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BUSINESS ENGLISH. CHAPTER FIVE, BOOK FOUR. 1. 2. 3. 4. Background Case. Reading Activities. Speaking Activities. Writing Activities. Business Styles. Warm-up Questions. Microsoft CEO What does Ballmer do before Bill Gates steps down? What are the pressures that Ballmer faces?.

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  2. 1 2 3 4 Background Case Reading Activities Speaking Activities Writing Activities Business Styles Chapter 5 Book 4

  3. Warm-up Questions Microsoft CEO What does Ballmer do before Bill Gates steps down? What are the pressures that Ballmer faces? Steve Ballmer How would you describe Ballmer’s personality? How do analysts see Ballmer’s management style? Background Case Chapter 5 Book 4

  4. Sentences Backdrop Phrases Words Reading Passage Chapter 5 Book 4 Gigantic Malls in China Language Points

  5. Background Information Chapter 5 Book 4 www.southchinamall.com.cn New South China Mall New South China Mall is the largest mall in the world based on gross leasable area, and ranked second in total area to the Dubai Mall. The space includes wind mills and theme parks, plus a replica of the Arc de Triomphe.

  6. Background Information Chapter 5 Book 4 Golden Resources Mall Not sprawling, this is a stacked-up five-story mall. Approximately 1,000 stores, selling plenty of familiar global brands like Nike and DKNY. A truly ambitious real estate project, with new apartments and offices, surround the mall. http://www.forbes.com/2007/01/09/malls-worlds-largest-biz-cx_tvr_0109malls_slide_2.html

  7. New Words Chapter 5 Book 4 1. swashbuckling 2. insolvency 3. hallmark 4. herald 5. dismal 6. Six Sigma 7. consumerism 8. colossal 9. spree 10. extravaganza

  8. swashbuckling Chapter 5 Book 4 • swashbuckling flamboyantly adventurous; having the exciting manner or behavior of pirates 冒险的;无顾忌的 He has everything a swashbuckling hero needs - except good looks.

  9. insolvency Chapter 5 Book 4 • insolvency bankruptcy; the state of not having enough money to pay debt 无力偿付债务;破产 A spokesman denied the bank was insolvent, but depositors are rushing to withdraw their money. The court ordered the dissolution of seven insolvent housing loan companies.

  10. hallmark Chapter 5 Book 4 • hallmark a feature or quality that is typical of someone 标志;特点 These hotels still offer the sort of service which were the hallmark of the grand days of travel. The explosionhad all the hallmarks ofaterroristattack.

  11. herald Chapter 5 Book 4 • herald to be a sign that something is going to happen 预示;引领 These talks could herald a new era of peace. Among numerous accomplishments, he ushered in the Jazz Age and heralded the fabled Harlem Renaissance.

  12. dismal Chapter 5 Book 4 • dismal causing gloom or depression; dreary 沮丧的:引起忧郁的 Melinda joined her husband in Moscow, but soon found life there bleak and dismal.

  13. Six Sigma Chapter 5 Book 4 • Six Sigma a business management strategy enjoys widespread application in many sectors of industry. Six Sigma seeks to identify and remove the causes of defects and errors in manufacturing and business processes.六西格玛管理理论 My fortune turned for the better with the introduction of Six Sigma program in the company .

  14. consumerism Chapter 5 Book 4 • consumerism the belief that it is good to buy and use a lot of goods and services The book's message is decidedly anti-consumerism, suggesting today’s teenagers are among the most vulnerable of all age groups.

  15. colossal Chapter 5 Book 4 • colossal extremely large : The whole holiday was a colossal waste of money. The coliseum

  16. spree Chapter 5 Book 4 • spree a short period of time when you do a lot of one activity, especially spending money or drinking alcohol: She has the habit of going on a shopping spree whenever her boyfriend two-times her.

  17. extravaganza Chapter 5 Book 4 • extravaganza a very large and expensive entertainment: Hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong watched a spectacular fireworks extravaganza staged by the municipal government on the second day of the Year of the Rabbit.

