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  1. Complete Hospitality Solutions

  2. Mission Vision Total Hospitality

  3. The Complete We are one of the finest and award winning hospitality consultants in South India. Armed with the complete know how on providing full professional support in the setup, operation and profitizing hotels, restaurants, resorts, pubs, coffee shops, food courts, bakery, sweetshops and allied businesses, Total Hospitality is a one stop solution for the entire range of hospitality business requirements. Starting from the very conceptualization of any hotel or restaurant project, Total Hospitality undertakes the complete planning, execution, completion and successful operation of the business. Several loss making hotels and restaurants have also been placed back on profitable track with exceptional business advice from Total Hospitality. Having been awarded ‘Best Hospitality Consultant’ by SIHARA, for three successive years Total Hospitality has been responsible for the success of since 2009.innumerable hotels and restaurants across several cities and towns in AP, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, MadhyaPradesh and Tamil Nadu since 2009.

  4. Total Hospitality ..... The Differentiating Element At Total Hospitality the chief element that differentiates us is our thorough professionalism. Several successful ventures proudly stand testimony to our ability to create landmark properties across many towns and cities. Through our extraordinary prowess we diligently understand the fine nuances of the trade and accurately guide our clients and minimize unwanted costs in every operation. Thus most clients are able to work within budgets and escape undesirable cost escalation. Our principle concept is an effective utilisation of space, resources and maximization of profits through minimization of costs.

  5. CEO Total Hospitality is promoted by Mr. Vishwanath Pandey, an alumnus of IHM Hyderabad, with over two decades of outstanding exposure to the best hotels and restaurants in India. Mr. Pandey’s outstanding dynamism has been the principal factor behind the profitable running of several hotels and restaurant projects in the region. His uncanny ability to visualize a hospitality entity’s shortcomings and suggest improvements or makeovers has been the reason for the smiles on several entrepreneurs. With Mr. Vishwanath Pandey’s able backing, Total Hospitality is geared to spread across horizons and witness accentuated growth and expansion of successful hotels and restaurants and inevitably many happy entrepreneurs. Mr. Vishwanath Pandey Team Total Hospitality is heavily networked with some of the best professionals in the industry. We are a strong hub of design engineers, draftsmen, interior decorators, electrical, plumbing and wood work technicians, lighting and acoustic engineers, HVAC personnel and several allied professionals. Further our management team provisions top quality chefs, food service managers, front office and housekeeping managers and costing professionals to offer advisory on planning related issues.

  6. Services Total Hospitality

  7. Hotel Consultancy Hotel Planning and Designing Menu Planning and Design Hotel Equipment Sourcing Sweets, Bakery and Confectionary Spa and Wellness Suppliers Waste Management and Treatment Technology

  8. Menu Planning & Design Menu planning is central to the very purpose of a food establishment around which every other aspect is built. The theme of the dining setup is essentially based on the menu offered and it is the actual product in focus for sale in any food joint. The profitability of any dining outlet is based on the diligence with which the menu is planned and designed. Total Hospitality offers the best expertise available in the market in planning, designing, costing and pricing of menus. Our menus are a careful balance of several factors that involve lower costs, quicker preparation time and higher customer satisfaction. One of our USPs is our outstanding ability to create exclusive menus with ‘Signature’ dishes which enable better selling and provide a better brand identity. Total Hospitality

  9. Kitchen Planning, Layout and Designing One of our principal areas in the conceptualization of a food service facility is kitchen planning and designing. Since food preparation areas become the backbone of a food service facility such as a restaurant r a canteen, it is essential that the area allocated for the kitchen is most scientifically designed and its layout facilitates smooth flow of food preparation and food service. With Total Hospitality, clients are assured of the most professional kitchen layouts that are engineered to accentuate operations to perfectly desired output levels. Staffing, Recruitment and Training One of our core strengths is our ability to provide staffing solutions to a repertoire of hospitality establishments. We adopt contemporary and qualitative practices in recruiting staff and allocating them to our clients. We enable staffing from top management to first line employees in all areas of hotel operations such as Food Preparation, Food Service, Housekeeping, Front Office, and allied areas. We plan and conduct high quality training for service staff both in food service and housekeeping areas for new and existing properties. Regular training is essential for staff of every establishment as it has an undeniable role in improving overall performance and profitability of the organisation. Training eliminates the gap between standard performance and actual performance of an

  10. Establishment of Quality Assurance Methodology Total Hospitality specialises in creating management and operating systems that ensure consistently high standards, ensuring best possible types and choices of food and drink. With perceived VALUE FOR MONEY by setting a predetermined quality and quantity of the product, we ensure enhanced presentation that improves the overall appeal of the dish and also simplifies costing for the management. Focused Chef and Steward Training Staff provided by us in the Food Preparation areas are well trained on the wide range of food textures, flavours, colours, tastes and the balance that must be achieved for the perfect dish. Stewards are also trained in service methods, seating arrangements and styles and also about the aromas and colours to be maintained in preparation and service of drinks. Since costing is an important element in overall profitability, our staff are provided with thorough grounding in food costing through correct indenting, minimising wastage and storage losses and also effective yield management.

  11. Total Hospitality also provides a detailed performance analysis of a running operation to identify shortcomings which affect profits significantly. With changing trends and increasing guest expectations, many hospitality business professionals are confronted with newer challenges each day. This leads to a disturbing variance in the quality of services provided, demonstrating several inadequacies, and placing enormous pressure on finances that could lead to irrecoverable losses. Total Hospitality is well known for its outstanding professional advice that has helped several hospitality entrepreneurs recover from a loss making stage to a profitable state.