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RF Pick, Pack & Ship for XA COM Designed for XA users, by XA users

RF Pick, Pack & Ship for XA COM Designed for XA users, by XA users. Jim Simunek, Sr. Business Consultant Jim.Simunek@cistech.net. Product Overview. Automates Pick, Pack, Ship Process Pick list presented via RF terminal Pick and stage customer orders using RF devices

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RF Pick, Pack & Ship for XA COM Designed for XA users, by XA users

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  1. RF Pick, Pack & Shipfor XA COMDesigned for XA users, by XA users Jim Simunek, Sr. Business Consultant Jim.Simunek@cistech.net

  2. Product Overview • Automates Pick, Pack, Ship Process • Pick list presented via RF terminal • Pick and stage customer orders using RF devices • Processes Kits and, optionally, Containerization • Rapid creation of Shipments • Interface to UPS, DHL, FedEx with update to COM of tracking number and freight charges • ‘Back Office’ Supervision screens provide information and functions for the staged orders

  3. Benefits • Increased productivity of warehouse personnel with streamlined picking process. • Allows picking to be an “on the floor” process, instead of an office function. • Improved inventory accuracy with real time inventory movement transactions (makes cycle counting more accurate!) • Improve confidence in order promising • Better inventory accounting • Improved customer service with accurate and on time shipments.

  4. Product Flexibility • Control File settings allow your company to determine pick/stage functions • Guided or Random Item Picking • Containerization • Discrete Allocations • Mgmt approval for under/over picking • Insufficient Inventory Handling • Shipping Label, Document Control • Interface to UPS, DHL, Fedex • User Exits included at every stage for customization • Can call existing label or forms programs

  5. Product Features Picking from the RF Device • Handles discretely allocated and non-discretely allocated items • Unguided picking: Random scan/key item from Pick List • Guided picking: Displays items in Pick List Print order • ‘Regular’ pick list or ‘Stock’ pick list allowed • Manager approval is an option if quantity is over or under picked (depending on Control File settings)

  6. Product Features Picking from the RF Device • Consolidated XA pick list groups the same item from multiple pick lists. These can be picked simultaneously with RF • Multiple pickers can pick the same Pick List concurrently • View current item location quantities from the RF device • Adjust picking quantities from the RF device • Flexible insufficient inventory issue handling: • Hard halt, Warning only, Default to XA settings (allow negatives or not) • Standard Shipping Label or there is a User Exit to print your shipping label at pick time

  7. Product Features Picking from the RF Device • Can, optionally, pack into XA containers upon verification of Pick List • If Containerizing, automatic handling of unshipped items for backorder processing (can’t have zero shipped items in a container) • Supports Kits • Support Discrete Allocations/Stock Pick Lists

  8. Product Features Picking from the RF Device • Demo

  9. Product Features XA Features Used • Uses PM&C (TRDATA) to process Inter-warehouse transfer (TW) transactions to move material to staging locations • Uses Offline Shipping to ship orders not packed into containers • Errors in processing Offline Shipments will be returned to Cistech’s shipping screen so order/pick can be corrected

  10. Product Features Office Processing Functions RF Pick Status Review: • Easily monitor picking activity • Current Pick Status • If Pick List has been verified, who was the user • Quantities required/picked, locations picked from • Staging location and Container information (if containerizing) • Remove a Pick List from RF

  11. Product Features Office Processing Create Shipments for RF Pick Lists: • Rapidly create XA Shipments from RF pick lists using CISTECH’s Shipping Screen. • View information available in Pick Status review, plus: • Enter Carrier and Special Charge information • Automatically create Packing List and/or BOL • Automatically create invoice upon shipment create • View XA offline shipping errors • If containers are used, container must be shipped from XA Shipping Workbench screen

  12. Product Features Office Processing - Containers • Create Backorders for un-shipped items in containers • Can be run via menu option, or automatically at end of day.

  13. Product Features Office Processing-UPS, Fedex, DHL • Program sends Pick List information to shipping system when staging order • Program performs shipping function for orders shipped by these carriers • Automatically retrieve/apply shipping information to shipments • Charges • Tracking numbers (Pro Bill#) • If more than one, creates shipping comments • Shipment weight • Applies charges based on Sales Transport Terms code • Set up to run automatically at end of day

  14. Product Features Office Processing-UPS, Fedex, DHL • Demo

  15. Picking Process Enter (Scan) Pick List or Turnaround Number Employee Sign On

  16. Picker would key or scan item number If guided Picking, skips this screen (goes to ‘Enter Pick Quantities’ Screen) Press F5 from Item screen to see all items on Pick List, and quantities picked for each Picking Process Enter (Scan) Item Number View/Select Pick List Items

  17. Enter Pick Quantities – Items Not Discretely Allocated Picking Process View Available Locations Item number and Item description displays for item • If sufficient inventory is not available at the default location, you can inquire for available inventory at other locations • Picker would enter/scan location and key in quantity picked • F5 key in location field will display a list of locations for the item • ** if using Discrete Allocations, ‘Enter Pick Quantities-Item Discretely Allocated’ appears

