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Hospitality Management Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Hospitality Management Solutions

Hospitality Management Solutions

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Hospitality Management Solutions

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  1. Hospitality Management Solutions ©2019 ITC Infotech. All Rights Reserved. 1

  2. About Us ITC Infotech is a specialized global technology services provider, led by Business and Technology Consulting. ITC Infotech’s Digitaligence@work infuses technology with domain, data, design, and differentiated delivery to significantly enhance experience and efficiency, enabling our clients to differentiate and disrupt their business. ©2019 ITC Infotech. All Rights Reserved. 2

  3. Hospitality Management Solutions • Across every tier of the Hospitality industry – from boutique hotels to large global chains, specialty resorts and casinos – enterprises in the sector are faced with the challenges of waning customer loyalty and increasingly fierce completion. Delivering an integrated and personalized guest experience across all channels, while increasing efficiencies by streamlining operations, and leveraging new channels of sales will help the hospitality sector maximize its revenue potential. As new digitally adopted business models disrupt the industry, hospitality leaders and challengers are looking at finding newer ways of sustaining their competitive advantage. • ITC Infotech’s Digitaligence services and solutions, built to meet the growing needs of the Hospitality industry, provides cutting edge insights, contextualize customer experience and delivers a superior customer engagement. • As part of ITC Ltd – a leading diversified conglomerate and one of India’s most respected company, ITC Infotech brings in a unique practitioners understanding of the Hospitality – having worked closely with the group’s premier chain of luxury hotels launched in 1975. • Strategic investments in building niche partnerships with leading Hospitality solution specialists, including Oracle Hospitality and Infor Sun Systems – enables ITC Infotech to further add value for clients. The company is also a corporate industry partner of Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG). ©2019 ITC Infotech. All Rights Reserved. 3

  4. Value Creation Across The Hospitality Value Chain ©2019 ITC Infotech. All Rights Reserved. 4

  5. Delivering Results • Leading enterprises in the hospitality sector partner with ITC Infotech to get ahead & stay ahead in the race for Digital transformation. These include: • World’s largest hotel and leisure company • One of India’s leading luxury hotel chains • Marquee North American hospitality major with leading luxury hotel brands • World’s leading hospitality ISV • One of the largest global service providers to casinos • ITC Infotech has consistently delivered faster time-to-value for clients through robust pre-built plug & play solutions: • Accelerated Test Automation Framework for OPERA Property Management System (PMS) and the Sales & Catering Modules • Product engineering services for support and enhancement of core PMS • BI Accelerators for design and development of Enterprise Guest Warehouse • ITC Infotech proprietary Enterprise Performance Management for Hotels ©2019 ITC Infotech. All Rights Reserved. 5

  6. Offerings • Solutions • Guest Services • Services • API Management & Integrations • Hospitality Manual & Automated Testing • Application Development and Maintenance • Customer Experience • Data Infrastructure to Insight to Intervention • Operations Enablement – ERP • Infrastructure Services • Internet of Things (IoT) • Mobility • Testing as a Service (TaaS) ©2019 ITC Infotech. All Rights Reserved. 6