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Christians in the Community PowerPoint Presentation
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Christians in the Community

Christians in the Community

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Christians in the Community

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  1. Christians in the Community This year’s ... most lasting memorial would be the rebirth of an energetic, generousspirit of dedication to the common good and the public service, the rebirth of a recognition the we live less than human lives if we think just about individual good. Archbishop of Canterbury, 5th June 2012

  2. Christians in the Community Working towards a renewed strategy and commitment 2

  3. Christians in the Community How To Build A Movement TED lecture Introduced by Rosemary Macdonald, Chief Executive, The Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon

  4. Christians in the Community Key thoughts Church growth comes from being Outward facing Inclusive Pastoral and caring Action that responds to needs Passionate An imperative for the Diocese

  5. Christians in the Community Transforming Lives Four projects: Crosspoint in Westbury St Francis Church, Littlemoor Longmead Community Farm Read Easy Introduced by Colin Brady, Social Responsibility Adviser

  6. Christians in the Community The Needs in our Diocese By Rosemary Macdonald & Terence Rosslyn-Smith

  7. The Needs of our CommunitiesAging Population Wiltshire Dorset By 2026 the population in all Dorset is set to increase to 749,000 25% of population not in work Higher than national average % with dementia – 0.55 vs.0.48 in 2010/11 • By 2026 the population is set to increase to 519,810 • Under 15 and working age will decrease • Over 85’s set to increase to 20,180 in 2026 from 12,000 in 2011 • Currently 6,000 with dementia (12,000 by 2030)

  8. The Needs of our CommunitiesDeprivation Wiltshire Dorset The average wage is £377 (national average is £412) 7.7% of working population on out of work benefits 14% of children live in poverty 14% of children are obese • 39,100 income deprived people in Wiltshire • Salisbury St Martin is 1 of the 10% of the most severely deprived areas in England. • 12.6% of children live in poverty • 16.4% of children are obese

  9. The Needs of our Communities Wiltshire Dorset 65% of unemployed are claiming incapacity benefits 18% of pensioners live alone (14.4% nationally) 42,000 over 18’s suffer from depression. • Health inequalities cost to tax payer £229m in lost taxes & welfare payments • Domestic abuse & sex offences are key policing priorities • 30,000 Military families live in Wiltshire

  10. Christians in the Community What you told us Information and communication Working with partners, especially other churches Hints that sometimes we can be exclusive rather than inclusive Rural and urban, hidden poor Unemployment, poverty and debt Care for the environment Opportunities for young people, needs of isolated and aging people

  11. Christians in the Community Groups Having renewed our commitment to work for social justice in the Diocese of Salisbury what would you expect to see changed within five years in: a. Your parish b.       Your deanery c.       The Diocese d.       Your local community ... so that you would be able to say that we had made adifference.

  12. Christians in the Community The Tree of Justice and Life On your leaf: a prayer, a hope, or something to share

  13. Christians in the Community Motion 1. That the Diocese of Salisbury endorses the affirmation of the General Synod that radical social action and comment are essential elements of Biblical witness and Christian tradition and accordingly confirms that it is the policy of the Diocese of Salisbury to take account of issues of social justice in all its deliberations, decision-making and work. 2. That the Bishop's Council and the Mission Council shall agree terms of reference to establish a Social Justice Co-ordinating Group that will bring to the Bishop's Council by April 2013 a costed strategy for the development of a Social Justice Policy and Action Plan for the Diocese of Salisbury.