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English Grammar Articles

English Grammar Articles. A presentation by Enzo Silvestri MA. Articles. Articles are small words . They indicate items . They describe nouns . There are two kinds . Articles. The first kind of article is: Definite . The second kind of article is: Indefinite .

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English Grammar Articles

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  1. English Grammar Articles A presentation by Enzo Silvestri MA

  2. Articles • Articles are small words. • They indicateitems. • They describenouns. • There are two kinds.

  3. Articles • The first kind of article is: • Definite. • The second kind of article is: • Indefinite.

  4. Definite Article • There is one definite article. • It is the word THE. • THE is a definite article. • It indicates exactly. • It tells definitely which item we are talking about.

  5. Definite Article Example • I fixed the car. • (I fixed not just any car) • (but I fixed THE car.) • Therefore the article tells which car. • It is a definite article.

  6. Definite Article Pronunciation • To say the definitearticle. • Make the TH sound. • Follow with the UH sound. • “THE” is said like “THUH”.

  7. Indefinite Article • There are two, 2 definite articles. • The first one is ‘A’. • The second one is ‘An’. • A is used before any consonant. • An is used before any vowel sound.

  8. Indefinite ArticlesPronunciation • A is said like the A in gAte. • It is also said like UH. • The word AN is said like in hANd. • Before a word that begins with a vowel. • Before a word with a vowelsound.

  9. Indefinite Articles • A and An are indefinitearticles. • They also indicate an item. • But they don’tspecify. • They don’t say whichitem.

  10. Indefinite ArticlesExamples • I drove aTruck. • Truck begins with a consonant. • A is an indefinite article. • You don’t know which truck.

  11. Indefinite ArticlesExamples • I drove anambulance. • Ambulance begins with an a vowel. • Therefore we use An. • An is an indefinite article. • You don’t know which ambulance.

  12. Articles • Articles are adjectives. • They describe nouns. • Articles are parts of speech. • They are also adjectives.

  13. Articles • Some languages use no articles. • They indicate and describe. • They are general adjectives. • They don’t specify properties. • They do identify the item.

  14. Articles The End

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