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Discovering of the Cross PowerPoint Presentation
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Discovering of the Cross

Discovering of the Cross

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Discovering of the Cross

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  1. Discovering of the Cross Grade 3 Sunday-School Lesson "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:18

  2. Queen Helen uncovered the Cross

  3. Which cross is the Holy Cross There was a funeral passing by, so Queen Helen ordered the soldiers to put the dead man on each cross.

  4. Queen Helen Had faith that the Cross of Jesus Christ will raise the dead When they have put the man on the 3rd cross he rose up immediately.

  5. Queen Helen Built a church for the Holy Cross in Jerusalem

  6. Stealing of the Holy Cross After over 300 years, there was a big war between Emperor Heraclius and the Persians. the Persians passed through Jerusalem on their way back to their country, a Persian prince entered the church of the Cross

  7. Stealing of the Holy Cross He tried to take it but fire came out of it and burned his fingers. He deceived two deacons and gave them money so they would carry the cross and go with him to his country.

  8. Discovering of the Cross the Persian prince killed the two deacons after he asked them to dig a hole in his garden and put the cross in it. A slave at the prince house was looking out of the window by and saw what happened. She told Emperor Heraclius and he found the Holy Cross

  9. Giving Glory to God When Emperor Heraclius returned to Jerusalem with the Holy Cross. He wanted to enter the city as a victorious Emperor with Glory. An angel prevented him from entering until he stepped down from his horse, carried the cross and entered the city

  10. The Cross is the sign of LOVE The cross is a sign of long-suffering, patience, but it is firstly a sign of God's LOVE for us! Therefore, if we are to live carrying our own cross, we have to be FULL of love toward others, overflowing the love of God to others...  

  11. The Holy Cross in my life

  12. Practical Points • Lets practice how to have faith in the Power of the Cross: • By always praying while holding a Cross in our hands. • By crossing ourselves with the sign of the Cross in the morning, in the evening, before meals, on the way to school, in the street. • Before going to bed we must make the sign of the Cross all around us so that we may enjoy good sleep.

  13. Questions: • TRUE OR FALSE?  there was a war between Emperor Heraclius and the Persians. • TRUE OR FALSE?  the Persian prince was able to touch the Holy Cross. • Where did the Persian prince hide the Holy Cross? • How did Emperor Heraclius found the Holy Cross? • What happened when they returned to Jerusalem with the Holy Cross. • "For the ________ of the cross is foolishness to those who are _________, but to us who are _________it is the ________ of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:___