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SENSE AND RESPOND LOGISTICS. R&D Activities at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill S&RL Workshop Fort Belvoir, Virginia September 21, 2006. Dr. Noel P. Greis, Director Center for Logistics and Digital Strategy. A SNAPSHOT UNC Center For Logistics And Digital Strategy.

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  1. SENSE AND RESPOND LOGISTICS R&D Activities at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill S&RL Workshop Fort Belvoir, Virginia September 21, 2006 Dr. Noel P. Greis, Director Center for Logistics and Digital Strategy

  2. A SNAPSHOTUNC Center For Logistics And Digital Strategy • Part of Kenan-Flagler Business School • Established in 1998 at UNC’s Kenan Institute as a resource for organizations struggling with complexity and organizational transformation • Areas of Specialization • Network Centric Logistics (Anticipatory Logistics, S&R Logistics, etc.) • Emerging Technology (Machine Agents, RFID, Wireless, GPS/GIS) • Intelligent Enterprising • Decision Support Tools • Real-Time Event-Driven Business Processes • “Smart Products” • Industry focus on aviation and aerospace, defense, complex industries • Serves both private (Boeing, FedEx, EDSA, SAP, Caterpillar) and non-profit/public sector (NSF, DARPA, NASA, FAA, NSA, CTC, SAIC) organizations Large-Scale Pattern Recognition Adaptive Business Processes and Workflows Real-Time Learning for Autonomous Decision Support Dynamic Asset Management Event-Driven Continuous Planning and Scheduling

  3. ….leverages IT-enhanced adaptationand learning(rather than optimization) to transform logistics processes into demand-driven networks that are more effective in achieving defense/commercial goals. Intelligent Decision Support INTERPRET DECIDE S&R Operations SENSE RESPOND Adaptive Learning SENSE AND RESPOND LOGISTICS

  4. BUILDING SENSE&RESPOND CAPABILITY LAYER BY LAYER VISIBILITYRFID/MTSfor Total Asset Visibility+ REAL-TIME (AUTONOMOUS) ASSET CONTROLDistributed Systemswith decision-making elements (software agents) distributed throughout the system at the nodes+ “SMART” PROGNOSTICSPrognostics,along with sensors, detect, classify, and predict developing system faults leading to failure.

  5. Visibility…TAV IS FOUNDATION OF S&R/NCL RFID is one enabler… Provides Information AND Asset Visibility Must be Embedded in an information strategy Business/logistics processes need to be changed! Need for new infrastructure Build the “Business Case” Standards! Life-Cycle Management for Aviation Parts MRO MRO REGULATORY BODY AIRLINE 345.1765329.123456.100000000 EPC NETWORK-BASED INFORMATION SYSTEM AIRLINE COMPONENT MAKER MANUFACTURER COMPONENT MAKER MANUFACTURER CLDS is an academic affiliate of EPCglobal

  6. UNC-TSINGHUA COLLABORATIVE RFID LABORATORY FOR S&R/NCL University of North Carolina Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise USA Information and asset visibility based on EPCglobal architecture/standards Department of Industrial Engineering Tsinghua University Beijing, China) Instituto Tecnologico Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) Mexico RFID SIMULATION ENVIRONMENT LINKING CLDS INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS LAB and TSINGHUA LOGISTICS LAB FOR R&D APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT

  7. Visibility and Real-Time Asset Control…Situational Awareness and Logistics C2 Sensor agents on each vehicle REPORT STATUS to other vehicles through publish-and-subscribe 2 Sensors and Intelligent Software on Platforms Monitor On-Board Assets and Make Autonomous Re-Supply and Cross-Leveling Decisions in Real Time 1 When supplies run low, RE-SUPPLY is triggered autonomously (or manually, if preferred) Collaboration agents continuously negotiate contracts for CROSS-LEVELING 3 Recommending agents learn which re-supply missions have been successful and RECOMMEND mission route. Sense….Interpret…..Respond

  8. “SMART” PROGNOSTICS(Embedded in Intelligent Logistics Systems) A “smart” platform embedded in an intelligent logistics system can manage its own health and logistics support through prognostics that “sense” the current state of the platform, anticipate the future state of the system, and “respond” to maximize operational performance and lifespan. Aerospace Industry Given the “commoditization” of aircraft as a product, manufacturers market their products with a “Total Care” package of services. Power Industry Given the high cost of power outages, equipment manufacturers are selling “reliability”……sensors and prognostics remotely monitor performance to keep plants running 24/7. Defense Community Given the objectives of maximum readiness and capability with smaller footprints the DoD can integrate prognostics into sense-and-respond logistics processes to not only “sense” the environment, but predict and anticipate future needs.

  9. Intelligent Agents: Intelligent Agents: PROGNOSTICS-INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SUPPORT Real-Time Information-Embedded Supply, Support and Control Network R&D Engineering Command & Control Production Maintenance Logistics Ultimately: Entire Supply Chain and FCS Embedded Sensor Suite Embedded Sensor Suite PROGNOSTICS AND “SMART” PLATFORMS TRANSFORM ALL UNDERLYING SUPPORT PROCESSES

  10. PARTICULAR CHALLENGES FOR THE DoD COMMUNITY • Aligning “business model” and IT solution • Interoperability of sensors, control systems and actuators • Integration with legacy systems • Information schemas for S&R • Metrics for S&R • Identification of new applications/services enabled by S&R concepts

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