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J udges

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  1. Judges By :Kathryn, Agnes, Josh ,Jarrett, Michael

  2. Give one specific example of the three-part cycle-disobedience, discipline, deliverance-in the book of judges. Israelites praise other gods, God sends down judge, judge saves them, judge dies, repeat kathryn

  3. What are the key factors in Israel’s failure in judges (2:10-23)? The Israelites served the Baal’s. They forsook the Lord, the God of their fathers who had brought them out of Egypt. They followed and worshiped other gods. They provoked the Lord in anger. Michael

  4. Gideon seemed to be seeking God’s will through the fleece, but what do you think was the real reason he put out the fleece (6:36-40)? We thought that Gideon was trying to be certain that God was going to be with Him as He saved Israel. To see if God was really God. jarrett

  5. What were the mai n elements of the nazirite vow (13:5; numbers 6:1-8)? How did Samson break the vow? The vow was to not eat or drink grapes, cut his hair, go a near dead body. He broke his vow by cutting his hair. josh

  6. How do you think the last verse of judges summarizes the message of the book and prepares us for later books? It summarizes it because everyone was doing what they wanted when they wanted and where they wanted. In the next books everyone is just doing what they wanted to do agnes

  7. What peaks and valleys are covered in the book of judges? salvation disobedience josh

  8. Main characters • Gideon- Helped save the Israelites • God- Is, well, God? • Samson-He had promised god that if he never cut his hair, never ate grapes and didn't look or get near dead people. • Baals people - The people who believed in Baal. • Dan- Had an idolatry. kathryn

  9. TimeLine Samson cuts his hair Dans idolatry Michael

  10. The end