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Growing Great Girls

Growing Great Girls. This workshop is a REPEAT of this morning’s session. “You Can’t Paint the Walls Pink and Call it a Girls Program”. Girls Psychology - Carol Gilligan. Girls experience a psychic split They need to connect the inner and outer Women socialized to be “self-less”.

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Growing Great Girls

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  1. Growing Great Girls

  2. This workshop is a REPEAT • of this morning’s session.

  3. “You Can’t Paint the Walls Pink and Call it a Girls Program”

  4. Girls Psychology - Carol Gilligan • Girls experience a psychic split • They need to connect the inner and outer • Women socialized to be “self-less”

  5. Girls Psychology • Girls need to silence the false feminine voice and speak for themselves- sacrifice of self • Boys a process of separation - Soldiers • Girls a process of dissociation • Premium on physical appearance and relationship

  6. Speaking is relational connected to being heard – resonance • Girls have difficulty hearing their voice • Girls often use voice to cover instead of convey

  7. We experience the world differently • Gender matters • Intersections • Dynamics of Oppression – global dynamics – objectification of women • Polygamy case in Texas • Reach potential

  8. Gender Responsive Services • Designed to meet the unique needs of girls and takes into account female development and the female perspective • Celebrates Girlhood • Helps her find her voice • Focuses on gender identity • Builds her capacity and expands competency • Leads to a process of self-discovery, self expression • Holistic, strength-based, individualized and comprehensive • Reach potential

  9. Holistic Approach • Physical • Sexual • Emotional • Relational • Intellectual • Spiritual

  10. Best Practices • Gender and Trauma • Responsive Services

  11. “Herstory” Context & Content of experiences Identify the root causes vs. Symptoms Triggers and self-soothers Alignment - Referral - Diagnosis

  12. Stages of Trauma Recovery • 1.Safety Tense: Present (potential) • Across all domains 2. Remembrance and Mourning Tense: Past (pathology) • Giving a voice to the unspeakable 3. Reconnection to Ordinary Life Tense: Future • Healing occurs in the context of relationships Judith Herman, M.D., “Trauma and Recovery”

  13. Physical Domain • Developmentally: Body is changing, nutrition, health issues, sleep disruption, self-injury, self-loathing • Strategies: Restore natural rhythms: eating, sleeping, exercising • Program Ideas: Teach them about their bodies, cycles, access to health care, physical fitness

  14. Sexual Domain • Developmentally: Sexual development and identity, acting out, pregnancy and STD prevention • Strategies: Need education about their bodies • Program Ideas: Connect to a safe place, clinically address sexual trauma

  15. Symptoms secondary to sexual trauma • Risk-taking behavior • Sexual problems / dysfunction • Sexual activity triggers memory of trauma • Feelings of intolerable coercion during sexual activity • Compulsive sexual behavior • Significantly increased risk for rape, sexual harassment, battery • Confusion with Sexual Orientation

  16. Statistics • 10% of 12 year olds, 40% of 16 year olds and 80 % of 19 year olds have had sex • Among girls who had sex before age 13, 22% reported that first sexual experience was non-voluntary and an additional 49% categorized it as unwanted • 30% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents attempt suicide

  17. Many teens who have been sexually active wish they would have waited longer

  18. Statistics • 88% of births by teen women are unintended • 34% of young women become pregnant at least once prior to age 20 • About half of teens say they want more information about sexual health from their health care providers

  19. Sexual Domain Practices • Use materials / language that honors all sexual orientations • Use materials that assist girls in understanding their sexuality and creating / discovering guidelines for safe sexual activity • A picture of sexual health for girls • Offer guidelines for healthy sexual activity • Teach them to listen to themselves and their bodies

  20. Emotional Domain • Developmentally: Resilient, negative, manipulative, co-occurring disorders, history of trauma, self-medication • Strategies: Identify triggers and self-soothers, build emotional knowledge, increase protective factors • Program Ideas: Individual, group, family therapy, gender identity life skills curriculum

  21. Intellectual Domain • Developmentally: Difficulty in school • Strategies: Education is empowering, young people need a voice in the design and evaluation of the program • Program Ideas: Individualize educational plans, journal writing, practical applications, youth development model, non-stereotyped career exploration

  22. Relational Domain • Developmentally: Contextual framework, loss of permanency, multiple family problems • Strategies: Creating Safe space • Program Ideas: Address relational aggression, family system approach

  23. Spiritual Domain • Developmentally: Encourage them think about how she is connected to something larger • Strategies: Foster balance of mind, body, & spirit • Program Ideas: Art as a pathway to spiritual health, healing, giving of time and talents, teach spiritual tools, story telling

  24. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder • It’s not the Drama... • It’s the Trauma! • Screen for both Exposure and Symptoms of Trauma • -issues of historical trauma

  25. Complex Trauma • CT exposure refers to the child’s experiences of multiple traumatic events that occur within the care giving system-the social environment that is supposed to be the sources of safety and stability in their life.

  26. Complex Trauma & Diagnostic Issues • The current psychiatric diagnostic classification system does not have an adequate category to capture the full range of difficulties that traumatized children experience • Although PTSD diagnosis is often used, it rarely captures the extent of the developmental impact of multiple and chronic traumatic exposure

  27. Complex Trauma • Self-regulatory, attachment anxiety, affective disorders in infancy and childhood • Addictions, aggression, social helplessness, eating disorders • Dissociative, somatoform, cardiovascular, metabolic, immunological disorders • Sexual disorders in adolescence & adulthood • Vacillating: Victim, Victimizer, Re-enactor, Rescuer

  28. Do No Harm • Elimination of Protocols that re-traumatize • Forced disrobement, body cavity searches, solitary confinement, body wraps, institutionalized abuse, etc.

  29. MOS DEF

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  44. Core Values of Growing Great GirlsLife Skills Curriculum • Protect • Respect • Connect

  45. Protect • We will protect ourselves and others by creating and nurturing powerful boundaries across the six developmental domains. We will keep our eyes open and fearlessly care for the physical, sexual, emotional, relational, intellectual and spiritual domains with a priority on safety. We will care for one another with compassion, and bold forgiveness.

  46. Respect • We will respect ourselves and others by honoring our individual wisdom and dignity. We will create a safe haven built on trust and mutual concern where we can open our hearts, listen to one another’s story, and be heard. We will believe in our unique potential, help each other stand, and see that each one of us grows stronger.

  47. Connect • We come together in a spirit of gratitude to connect with ourselves and each another, creating bridges that unite us.  We will recognize the needs in our community, reach out, and act.  We will use our voices to call out to one another and confidently move into the future together.

  48. Wild Geese • by Mary Oliver

  49. you do not have to be good. • you do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. • you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

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