  18. Useful Phrases Chapter 5 Book 4 • revel in • come down to • hammer out • miss out on • span the length of • no end in sight

  19. revel in Chapter 5 Book 4 • revel in to enjoy something very much: • He revelled in his new-found fame. • If familiarity makes you happy, you will revel in the stock characters, stock situations, stock dialogue and stock direction. stock character

  20. come down to Chapter 5 Book 4 • come down to to mean or represent something fundamentally, when all nonessential detail has been disregarded 归结于 • It all comes down to money in the end. • In the end all questions come down to whether the company can afford and get funding for the project.

  21. hammer out Chapter 5 Book 4 • hammer out to discuss a plan, an idea, etc. until everyone agrees or a decision is made; o decide on an agreement, contract etc after a lot of discussion and disagreement商定;锤成 • It seems both parties are interested in setting aside differences and hammering out a deal.

  22. miss out on Chapter 5 Book 4 • miss out on: to not have the chance to do something that you enjoy and that would be good for you: • Prepare food in advance to ensure you don't miss out on the fun. • I don't want to be the type of father who is so busy he misses out on his daughter's childhood.

  23. span the length of Chapter 5 Book 4 • to span the length of to go/move/run/stretch from one end to the other of something: • If a bridge spans an area of water, especially a river, it goes from one side to the other • What is thespanlengthofthe golden gate bridge?

  24. no end in sight Chapter 5 Book 4 • no end in sight be at an end: • Another year has passed, with no end in sight to the suffering.

  25. Difficult Sentences Chapter 5 Book 4 • After construction workers finish plastering a replica of the Arc de Triomphe and buffing the imitation streets of Hollywood, Paris and Amsterdam, a giant new shopping theme park here will proclaim itself the world’s largest shopping mall.(Para. 1) • 随着建筑工人完成粉刷复制的凯旋门,以及模仿好莱坞、巴黎和阿姆斯特丹的街道抛光完毕,这座巨大的新型购物主题公园宣布夺得世界最大购物中心头衔。

  26. Difficult Sentences Chapter 5 Book 4 • The South China Mall––a jumble of Disneyland and Las Vegas, a shoppers’ version of paradise and hell all wrapped in one––will be nearly three times the size of the massive Mall of America in Minnesota.(Para. 2) • 华南MALL集迪斯尼乐园和拉斯维加斯于一身、融购物者天堂和地狱为一体;其规模近乎明尼苏达州巨型超市“美国购物中心”的3倍。华南MALL是二十五年经济繁荣带来的又一次新的惊世之举——中华大超市。

  27. Difficult Sentences Chapter 5 Book 4 • It has already sparked envy and competitive ambition among the world’s big mall builders, who outwardly scoff at the Chinese ascent to mall-dom, even as they plot their own path to build on such scale in China. (Para. 6) • 这家商场已经引起世界大商场建设者们的嫉妒并激起他们争当第一的雄心。他们一方面公开地嘲笑中国成为超市王国,一方面谋划自己在中国建造如此规模的超市。

  28. Difficult Sentences Chapter 5 Book 4 • The shopping-mall building spree, like much economic activity in China these days, is so aggressive that some economists and officials have started to worry that it may be another sign of an overheated economy, and that the country’s building frenzy may be lurching toward a fall. (Para. 8) • 像中国当今许多经济活动一样,这股购物中心投资热潮来势凶猛。一些经济学家和官员甚至开始担忧这是另一轮经济过热现象的开端,担忧中国的建设热潮会导致衰退。

  29. 2 3 1 Business tycoons: - Steve Ballmer - Rupert Murdoch - Jim McNerney - Hu Guirong - Huang Rulun Role-play: - Start your own retail business - Share your business ideas Decide on: - Wal-Mart style mall or a more traditional store? - build the largest mall in the world? Speaking Activities Chapter 5 Book 4

  30. A business plan write a detailed business plan, with the following outline: - What’s your business idea? - What is your advantage over competition? Add Your Title Field research report Go to Wal-Mart and conduct a survey, find out customer responses to the following questions: (1) What do happy customers say about Wal-Mart? (2) What do less-than-happy customers say about Wal-Mart? Writing Activities Chapter 5 Book 4

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