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A Story, A Story PowerPoint Presentation
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A Story, A Story

A Story, A Story

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A Story, A Story

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  1. A Story, A Story Focus Question What would you be willing to give up in order to have all of the stories in the world? In what ways can you possess stories without having to give up very much?

  2. A Story, A Story • Open your book to page 108. • Read the Focus Question • Let’s start reading.

  3. Partner reading • Read page 109 with your partners. • Now discuss what the important events are that take place on page 109 in order. • Ananse spun a web to the sky because he wanted to buy the Sky God’s Stories. • The Sky God tells him that to buy the stories Ananse must bring him the leopard, the hornet, and the fairy. • Ananse agrees to pay this price.

  4. Sequence is the order of events in a story. Remember when reading a story you should pay attention to when events are taking place.

  5. Sequence • Read pages 110-111 • Look for time-order words that help point out the sequence of events. Also pay attention to those onomatopoeia words, words that are named for the sound that is made like “sora, sora, sora,”and “yiridi, yiridi, yiridi,”

  6. Read page 112-113 • What time order words are used? • Discuss what has happened up to this point in the story. Summarize what has been read so far. Use time order words when your are summarizing. (first, second, next, last , then, finally, now, before, after, yesterday, once upon a time, today, earlier etc…)

  7. Read pages 114-115 • What are the final events of the story in sequential order. Ananse spun a web around his captives, then spun a web to the sky and took them to the Sky god. After the Sky god saw what Ananse had done, he gave him his stories. Then Ananse took the stories back to Earth. After the box was opened, the stories scattered all over Earth.

  8. Comprehension Check Class Discussion • Who are the characters? • What is the problem or goal of Ananse? • What type of story is this? How can you tell?

  9. What does “A Story A Story” reveal about storytelling? • How can you tell that Ananse thaought that stories were valuable? • Why do you think the narrator tells the reader to take his story elsewhere?

  10. Let’s Discuss the Story. • We are going to talk about the story that we just read. You can talk about any personal thoughts, reactions, problems, or questions that you have. • Let’s remember the rules…raise your hand if you want to talk…when you are finished…call on someone else to share. • EVERYONE’s thoughts and opinions are valid and important. Please be RESPECTFUL!

  11. Vocabulary and Word Knowledge