLIONS TO 1. CAN I PLAY ON MY MOBILE PHONE OR TABLET. The answer is YES... it does work...but some of the game play features may be lost. Please use your Desktop PC or Laptop. We have a mobile app, launching very shortly. Spot the golf ball we have hundreds of prizes to choose from. With tickets starting from just & pound;1. Have you ever dreamed about owning your very own trackman? Spot The Golf Ball, we give every player the chance of winning their very own dream prize. One of the cool features of this website. When playing our game, we provide you with drawing tools. Using these tools, will enable the player to narrow down the area in which the ball is located. Spot The Golf Ball is a skill game with prizes. This means that you have to work out where the golf ball would have been from the edited image. Call: 7047531920.

  2. HOW DOES IT WORK? Follow these steps and get started to work with us SELECT FOR YOUR DREAM PRIZE Choose from over 100 top Brand Prizes Play the -SPOT THE GOLFBALL GAME Try to work out where you think the centre of the golfball is. THE WINNER IS SELECTED AUTOMATICALY Guaranteed Winner Every Week - The player whose pick is closest to the golfballs exact position. Wins Their Dream Prize SPOT'S LOCATIONS London Location: City Centre. Located just beyond Security, SPOT have had a presence in Stansted Airport for 13 years, with friendly staff and a beautiful Dream Car to tempt you! Check us out on thee Website: