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Safeguard Food Quality – Use Organic Products PowerPoint Presentation
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Safeguard Food Quality – Use Organic Products

Safeguard Food Quality – Use Organic Products

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Safeguard Food Quality – Use Organic Products

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  1. Article: SAFEGUARD FOOD QUALITY – USE ORGANIC PRODUCTS In the modern world there is quite a concern regarding the quality of the food that we eat. Because of this, the popularity of organic food delivery service is increasing in places like New York etc. There are regulations to production of such food materials, it involves associated steps, and farming practices. Proper monitoring is an important part of the process with complete control. This tends to decrease the contamination risks while ensuring optimal quality all through. These kinds of food products are both good for the environment and the health of human beings. According to the organic regulations, there are many prohibitions such as those relating to use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. The term ‘Organic’ involves the broad category that includes dairy products, meat, eggs, and poultry. It may also refer to the common methods for processing the organically grown items, including their market preparations and steps taken for retarding spoilage. So, what is the definition of this kind of food material? Land produced crops can belong to this category without synthetic substance use. Only those pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are permitted that confirm to specific standards. Also, for minimum three years before the harvesting, there should not be any use of such prohibited substances. Buffer zones and boundaries of the land need to be specific for the production of organic food in NYC. This will prevent contact with any prohibited substance related to the adjoining land. Management of crop nutrient and soil fertility should be such that it improves the condition of the soil while preventing crop contamination and minimizing soil erosion. It also involves prevention from exposure to heavy metals and pathogenic organisms. In order to achieve such purpose, the producers may use different management methods. This includes crop rotation, use of plant material that is non- composted, and use of animal manure that is composted. It should use specified temperature reading and carbon-nitrogen ratio. Organic growing of planting stock, seeds, and seedlings is also a part of the procedure. Pest problem related to the crop requires control by physical and mechanical methods. This includes habitat development for the natural pest enemies, use of repellents, traps, and lures. Introduction of parasites and predators related to the particular pest species is another natural control measure. Control of weeds also uses completely natural methods in this kind of farming process. This includes mulching, mowing, grazing livestock, mechanical cultivation, hand weeding, synthetic/plastic mulches, and use of electricity, heat, or flame. Control of diseases requires interventions such as management practices for suppressing disease spread. This may also involve application of mineral, non-synthetic, botanical or biological inputs. Producers feed the livestock rations that contain forage, agricultural products, and pastures. Both handling and production should be in the organic way whenever applicable. Animal feed prohibitions

  2. Article: are also present in this and includes hormone use for growth promotion, feed additive use, and supplement use up of adequate nutrition requirements. Routine administration of synthetic parasiticides is prohibited as well and so is animal drug administration in the absence of any illness. Do not take any chances with your health, purchase from the most trusted organic stores in NYC around, visit the website ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jason Whitehall is an expert in organic food and the farming techniques practiced to grow this kind of produce. He loves writing articles on the topic, helping people understand the benefits of this revolution and accepting organic food as their preferred choice he recommends as the name to trust for all kinds of organic produce delivery services.