  18. When the quantity for the first item has been entered or confirmed, operator is prompted to enter staging location, container type, and id If ID number is left blank, pick list number becomes the container number Picking Process Enter Staging Location/Container ID Verify Pick List • Screen appears when all items are completed on Pick List • Press F6 to complete process

  19. Picking Process Print Labels • Upon F6 Verify, labels screen appears (if labels selected in RF controls). • Labels can be routed via XA Report Overrides

  20. Verify Status: • ‘U’ In use at RF • ‘C’ Pick Completed but Pick List not Verified • View Item Detail on Pick List and then from there Location detail • Remove Pick List from RF if not in use & all items have zero picked Pick Status Review Office Processing Functions QPADEV000W RF Pick Status Review Unverified 9/21/06 SFCTL01 13:53:25 Company: 01 ABC, COMPANY Warehouse: 1 HI-TECH COMPANY - MAIN WHSE Position to Pick List: Type Selection, Press Enter. 1=Select 4=Remove from RF Opt Pick# Customer Customer Name Order Required Picked Status 2604 701 Walmart 12007 108.000 .000 2605 701 Walmart 12008 20.000 .000 2606 701 Walmart 12009 30.000 28.000 C 2607 701 Walmart 12010 10.000 9.000 2608 701 Walmart 12011 1500.000 .000 2609 701 Walmart 12012 40.000 .000 Bottom F3=Exit F5=Refresh F7=Unverified/Verified F12=Previous

  21. This function is available only if not containerizing Total Quantity picked will show in red if not a match to required Only one pick list may be selected for shipment creation at a time Pick List must still be valid in XA If shipment creation fails in XA an ‘E’ appears in ‘ERR’ column Create Shipment Office Processing Functions QPADEV000W Create Shipments for RF Pick Lists 9/21/06 SFCTL01 14:35:44 Company: 01 ABC, COMPANY Warehouse: 1 HI-TECH COMPANY - MAIN WHSE Position to Pick List: Type Selection, Press Enter. 1=Select Opt Pick# Customer Customer Name Order Required Picked Error 2602 701 Walmart 12016 115.859 115.859 2610 701 Walmart 12013 40.000 40.000 Bottom F3=Exit F5=Refresh F12=Previous

  22. Screen is optional, but if used Carrier must be valid in XA If Interfaced to UPS, Pro#(s) and Carrier Charges, if applicable based on Sales Transport code, will be updated on order Create Shipment Carrier Information Office Processing Functions QPADEV000W Create Shipments for RF Pick Lists 9/21/06 RF310D2 Carrier Details 14:41:51 Warehouse: 1 HI-TECH COMPANY - MAIN WHSE Pick List: 2602 Customer: 701 Walmart Carrier: UPS Pro Bill Number: Truck Number: 2405 Trailer Number: 42 Lading Quantity: 1 Weight Override: .000 Volume Override: .000 Packed By: DV Shipping Instructions: F3=Exit F4=Prompt F12=Previous

  23. Prerequisites • XA R6 or R7 • COM, IM and PM&C applications with the COM/IM interface active • COM Shipping Workbench installed (R6) • Controlled Warehouse • XA license for each RF device • RF device for enabled for 5250 emulation

  24. Out of Scope--Today • FIFO processing • APC/KBC • Multi-carrier split shipments • Serial Number handling • Consolidated Shipments • Custom labels and reports • User Exits available to call label and print programs • Access to RF Office Processing Functions via browser

  25. Turnkey Implementation • RF PPS Software, $18,000 • Optional Annual Support Plan, $3,510 • RF hardware, 0-4 days • Site Survey • Install Access Points • Configure devices • Integrate to iSeries • RF PPS Software Installation, 1 day • Setup and Configuration • Operations

  26. Turnkey Implementation • RF PPS Software Education, 2-3 days • PPS • PMC • Consulting Services to Streamline Warehouse Flow, 0 - 2 days • Develop End User Training and Testing, 1-2 days • RF PPS Go Live Assistance, 2-4 days

  27. Support Options • 90 day warranty • Annual Fee not required, support is available on time and material basis • Optional Annual Support Plan, $3,510 • No charge upgrades • Enhancements are rolled into base package • Unlimited support via support desk • 24 x 7 for severity 1 (system is down)

  28. Summary-Benefits of RF PPS • Designed specifically to streamline COM PPS process • Additional management tools • RF provides improved inventory accuracy • Makes Cycle Counting more accurate since staged items are not showing in stock location • Easy to implement • Cost Effective

  29. What Next? Are you interested in streamlining your Pick Pack Ship Process? Shipping Questionnaire will: • Help Shipping Manager document areas of pain and potential benefit • Document COM capabilities used today • Provide CISTECH with information needed to create a customized presentation to address your needs • Download at www.cistech.net/UserForum • Go to XA User Community Presentations

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